Farmington Barn update: We’ve got a contractor!

Yesterday, OCPHS contracted with Stitt Barn Preservation in Hesperia, Michigan to disassemble the barn. The barn will not be fully disassembled – it will be cut into sections for transport and storage.

Stitt is a family business,with a long record of preserving, repairing and moving barns. Check them out on Facebook or Instagram to see their work. I met with Mark Stitt at the barn, we discussed our options, and at lunch we came to an agreement that he’d handle the work.

Mark intends to begin work the week of August 16th, and have the barn at Pine Grove about a week later. We contracted with Stitt to move the barn for $20,000, due to them in 3 payments.

This makes our fundraising effort really important: We’ve got to raise this money, folks, and we have a long way to go before the barn can be re-erected at Pine Grove. There’s just no way to get the barn back up this year. The cost to re-raise the barn, put on a new roof and repair the interior damage (some due to water, some due to age) is well beyond our capability for 2018.

But based on seeing Mark’s work – both in person at the barn in Leonard and online – it’s going to be a great addition to Pine Grove when it’s done.

Please do what you can to help us raise the funds to pay for this great addition to Pine Grove!

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