Barn Plans

Current plans are to site the barn on our property right about here. This is subject to change, but it looks like the right spot.:



Here is a plan of the barn as it stood in Farmington. What’s not evident is that the entire second floor of the barn (not the garage) is the hayloft.


Here is a plan of the first floor of the barn as we envision it at Pine Grove. The “garage” has been removed, since it wasn’t original to the barn (although it was old).

What’s shown is a concrete floor, with a sunken area under the horse stalls. This allows us to put the original wood floor back, but with concrete underneath. The dotted line is the new edge of the hayloft, which will be opened up to an atrium area as you enter the barn.


The dream barn: What we’d really like. An atrium constructed in the former garage area, with an elevator to the hayloft and a patio. This lets us use the barn as a venue and exhibit space. I used the old plan with the original stairway here, but your focus should be on the atrium space.