Board of Directors


Our Executive Director is Mike McGuinness, keeping the Board of Directors in line and on task since July of 2019.

Our volunteer Board of Directors manages the organization and oversees our mission of promoting and preserving Pine Grove and Oakland County history.

Board members are elected for three year terms at the Annual Meeting in May. Officers are selected by the Board and serve for one year terms.

The Board meets once a month in the Carriage House on alternating Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

All members are welcome to attend. Please see our Events page for dates.

Board of Directors 2019/20:


  • President: Charlotte Cooper, Clarkston
  • 1st Vice President: Sara Cote, Pontiac
  • 2nd Vice President: Bill Grandstaff, Romeo
  • Secretary: Barbara Frye, Pontiac
  • Treasurer: Joy Dockham, Clarkston

Board Members:

  • Nancy Calendine, Pontiac
  • Dave Decker, Clarkston
  • Joy Dockham, Clarkston
  • Barbara Frye, Pontiac
  • Ann Johnson, Pontiac
  • Ronnie Karpinski, Pontiac
  • Evan Monaghan, Pontiac
  • Linda Porter, Pontiac
  • Adrian Rawls, Pontiac
  • Rosie Richardson, Pontiac
  • Priscilla Shelton, Pontiac
  • Rita Ski, Birmingham
  • Skip Upcott, Pontiac

Directors Emeritus:

Those leaving our board after completing at least 10 years of service as a director receive the honorary title of Director Emeritus:

Gretchen Adler*
Amy Annett*
Bruce Annett
Janice Bell
Gaylor Forman
Priscilla Gayton
Jane Kamlay
Fred Liimatta*
Anne Liimatta
Charles Martinez*
Susan Metzdorf
Richard Stamps
Mike West*
Rodger Zeller

*Denotes past President of OCPHS