Barn Image Gallery


  • This page, and the galleries attached, are not available from the website menus. You must use the link you used to get here to see it, so save this page as a favorite or bookmark it.
  • Some of the images are blurry. It was cold, there were dark areas, and my camera is crap at autofocus. But I wasn’t going to manually compose each shot.
  • The barn is in great shape.
  • It sits on a full foundation which appears to be concrete and stone.
  • Images have been color corrected, no other manipulation aside from adding captions, using Lightroom.
  • These images will be available on the shared drive next week in full resolution, in both non-corrected and corrected versions.
  • Barn diagram is not to scale and no measurements were taken. It’s all a good supposition. Don’t use it for design work.


Barn Diagram:


Here is a PDF Version.


Here are the exterior views.


Here are the views of the garage/side addition.


Here is the first floor carriage bay and feed room.


Here are the first floor stalls with feed boxes.


Here is the second floor and roof.