The photograph collection is divided into three categories: Individual Photographs, Boxed Collections and Photograph Albums.

The collection represents all formats of photographic processes including tin types, ambrotypes, carte de visites, cabinet cards, glass plate negatives, and cyanotypes.

The majority of the photographs are arranged by subject or surname; stereo views and postcards are filed separately.

We have a large number of photographs representing early views of the city of Pontiac, as well as views of surrounding townships, and a collection of photographs of Oakland County soldiers in the Civil War.

The boxed collections and photograph albums primarily represent a family’s collection or document the events in the life of an individual. The library also has the glass plate negatives of Dr. Elmer Charles of Pontiac.

While finding aids are available for some of our albums and boxed collections, the photograph collection is being reorganized and access is limited. Our volunteer librarians will assist you within these limitations.

Available photographs may be duplicated for a fee, in compliance with certain restrictions.