Welcome New Board Members & Officers

At the May 17th Annual Meeting and Election, two new directors, Sue Grifor and Dave Decker, were elected to serve three year terms, along with those other directors returning to the board.

Officers were also selected to serve one year terms:

  • President: Charlotte Cooper
  • 1st Vice President: Sara Cote
  • 2nd Vice President: Rodger Zeller
  • Secretary: Kathy Davis
  • Treasurer: Barbara Frye

We also thanked those directors stepping down from the board: Amy & Bruce Annett, Charles Martinez, Kari Vaughan, and Mike West. They will continue to serve with us as active volunteers.

We thank all board members, past and present, for their commitment to work for the good of OCPHS and for the promotion and preservation of Oakland County’s history. A complete list of our 2017/18 directors, officers, and directors emeritus may be found on our “Society” link, above.

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