Covid-19 Response

The Oakland History Center and the Oakland County Pioneer and Historical Society are absolutely committed to health, safety, cleanliness and social distancing as we make our way through our new normal.

Keep in mind that our campus and grounds are of particular interest to older and possibly immuno-compromised individuals. As a result, we take precautions that may seem overly strict. They are not – they are intended to keep our volunteers and visitors safe.

Observing Safe Protocols

To make our buildings, campus and grounds as safe as we can make them, we’ve adopted some fairly simple guidelines for visitors to follow.

The Moses Wisner Mansion Is Closed. No Admittance. Forbidden. Don’t Even Ask. 

There is simply no way to open the house or schoolhouse for tours. We can’t keep the mansion sanitized without damaging it. Social distancing is impossible – the rooms are simply too small.

Our Carriage House is open for research with strictly enforced rules. These apply to volunteers as well as patrons.

  • No more than 5 individuals in the building at one time.
  • Spread out. Social distancing is enforced.
  • You must wear a mask while in the building. Exceptions for health reasons only. Masks are available and are free for the taking.
  • Wash your hands when you enter the building. Sanitation supplies available at the door.
  • Wear gloves while handling research materials. Some research materials cannot be handled with gloves. Strict handwashing before and after handling these materials is required.

The Drayton Plains Schoolhouse is open by appointment and prior arrangement only. There are no tours, and the space is limited in capacity. 

Using Our Grounds 

Our grounds are open, and we have meeting spaces where you can comfortably meet and enjoy the company of others while maintaining social distance. Depending on the weather, of course.

Just outside our Carriage House is a large space with park benches, all under a nice big tree. Chairs can be brought to this area, our wireless network is in reach, and it’s reasonably close to restroom facilities. This area can accommodate 7 – 10 socially distant people.

Over in the grove, our gazebo is a small space where groups of 4 people can safely meet and observe social distancing. It’s shaded and not really in reach of wireless connectivity, but it’s a private, quiet space.

And of course our grounds are open for strolling, sitting on a randomly placed park bench, or having a small picnic. We have beautiful gardens and interesting historical artifacts to see and enjoy.