Website upgrade underway.

it’s time to update the website, adding sections and deleting others. And making lots of revisions.

This process will likely go on for several weeks as it’s weekend work. During that time, expect the unexpected, but I’ll do my best to list out the changes in this post. So check back if you’re looking for something specific.

Weekend of October 1:

  • Added “Pine Grove” section. Created a new campus map page (which is not complete).
  • Added the “Participate” section. Again, not complete.
  • Created the “News and Events” section. Events are still in process and will be added as we go. “News” are items like this post and we’ll do better about keeping people up to date about what’s happening at the History Center.
  • Created new menus for the top of each section. Menu coloring and behavior subject to change.
  • A ton of corrections.
  • Created a set of outdoor images for use on the site.

October 5: 

  • Added National Trust link to the front page.
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