Research Library

The Research Library has many resources, including books, pamphlets, city directories, cemetery records, periodicals, atlases, manuscripts and newspapers. Follow the links in the menu above to see more information.

If you would like to submit a research request via e-mail or postal mail, please see the Research Requests page.

HOURS: The library is open Tuesday – Thursday from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.. While we make every effort to keep these scheduled hours, please remember that we are staffed by volunteers, so please call ahead before visiting to ensure that a librarian will be here to assist you.

The library is closed the week of July 4, Thanksgiving week, the last week of December and first week of January.

FEES: Research request fees help provide funds to maintain our library and to support Pine Grove. The fee for on-site use of the library is $5 per day for non-members (free to OCPHS members). Fees for answering inquiries by phone, mail, or email are shown on our Research Requests page.

RESEARCH ASSISTANCE: The card catalog, finding aids and the knowledge of the volunteer librarians are the main source of access to the collection. With the exception of these tools, the collection is in restricted-access areas and must be retrieved by the staff. Depending on the age and fragility of the materials, some photocopies may be made by staff.

Because this is a reference library, materials may not be removed or checked out. The use of pens while working in the library is prohibited. Smoking, eating, and drinking are not permitted in the reading room or in the adjoining Museum. You may be asked to turn off cell phones and beepers, and to wear gloves when handling fragile materials.

The volunteer library staff is ready to help with the materials and research tools in the library and can make referrals to other collections and institutions.


Accessing the Collection:
• Valid Photo Identification is required to use the collection.
• Society members, and students who show a valid student ID, may use the Library free of charge. For those non-members there is a $5.00 daily usage fee.
• There is a $5.00 registration fee for non-members, the daily fee will be waived upon registering.
• Please place all purses, briefcases, etc. in a locker. The Library reserves the right to inspect briefcases and other carrying materials.
• Cell phones are to be placed in a locker.

Proper Use of Collection Material:
• All research must be done on the premises and in accordance with the established rules of good research practices.
• All archival material must remain in the order it was received.
• Use pencil only. No ball point or ink pen is allowed due to the nature of our materials.
• Do not mark, take notes on or trace on top of the collection materials. Keep all materials flat on the table; do not place in your lap or hold them up.
• Gloves are to be used when handling fragile or rare materials. This is at the discretion of the on-duty Librarian.
• Theft and mutilation of collection materials is prohibited by law.
• The Library stacks are closed to the public and researchers must ask for assistance in obtaining the materials of books. Please do not reshelve books and/or materials.
• The extensive use of Library materials at one time that would restrict or impede the research of others must be arranged in advance and is subject to a user fee of $25.00 per day.

Other Costs:
• The cost of Library volunteers to do research for a patron is $20.00 per hour for non-members and $10.00 per hour for students and Society members, with a minimum of one hour.

Duplication, Copyright, and Citation:
• There is a minimum charge of $.25 per copy when permitted.
• Photographing of material is not permitted without approval of the on-duty Librarian.
• Due to the nature and fragility of many of our materials, we cannot make copies from certain books because of possible damage to the bindings. This is at the discretion of the on-duty Librarian.
• We cannot make copies from any of the manuscript materials.
• Permission must be obtained and credit given to the Oakland County Pioneer & Historical Society if its records, manuscript materials or photographs are published or reprinted. All published works must bear the following: “From the collection of Oakland County Pioneer & Historical Society”.

Photocopy and Microfilm Fees:

$.25 for 8 1/2 x 11

$.35 for 8 1/2 x 14

$.50 for 11 x 17