Press Coverage

  Press coverage of the various efforts we (and others) have made to save the barn. January 31, 2018, Detroit Free Press: 1890s barn in Farmington is free — if you can move it April 4, 2018, Detroit Free Press: Sushi restaurant owner saves 1890s barn in Farmington July 18, 2018, Royal Oak Tribune: Farmington historic barn preservation project hits snag July 18, 2018, WDIV: Historical groups in Farmington scramble to preserve 128-year-old barn

The Barn Story

  In March of 2018, we were approached by historic groups in Farmington and a local contractor to see if we were interested in saving a barn in Farmington. The barn, located on Grand River Avenue just outside the Farmington Historic District, was going to be demolished (along with the house on the property) to make way for a restaurant and condominiums. The condo/restaurant project was moving forward, and there

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Help Us Raise the Barn

How You Can Help Spread the word. We need to get the word out. Share our gofundme page, or links to our website, to your friends on social media. Do you have friends, associates or business that may be interested in helping us, either financially or through in-kind donations? Please share this project with them, or contact us if you’d like us to reach out to them. Donate. We need

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Barn Photos

  Here’s a gallery of images of the barn while still standing in Farmington.      

Barn Home Page

OCPHS is in the unique position of having a barn donated to the society by a restaurant owner in Farmington,and we’re moving it to Pontiac! The barn is in the process of being disassembled, and we’re getting a place ready for it to be stored at our campus in Pine Grove. Your help is needed to continue our efforts to save this historic building – please read on to see

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Farmington Barn gets a haircut! A haycut? A loftcut?

Our barn is on the move! Well, almost. Here are some progress shots taken today (Tuesday, August 21). The addition on the side of the barn, which is not historic – gone, although we’re saving the pieces for use in reassembling the barn. The hayloft is off and we’re on our way! The original plan was to “flake” the barn – take it apart in sections, but our contractor, Mark

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Farmington Barn update: We’ve got a contractor!

Yesterday, OCPHS contracted with Stitt Barn Preservation in Hesperia, Michigan to disassemble the barn. The barn will not be fully disassembled – it will be cut into sections for transport and storage. Stitt is a family business,with a long record of preserving, repairing and moving barns. Check them out on Facebook or Instagram to see their work. I met with Mark Stitt at the barn, we discussed our options, and at lunch

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Second Floor and Roof

Things to note: The stairway is very narrow. There is no access to the upper floor other than exterior doors. There’s been a small fire in the past. It didn’t get far, apparently.

Stalls and Hay Chutes

Things to note: The hay chutes are original, as are the feed boxes. There is still hay in one of the chutes. To me this area is the primary feature of the entire barn.

Barn First Floor and Feed Room

Things to note: For identification purposes, I am calling the area immediately to the right of the barn door the “Feed Room”. It’s the most likely area for storing and preparing feed for the horses. The area directly ahead when you enter the barn is the carriage bay. There are swing doors at the end of the bay, I was not able to test if they work. The sliding door

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