In 2020 our history center participated in the Oklahoma Corrections Industries “Yearbook Project“, which offers to digitize high school yearbooks from years after 1950. The program is provided by the Oklahoma Corrections Department and we took full advantage of this opportunity, digitizing 70 yearbooks from our collection. The program was offered for yearbooks dated 1950 and later.

This not only helped us preserve these volumes by making a digital copy of them, it helped justice-involved individuals learn life skills (like how to digitize yearbooks).

Our experience with the program was excellent. We received boxing instructions and shipped the books to Oklahoma; they were returned in even better packaging less than 6 weeks later.

The scan quality of the books is outstanding with resolutions suitable for reprinting the books in their original quality, in PDF format.

For space reasons, the yearbooks presented here are reduced in file size and may not print as well as the originals.

And there are two or three yearbooks that are too large to post here but are available. They’re noted in the list.

Contact our library staff if you would like a higher resolution version of the file.

Brother Rice High School, Bloomfield Hills

We have the 1968 yearbook but it is too large to post. Contact us for a copy.

Marian High School, Bloomfield Hills

Pontiac Catholic High School, Pontiac

Pontiac Northern High School, Pontiac

We have the 1966, 1975 and 1976 yearbooks. They are too large to post. Contact us for a copy.

St. Michael’s High School, Pontiac

Waterford Kettering High School, Waterford

Waterford Mott High School, Waterford

We have Mott’s 1979, 1986 and 1987 yearbooks. They are too large to post. Contact us for copies of these yearbooks.

Waterford Township High School, Waterford

Pontiac Central High School, Pontiac