The Farmington Barn

OCPHS is in the unique position of having a barn donated to the society by a restaurant owner in Farmington.

Due to some unforeseen events, the barn move is now a very high priority for OCPHS, and funding for the relocation has essentially vanished.

We’ve created a gofundme campaign to cover the cost of disassembling and moving the barn to Pine Grove, or if you’d rather, you can make a donation using the links below.

In order to re-erect this barn, we are going to need some financial support, and we hope you feel this is a worthy endeavor. Some of the costs we expect to incur are:


  • Payment to a licensed, bonded and insured contractor to oversee and carry out the disassembly of the barn.
  • Hiring a (very big) truck to move the barn to Pine Grove.
  • Permits and permissions.
  • Concrete foundation work.
  • Utilities work (gas, electric and water).
  • Costs associated with making the barn safe for our use and for public tours – the rolling door on the front of the barn, stairway railings, lighting, and handicapped accessibility issues.

OCPHS has no funding in place for this barn, and we would be very grateful for your support. To donate, use the buttons below to select an amount, or choose the “Choose your Donation Amount” button to enter the amount you’d like to donate, or use our gofundme campaign here:

We’re really excited about this new building, and can’t wait to see it back up and available for our public to see and use!

Photos of the Barn

Carriage Barn Exterior Views


For more information about the barn and its story, click here.