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Help! A car ran into our historic structure and we need your support for repairs!

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On May 18, 2021 our Oakland History Center campus was the unlucky scene of an intense vehicle crash. It tore through our exterior fence, busted an interior fence, and slammed into the Summer Kitchen structure. The accident is a major setback for our nonprofit’s mission of saving and celebrating local history.

This building, as part of Governor Moses Wisner’s Pine Grove estate, dates to over 170 years old and is part of the recognized National Register of Historic Places for which we’re the caretakers. In addition to the demolished fences and serious brick damage, we are assessing now about how severely the structural integrity has been compromised.

For those of us not in the building trades, this is a truly solid brick wall. There is no stud cavity – it’s brick all the way through, and the damage is too – the plaster is cracked on the inside of the building. This is a major repair. Just look at the damage to the car.


Image courtesy of Connor Newton.

It takes a shared effort to keep this special place going — and it will take all of us to rebuild after the accident.


Please make a tax-deductible donation today toward the repairs.