Participate in Local History

At the Oakland History Center, there are plenty of ways you can join with us to celebrate local history.

You can attend an upcoming event. We have several through the year – check the site calendar or Facebook for updates.

You can make donations. Cash donations are of course always welcome. We also accept donations of items – it could be items to sell in one of our campus sales, objects, books or photos of local historical significance, or even items we can use in operating the history center.

You can join our organization at any of a number of participation levels.

You can volunteer your time working on our grounds, in our library, or helping us keep our collections organized. Opportunities abound in being a docent for mansion and grounds tours, working on special research projects, even helping us maintain our collection records. You can even come and just rake the yard. We always need help in raking the yard. Constantly.

Contact us to find out more about volunteer (or community service) opportunities.