This map collection is a set of photos of a very large (about 8 feet by 8 feet square) map of Oakland County. The original of this particular map is located in the Executive Office Building in the Oakland County Complex.

The images here are a bit blurry. This is the result of the photographic process, and  because they are optimized for web browsers. Higher resolution images are available from OCPHS – contact for more information.

These photographs were donated to OCPHS by the Oakland County Research Library in 2018. There are 68 images in the collection.

Clicking on an image below opens a new tab in your browser. 

1857 Map of Oakland County, F. Hess Surveyor.
Published by F. H. Burhans, Cincinnati, OH.

Further notes:

  • There are 5 versions of this map – and only 5 maps in total. Each one is unique, with different buildings shown around their borders. 
  • Each map is paper mounted on canvas and sewn together. Their construction does not allow for detailed scanning of the maps.
  • Copies of the map are at the Executive Office Building at the Oakland County Complex, Troy Historic Village in their schoolhouse, the Clarkston Public Library, the Warner mansion in Farmington, and Oakland County Pioneer and Historical Society.
  • On the township maps, DS indicates a district school. SM indicates a sawmill, and FM indicates a flour or feed mill.