Covert Family Collection


Boxed Collection: Covert Family Collection

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11Probate, Marietta & Ada Covert, Esther Jane Covert, Hudson P. Covert, 1842-1876
12Ephemera, Hudson P. Covert and Nancy J. Sheldon, Frank L. Covert 1874-1922
13Deeds, Elizabeth Covert, Lewis Covert, Hudson P. Covert, 1848-1873
14Deeds, Hudson P. and Nancy Jane Covert, Amos Barnes, 1876-1903
15Correspondence, Hudson P. Covert, 1866-1914
16Correspondence, Frank L. Covert, 1895, 1906, 1910
17Correspondence, Riley Knight & Son, C.P. Malcolm & Co., 1895-1905
18Correspondence, E.W. Smith, Frank L. Covert, Lincoln Club, 1895-1910
19Correspondence, State Senator Frank L. Covert, 1914
110Correspondence, State Senator Frank L. Covert, 1915
111Correspondence, State Senator Frank L. Covert, 1916-1917
112Correspondence, Frank L. Covert, 1905-1910
21Correspondence, State Senator and Circuit Judge Frank L. Covert, 1918-1919
22Correspondence, Judge and Mrs. Frank L. Covert, 1920-1921
23Correspondence, Circuit Judge Frank L. Covert, 1922
24Correspondence, Circuit Judge Frank L. Covert, 1923-1926
25Correspondence, Hudson C. Covert, Judge Frank L. Covert, 1929-1942
26Miscellaneous, Linnet Park Subdivision Plat Map 1926, Hudson C. Covert, 1940-41
3Pontiac Commercial and Savings Bank Book, n.d.
3Day by Day A Perpetual Diary and Address Book, n.d.
3Secretary, Columbian Club, Pontiac, Mich. Dues Book, n.d., 1894
3Excelsior Diary, 1894
3The Standard Diary, 1895
3Calendar, 1898
3Calendar, 1913
3The Standard Diary, 1914
3Calendar, 1915
3The Standard Diary, 1916
3Calendar, 1916-1917
3Calendar, 1917
3The Knickerbocker Diary, 1917
3The National Diary, Frank L. Covert, 1918
3Calendar, 1918
3Standard Duplicating Receipts, Hudson C. Covert, 1934-1935
3Money Receipts Duplicating, Hudson C. Covert, 1935-1936
3Money Receipts Duplicating, Hudson C. Covert, 1936-1937
3Duplicated Receipt Book, Hudson Co. Covert, 1937-1942
41Correspondence, F.L. Covert Estate, 64 Owego Dr. Pontiac, 1935-1936
42Correspondence, F.L. Covert Estate, 16-18 Waldo St. Pontiac, 1935-1936
43Correspondence and Court Papers, Hudson C. Covert vs Board of Auditors, 1935
44Correspondence and Property Deed, Kelly vs F.L. Covert Estate 1928-1938
45Correspondence, F.L. Covert Estate, Linnet Park Subdivision 1935-1936
46Correspondence, In re: McCumber - Hayes, 1933-1936
47Court Papers, Sarah A. Woodward vs Hudson C. Covert Adm., 1935-1938
48Correspondence, Estate of F.L. Covert, 1916-1939
49Correspondence, F.L. Covert, 31 Garland Ave., Sylvan Lake 1935-1936
410Correspondence, F.L. Covert Estate, 4030 Lakeview Dr., Watkins Lake, 1935
411Correspondence, F.L. Covert Estate, 3051 Maple Dr., Keego Harbor, 1935-1936
412Corres., Hudson C., Martha M., Catherine C. Covert vs Metropolitan Life 1935-1940
413Correspondence and Court Papers, Death of Frank L. Covert, 1927-1938
414Correspondence, Hudson C. Covert, 1937-1940
415Correspondence, Michigan Paving Brick Bureau, Hudson C. Covert, 1933-1941
51Tax Statements, Covertdale and Linnet Park Subdivision Waterford, 1936-1937
52Correspondence, Frank L. Covert, Apr 1910-Nov 1912
53Correspondence, Frank L. Covert, Sep 1913-Jun 1917
54Correspondence, Frank L. Covert, Apr 1921-Dec 1928
55Correspondence, Frank L. Covert, Oct 1911-Jul 1912
56Miscellaneous, n.d., 1913, 1916,
57Receipts, Frank Covert, Jul 1912-Mar 1920