Oak Hill Cemetery Walks and Projects

Cemetery Walks

Cemetery Projects

Past projects by the Friends of Oak Hill Cemetery include:

The Eastern Michigan Asylum Marker: Funds were raised to mark the burial locations of 283 patients of the Pontiac State Hospital/Eastern Michigan Asylum with a prominent marker. On one side of the black granite memorial reads the names of those patients buried by the state over the decades, 283 in all. A description of the marker is engraved on the other side.

Photo courtesy Crystal Proxmire, Oakland County 115. https://oaklandcounty115.com

Restoration of the Resurgam and Mabley Mausoleums: Over a period of three years, repairs to the Mabley, Hull, and Resurgam Mausoleums were undertaken. Through the support of Better Pontiac and the City of Pontiac, along with funds raised by the Friends of Oak Hill, paid for these conservation and preservation efforts.

Purchase of a gravestone for prominent Pontiac citizen Mr. Oliver Green, Pontiac’s first black attorney.

Gravestone repair, through the efforts of Mr. Dave Carter of Carter Preservation, Inc.