About the Friends of Oak Hill Cemetery


A completely unofficial, thoroughly volunteer group who loosely call themselves the “Friends of Oak Hill Cemetery” operates behind the scenes at Oak Hill to provide support services to these historic cemetery grounds and its visitors.

Through the efforts of the Friends, a number of projects have been undertaken and completed, improving the Oak Hill experience for visitors and maintaining historically important buildings, mausoleums, fencing, and other structures. 

All of the costs associated with these projects are raised by the Friends through their Oak Hill Cemetery Walks, held annually each late summer or fall. More information about these walks and the projects they support can be found here.

You can find information about the upcoming 2024 Cemetery walk here.

The Friends is not an officially organized body and financial services support is by way of the Oakland County Pioneer and Historical Society. Donations for supporting the Friends and their shenanigans can be made through OCPHS here.