History Challenge!

Welcome to our first HISTORY CHALLENGE, featuring MOSES WISNER

Try your hand at history by answering the following questions:

1. Moses Wisner moved from New York to Michigan in 1837. He became a licensed attorney, and served as prosecuting attorney for what county?

2. Wisner married twice, and had five children, two with his first wife, Eliza, and three with his second wife, Angeolina. How many of the children lived to adulthood?

3. Wisner came from a line of patriots.
In which war did his father, also named Moses, serve?
In which war did his grandfather, Thomas, serve?

4. In the years preceding the Civil War, Wisner belonged to the Whig party. He supported preserving the Union, and he strongly opposed slavery. In 1854, many members of the Whig and Free Soil parties, along with others opposed to the extension of slavery, formed a new political party. Thousands of people, including Wisner, attended a convention in Jackson, MI and adopted what name for this new party?

5. Wisner was elected Michigan's 12th Governor in 1858. What was his annual salary?
a. $500
b. $1,000
c. $2,000

6. Among the causes Wisner championed as Governor were settlement of state lands, development of its natural resources, and co-education at what school?

7. Although Wisner was not personally involved or implicated, a scandal tainted his administration. What did this scandal involve?
a. Murder
b. Money
c. Marital infidelity

8. In Wisner's final speech before leaving office, he spoke ardently for preserving the United States, and against the rights of states to secede from the Union. Wisner matched his words with action, accepting the charge to recruit and train the 22nd Michigan infantry regiment. The regiment trained in Pontiac, near Wisner's home, yet Wisner lived at the camp with his men. When the regiment left Pontiac for service in the Civil War, how many men were included?
a. over 100
b. over 500
c. over 1,000

9. The training camp was set up on the site of the fairgrounds in Pontiac. For what Michigan General was the camp named?

10. Wisner died at age 48, sacrificing his life in service to his country. What was the cause of death?
a. pneumonia
b. typhoid fever
c. battle wounds

Thank you for taking our History Challenge! We hope it was a fun way to test your knowledge of local history, and that you'll invite your friends to test theirs, too. Click on the Wisner Answers link in the right-hand column, above, to see how you did! Then, while you're here on our website, be sure to browse around for upcoming events, more information about Moses Wisner and historic Pine Grove, the Oakland County Pioneer and Historical Society, and to consider whether you might like to join, volunteer, donate, or visit!