Small Manuscripts Collection


This is our collection of “Small Manuscripts”, a catch-all grouping of writings, research, histories, reminisces, letters, and other ephemera collected over the years and deemed especially valuable to research staff or patrons.  The collection is housed in two file cabinets in our Research Library, hence the cabinet/drawer locations listed here. It is updated regularly with new items – this webpage is updated about twice a year. The latest update was applied November, 2021.

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Object IdObject NameTitleDescriptionHome Location CabinetHome Location Drawer
2006.048.001Survey, LandPenciled Manuscript - Parcel DescriptionsHandwritten (pencil) description, 2 parcels in SE 1/4 of Section 19, R2N-T10E Bloomfield Township: parcel 1 is 46-36/100 acres, parcel 2 is 6-53/100 acres. One page. Appear to be Hervey Parke's original notes.Cabinet DDrawer 2
2006.048.002Survey, LandHandwritten Minutes of SurveyHandwritten (ink) minutes of the survey of parcel 2 from object ID 2006.048.01. Describes a parcel in SE 1/4 of section 19 in Bloomfield Township belonging to William Forman.Cabinet DDrawer 2
2006.048.003Survey, LandMinutes of Survey, Section 19, Bloomfield TownshipHandwritten (ink) minutes of the survey of parcel 2 from object ID 2006.048.01. Describes a parcel in SE 1/4 of section 19 in Bloomfield Township belonging to William Forman. Cabinet DDrawer 2
02774folderAbstract, Cook's Addition 32 Portage in PontiacTitle Abstract dated 1918, Cook's Addition 32 Portage in Pontiac for lot 10Cabinet CDrawer 1
02775folderAbstract, Modem Housing Lot 210 in PontiacTitle Abstract dated 1966, Modem Housing Lot 210 in Pontiac for Lot 210 on Perry StreetCabinet CDrawer 1
02776folderAbstract, Pontiac Knitting Company, Clinton Addition 1897-1904Title Abstract, Pontiac Knitting Company, Clinton Addition dated 1904 for lots 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, dated 1941 for lot 8 on Parke StreetCabinet CDrawer 1
02777folderAbstract, Pontiac Mill, Clinton Addition, Plat Map Pontiac Knitting CompanyTitle Abstract dated 1902, Pontiac Mill Property, Clinton Addition; Plat Map Pontiac Knitting CompanyCabinet CDrawer 1
02778folderAbstract, Pontiac Mill, Pontiac Knitting Company, Clinton AdditionTitle Abstract dated 1903, Pontiac Mill Property, Pontiac Knitting Company, Clinton AdditionCabinet CDrawer 1
02779folderAbstract, Pontiac Mill, Pontiac Knitting Company, Huron AdditionTitle Abstracts dated 1904, 1913, 1917, Pontiac Mill Property, Pontiac Knitting Company, Huron AdditionCabinet CDrawer 1
02780folderAbstract, T3N R10E NE 1/4 of Section 29 Lot 15 Assessor's Plat #29Title Abstract, T3N R10E NE 1/4 of Section 29 Lot 15 Assessor's Plat #29 on Saginaw StreetCabinet CDrawer 1
02781folderAbstract, T3N R10E SE 1/4 of Section 29 Part of Out lot 19Title Abstract dated 1917, T3N R10E SE 1/4 of Section 29 Part of Out lot 19Cabinet CDrawer 1
02782folderAbstract, Taylor and Stowell's Addition 315 N. Paddock in PontiacTitle Abstract dated 1937, Taylor and Stowell's Addition 315 N. Paddock in PontiacCabinet CDrawer 1
02783folderAddison TownshipAddison Township - hand written memoir of Mrs. Jane K. WaterburyCabinet CDrawer 1
02784folderAdler FamilyAdler Family - memoir of Gretchen Lange Adler presented at annual meeting of OCPHS, Sept. 15, 1982Cabinet CDrawer 1
02785folderAgricultural lmplementsAgricultural lmplements - Statement of purchases made by Andrew Wallace Bogie from A. Osmun, Jr. on Nov. 6, 1871Cabinet CDrawer 1
02786folderAinslie FamilyAinslie Family - Photocopies: Marriage Certificate: Nelson Ainsley to Mary Ann Lowrie 1848, Civil War Letters from Nelson Ainslie, Family Photo of Nelson and Mary Ann Ainslie; Glimpses of My Life - Memoir of Charlotte Ainslie Mayne; Letters to and from Edward M. Stacks for genealogy info; Death notices for Mary Ann AinslieCabinet CDrawer 1
02787folderAirplane National Airplane Races Selfridge FieldProgram: National Airplane Races Selfridge Field October 1922Cabinet CDrawer 1
02788folderAlexander, R.J.Invitation - R.J. Alexander Recognition DinnerCabinet CDrawer 1
02789folderAllen Family, Mrs. Harry (Marion Clizbe) of BirminghamAllen Family, Mrs. Harry (Marion Clizbe) of Birmingham - Handwritten family trees; Rufus Richardson Revolutionary War documentation; Joseph Clizbe Revolutionary War documentation; Extract of John Baldwin of Milford Connecticut and his descendants; Typed family tree of Clizbe Family; Frederick Onderkirk handwritten declaration to receive benefits from Revolutionary WarCabinet CDrawer 1
02790folderAllen, Lynn Oakland County Clerk IAllen, Lynn Oakland County Clerk I - Letter to Florence Allen; Waterford Mott Commencement Announcement - 1981; Christmas Card 1944 from 502nd Bombardment Group; Birthday Card from Nancy & Ronald Reagan; Pontiac High School Commencement Announcement - 1944; Photo; Northern Illinois College of Optometry Commencement Announcement - 1950; Campaign Card - 1976; Misc. Cards; Oakland Press Bicentennial Article - 1976; Misc. Articles from Pontiac Press;Cabinet CDrawer 1
02791folderAllen, Lynn Oakland County Clerk IIAllen, Lynn Oakland County Clerk II - Photo Negatives; Funeral Card - Lynn Allen Sr.; Poem about Lynn Allen Sr.; Oakland Press Obituary of Lynn Allen Jr.; Misc. Newspaper ArticlesCabinet CDrawer 1
02792folderAllen, Lynn Oakland County Clerk IilAllen, Lynn Oakland County Clerk IIl - Wild Flower SamplesCabinet CDrawer 1
02793folderAllen, Orrison of PontiacAllen, Orrison of Pontiac - Pioneers of Oakland - Orisson Allen by Joseph R. Bowman (Handwritten and Typed); Sketch of the first settlement of Pontiac as given by Mr. Orisson Allen to Mrs. E.M. Sheldon Steward in 1850 (Typed); Family Tree (Handwritten);Cabinet CDrawer 1
02794folderAlmanacs 1860,1861,1864,1867,1882Farmer's Almanac 1860,1861,1867; Herrick's Almanac 1864; Hostetter's Illustrated United States Almanac 1882Cabinet CDrawer 1
02795folderAlpha Delta Kappa IAlpha Delta Kappa Sorority I - Misc. Letters, Meeting Programs, Newspaper articlesCabinet CDrawer 1
02796folderAlpha Delta Kappa IIAlpha Delta Kappa Sorority II - Episilon Chapter Offcers and history from 1955 - 1971; Zeta Chapter Officers and History from 1955 - 1981Cabinet CDrawer 1
02797folderAnderson Family of Springfield TownshipAnderson Family of Springfield Township - Anderson Settlement from History of Oakland County, Mich., 1817 - 1877Cabinet CDrawer 1
02798folderAnnett Family of Bloomfield TownshipAnnett Family of Bloomfield Township - William Annett an Oakland County Pioneer and His Descendants - by Ada Green Hinkley, 1912Cabinet CDrawer 1
02799folderApple IslandApple Island - Detroit Free Press 1998; Andrew Coats - From the Cottage to the Castle - an account of John Coats and his life on Apple Island; Photo - Miss Caroline Campbell's Home on Apple Island; Letter from 1992 about Caroline E. Campbell.Cabinet CDrawer 1
02800folderAristo-PlatinoAristo-Platino advertisementCabinet CDrawer 1
02801folderAuburn Roller Mills - Seeley & SonAuburn Roller Mills - Seeley & Son - Pocket Map of Michigan and WisconsinCabinet CDrawer 1
02802folderAutomotive, CordAutomotive, Cord - two pamphletsCabinet CDrawer 1
02803folderAutomotive, Early History of Companies in PontiacAutomotive, Early History of Companies in Pontiac - The Welch Announcement for 1910; Memoir of D.R. Wilson dated 1939 in Pontiac (Flanders-20); Memoir of James Cochrane dated 1939 (Pontiac Buggy Company); James H. Lynch (1940) - Early Wagon-Makers; Memoranda Dictated by Lee Dunlap in 1940 regarding early Pontiac Vehicle CompaniesCabinet CDrawer 1
02804folderAutomotive, Early Companies, Pontiac Motor Division, General MotorsAutomotive, Early Companies, Pontiac Motor Division, General Motors - General Outline of Remarks by M.L. Leighton in Welcoming the Oakland County Chapter of the National Association of Accounts Tuesday, Feb. 18, 1964; History of Pontiac (5-12-1955); Speech by M.L. Leighton; A History of Pontiac Motor Division General Motors Corporation Pontiac, Michigan; Front Page Stories in the Pontiac Press Gazette; Corporation Statement - Oakland Motor Car Co. - 1908; Chapter VI - Oakland and Pontiac: Old and New; Antique Automobiles by John Bentley, 1952 - Pontiac-Oakland;Cabinet CDrawer 1
02805folderAutomotive, Flanders Manufacturing Company- Walter E. FlandersAutomotive, Flanders Manufacturing Company- Walter E. Flanders - Photo of Green Lake Clubhouse, formerly Flander's Garage; Automobile Hall of Fame notes; Walter E. Flanders obituary - Pontiac Daily Press 1923; obituary Automobile TopicsCabinet CDrawer 1
02806folderAutomotive, Ford Motor CompanyAutomotive, Ford Motor Company - Letter from Ford to Vehicle & Implement Spring Co. in Pontiac; Henry M. Leland's Own Story of the Leland Built Lincoln CarCabinet CDrawer 1
02807folderAutomotive, Ford Motor Company - River Rouge PlantAutomotive, Ford Motor Company - River Rouge Plant - Bill of Sale for 1916 Ford Coupelet; Multiple Photos of Rouge PlantCabinet CDrawer 1
02808folderAutomotive, General Motors CorporationAutomotive, General Motors Corporation - GMC on the Move - Pontiac Press October 14, 1969Cabinet CDrawer 1
02809folderAutomotive, General Motors Truck PlantAutomotive, General Motors Truck Plant - The new $8,000,000 General Motors Truck plant in which General Motor Trucks, Yellow Taxi-cabs and Yellow Coaches are now being built.Cabinet CDrawer 1
02810folderAutomotive, Labor Union - UAW-CIO Local 653Automotive, Labor Union - UAW-CIO Local 653 - State of Michigan Department of Labor and Industry Act #285 (1940); How to Conduct a Union Meeting (1941); How to Wih for the Union (1941); How to Speak at Union Meetings 1941); Soviet Women Have Equal Politiical Rights With Men and Tak and Active Part in Government (1956); "On the Line:" Rank and File Reminiscences of Working Conditions and the General Motors Sit-Down Strike of 1936-37 (1986)Cabinet CDrawer 1
02811folderAutomotive, Patent Front Wheel Drives - Erik KjerpAutomotive, Patent Front Wheel Drives - Erik Kjerp - Document from U.S. Patent Office for Patent #1802562 (1931); Multiple newspaper articles, letters, and photos;Cabinet CDrawer 1
02812folderAustin, Stuart of PontiacAustin, Stuart of Pontiac - War Production Plant Visitor Identification Card (1942); War Ration Books; Certificates of Promotion from Pontiac Public Schools; Dedication Program - Pontiac City Hall, 1955; Misc. newspaper clippingsCabinet CDrawer 1
02813folderAvon Township, Early History and SettlersAvon Township, Early History and Settlers - Handwritten documents: The Progress of a Hundred Years in Avon (1918); The First Settlements in Avon TownshipCabinet CDrawer 1
02814folderAvon Township, Oakland ChurchAvon Township - History of Oakland Church as read the Homecoming, Aug. 24, 1921 By Mrs. Jennie HiltonCabinet CDrawer 1
02815folderAxford Family of Oakland Township, Kline School, and St. John's Methodist ChurchOakland Township: Births of Axford Family; Hon. Samuel Axford (1877); History of Kline School District Number Four by Grant Axford (1928); St. John's Methodist Church History (1922)Cabinet CDrawer 1
02816folderBackenstose Family of PontiacBackenstose Family of Pontiac: Jewelry store Christmas Book 1872; DAR application for Frances Leah Backenstose; Several letters; Genealogy Information; Family Reunion ProgramsCabinet CDrawer 1
02817folderBailey Family of Pontiac and West BloomfieldBailey Family of Pontiac and West Bloomfield: Birthday Post Cards; Wedding Invitation 1895; Dental Documents; Pontiac High School Commencement Program 1888; Indians' Fishing Club Banquet 1937; Genealogy Info; Family Photo; Misc. Newspaper ArticlesCabinet CDrawer 1
02818folderBaker, VictorBaker, Victor: Recommendation from Pontiac, Oxford & Northern Railroad Co.Cabinet CDrawer 1
02819folderBaldwin, Agustus C. Judge of PontiacBaldwin, Agustus C. Judge of Pontiac: Wedding Invitation 1894; Oakland County Bar Association Dinner for Judge BaldwinCabinet CDrawer 1
02820folderBall, HoratioBall, Horatio: Survey Error in Bloomfield Twp. and Map; Handwritten letter and excerpt from reference in Volume XI of The Territorial Papers of the United States: Michigan, 1820-29Cabinet CDrawer 1
02821folderBancroft Family of Pontiac IBancroft Family of Pontiac I: Family Record of Births, Deaths and Marriages; Auto Registration from 1944; Copy of Birth Records of Loraine Terry, Floyd Richard Fullerton, Paula Luella Bancroft; Marriage Certificate of Frederick M. Terry and Pauline L. Bancroft 1899, Floyd Fullerton and Lorraine Reynolds 1934; Land Contract from 1950; Deed from 1902; In Memoriam Fred M. Terry 1948; Handwritten Diary entry by Pauline Terry 1934; Handwritten recipe by Pauline TerryCabinet CDrawer 1
02822folderBancroft Family of Pontiac II LineagesBancroft Family of Pontiac II Lineages: Handwritten Family Tree infoCabinet CDrawer 1
02823folderBancroft Family of Pontiac IIIBancroft Family of Pontiac III: Regulator Almanac 1890 with notes; U.S. Hotel - Boston Christmas Bill of Fare 1896; Autograph Book; Canadian Cook Book 1881; Lowell Business College Catalogue 1896Cabinet CDrawer 1
02824folderBancroft Family of Pontiac IVBancroft Family of Pontiac IV: Handwritten family history by Diane Bancroft; Typed copy of history; Terry-Bancroft History of Donated ArticlesCabinet CDrawer 1
02825folderBaptist Church of Oakland CountyBaptist Church of Oakland County: Greetings to Soldiers and Sailors from First Baptist Church of Pontiac 1919; Program for Michigan Baptist Summer Assembly in Pontiac 1899; Minutes of the 72nd Annual Meeting of the Michigan Baptist Association in Romeo 1890; Minutes of the 64th Annual Meeting of the Detroit Baptist Association 1898; Sixth Annual Report of the Baptist Convention of the State of Michigan 1841; One Hundred Years of Service 1826 - 1926 Farmington Baptist ChurchCabinet CDrawer 1
02826folderBaptist Church Waterford TownshipBaptist Church Waterford Township: Insurance renewal for 1908Cabinet CDrawer 1
02827folderBaseball Hall of FameBaseball Hall of Fame: Complete Picture Gallery of 60 Immortals 1950Cabinet CDrawer 1
02828folderBeach Family of Pontiac IBeach Family of Pontiac I: Prayer Meeting Topics and Constitution of the Young People's Society of Cristian Endarvor, Presbyterian Church, Northville 1888; PHS Alumni Reception 1913; Surprise Birthday Party Invite 1878; First Presbyterian Church of Pontiac Celebration of the 70th Anniversary 1894, Souvenir Program Ninetieth Anniversary 1914, One Hundreth Anniversary Program 1924; PHS Junior Exhibition 1876; By-Laws of the Michigan Club of Oakland County 1888; The Howland Theatre Pontiac Coming Attractions;Cabinet CDrawer 1
02829folderBeach Family of Pontiac IIBeach Family of Pontiac II: Misc. newspaper clippings; Births, Deaths, & Marriages from Family Bible; Property Deed from 1861; Letter from Lapeer County Bar Association upon Death of Judge Levi Taft 1895; A Century of Living - Julia Bishop Taft, 1827-1928Cabinet CDrawer 1
02830folderBeach Family of Pontiac IIIBeach Family of Pontiac III: Mexican War and Civil War Records of Col. Samuel Elmore Beach; Certificate from Pontiac Public High School for Hattie Beach 1873Cabinet CDrawer 1
02831folderBeach Family of Pontiac IVBeach Family of Pontiac IV: Lawyer's Diary of Levi B. Taft for 1882; Notebook of Levi B. Taft from 1841; Biography of Colonel Samuel E. Beach from 'History of Oakland County'Cabinet CDrawer 1
02832folderBeaman, Amanda F.Beaman, Amanda F.: Article of Agreement Between Samuel Beaman and Liman Wilcox for Amanda's servitude 1832Cabinet CDrawer 1
02833folderBeattie FamilyBeattie Family: Chrismas Poems by Robert C. Beattie 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1964, 1966, 1967Cabinet CDrawer 1
02834folderBeaudette Body CompanyBeaudette Body Company: Family Account 1945Cabinet CDrawer 1
02835folderBecker Family of Pontiac & BirminghamBecker Family of Pontiac & Birmingham: Misc. Newspaper Clippings; Wedding InvitationCabinet CDrawer 1
02836folderBeekman, SamuelBeekman, Samuel: Letter From His Brother Isaac 1833Cabinet CDrawer 1
02837folderBentley Family of Holly - World War IBentley Family of Holly - World War I - Spencer Andrew Bentley: Copy of Birth Certificate 1889; Application for Adjusted Compensation for Service in Army 1925; Enlistment Record 1917; Honorable Discharge 1918; Interment Record in Marietta National Cemetery 1966Cabinet CDrawer 1
02838folderBeresford FamilyBeresford Family: History documented in 1922Cabinet CDrawer 1
02839folderBerridge Family of Orion TownshipBerridge Family of Orion TownshipCabinet CDrawer 1
02840folderBeta Sigma Phi in PontiacBeta Sigma Phi in Pontiac: Misc. Newspaper Clippings; Directory 1957-58; Founder's Day Program 1958, 1962; Chapter Manual 1942; Fan Interpretations; PhotosCabinet CDrawer 1
02841folderBible Records/EnclosuresBible Records/EnclosuresCabinet CDrawer 1
02842folderBigelow, John Allen of FranklinBigelow, John Allen of Franklin: A Personal History of Franklin VillageCabinet CDrawer 1
02843folderBiographical SketchesBiographical Sketches of Famous Oakland County Residents ( from 'History of Oakland County'): Hon. Augustus Baldwin, Hon. Mark S. Brewer, Colonel Samuel E. Beach,Cabinet CDrawer 1
02844folderBirmingham-Bloomfield Board of Realtors 1971Birmingham-Bloomfield Board of Realtors 1971: Photo from 50th Anniversary CelebrationCabinet CDrawer 1
02845folderBirmingham, City ofBirmingham, City of: History by Helen Alliene ShawCabinet CDrawer 1
02846folderBirmingham, City of Bicentennial AgendaBirmingham, City of Bicentennial Agenda 1974-1976Cabinet CDrawer 1
02847folderBirmingham, City of Bicentennial CorrespondenceBirmingham, City of Bicentennial Correspondence 1974-1976Cabinet CDrawer 1
02848folderBirmingham, City of Bicentennial MinutesBirmingham, City of Bicentennial Minutes 1974-1976Cabinet CDrawer 1
02849folderBirmingham, City of Bicentennlal NewsletterBirmingham, City of Bicentennlal Newsletter; Publication List of MembersCabinet CDrawer 1
02850folderBirmingham, Historical SocietyBirmingham, Historical Society; Board of Directors 1967-68, 1969-70, 1970-71, 1971-72, 1972-73, 1974-75; Misc. Correspondence; Annual Dinner Meeting 1980; Membership Roster 1966-67, 1969-70, 1977-78; Newsletter 1966; Birmingham Heritage Newletter 1979 - 1984Cabinet CDrawer 1
02851folderBirmingham, Northlawn Drive PropertyBirmingham, Northlawn Drive Property: 1748 Northlawn DriveCabinet CDrawer 1
02852folderBirmingham, Post OfficeBirmingham, Post Office; Letter from John Hunt and Daniel LeRoy Regarding Establishment of P.O. 1822Cabinet CDrawer 1
02853folderBirmingham, Village of in 1838Birmingham, Village of in 1838; from the Gazetteer of the State of MichiganCabinet CDrawer 1
02854folderBishop FamilyBishop Family: Letter to Perry Bishop from Foster-Milburn Co. Proprietary Medicines 1895Cabinet CDrawer 1
02855folderBixby, Louis L.Bixby, Louis L.: Certificate from Grand Trunk Railway System 1939Cabinet CDrawer 1
02856folderBlakeslee Family of BirminghamBlakeslee Family of Birmingham; Misc. Newspaper Articles and Ads for Blakeslee Store; Auction Posters for J.F. Durkee Auctioneer; Letter from Bureau of Education in Phillipines 1904Cabinet CDrawer 1
02857folderBloomfield, Brae Burn EstateBloomfield, Brae Burn Estate: How it Happened… The Story of Braeburn by Doris A. Dekker 1981Cabinet CDrawer 1
02858folderBloomfield Center Cemetery IBloomfield Center Cemetery I; List of Removals to Perry Mount Park Cemetery; Misc. Newspaper Clippings;Cabinet CDrawer 1
02859folderBloomfield Center Cemetery IIBloomfield Center Cemetery II; Various Documents Concerning the location of the cemetery and relocation of the residents.Cabinet CDrawer 1
02860folderBlount, George W. and Joanna M. Kent Of PontiacBlount, George W. and Joanna M. Kent Of Pontiac Marriage Certificate 1869Cabinet CDrawer 1
02861folderBogart/Boget, Marvin of NoviBogart/Boget, Marvin of Novi; Volunteer Enlistment 1862; Copy of Letter from A.W. Benway to Marvin Boget 1893; Copy of Letter from Marvin Boget to his Grandson Glen McGuire Date Unknown; Death Notice 1938; Copy of Article about Bogart's Home 1933; Copy of Letter from Gertrude Sibley 1938Cabinet CDrawer 1
02862folderBogie Family I of White LakeBogie Family I of White Lake; Misc. Newspaper Clippings and Family ReceiptsCabinet CDrawer 1
02863folderBogie Family II of White LakeBogie Family II of White Lake: George Bogie Notebook 1871Cabinet CDrawer 1
02864folderBoughner, Charles Bartolette of West BloomfieldBoughner, Charles Bartolette of West Bloomfield: Memoirs Compiled by Ida M. Durkee 1921Cabinet CDrawer 1
02865folderBoughton Family of Franklin IBoughton Family of Franklin I: Misc. Letters;Cabinet CDrawer 1
02866folderBoughton Family of Franklin IIBoughton Family of Franklin II: Misc. Bills and ReceiptsCabinet CDrawer 1
02867folderBoughton Family of Franklin IIIBoughton Family of Franklin III: Constitution of Union Club No. 1 of Michigan; Misc. LettersCabinet CDrawer 1
02868folderBrackett, Ralph of WaterfordBrackett, Ralph of Waterford: Two Prints by Ralph Brackett and Short BioCabinet CDrawer 1
02869folderBray, John FrancisBray, John FrancisCabinet CDrawer 1
02870folderBrewer, Miss Jessie IBrewer, Miss Jessie I: World War I Letter; University of Michigan Literary Commencement 1922; History of Orchard Lake Presented at 1922 Annual Meeting of the Oakland County Pioneers Assoc.; Brief history of Peter Brewer family; Misc. Letters; Programs from All Saints Episcopal ChurchCabinet CDrawer 1
02871folderBrewer, Miss Jessie IIBrewer, Miss Jessie II: Certificate of Confirmation 1918; Misc. Birth, Wedding, Anniversary, & Funeral Notices; 'Origination and Genealogy of a Name' R.H. Townsend; Misc. Letters; Order of Service on the Occasion of the Laying of the Corner Stone of Stevens Hall - All Saints' Parish, Pontiac, Michigan;Cabinet CDrawer 1
02872folderBrewer, Miss Jessie IIIBrewer, Miss Jessie III: PhotosCabinet CDrawer 1
02873folderBrooks, Eugene and Mary Jane Robinson of Troy Marriage CertificateBrooks, Eugene and Mary Jane Robinson of Troy Marriage Certificate 1870Cabinet CDrawer 1
02874folderBrown, Elizabeth DawsonBrown, Elizabeth Dawson: Dancing Masters of America 1935 Convention; 'Me and the Boy Friend' Sheet Music; Schirmer's Library Vol. 398 Steibelt Rondos and Sonatinas for Piano; 'Tell Me' Ballad-Fox Trot Sheet Music; Merry-Go-Round Dance Magazine; Dancing Masters of America Minutes and Directory 1936Cabinet CDrawer 1
02875folderBrown, Percy of PontiacBrown, Percy of Pontiac: WWI Photos; Letter home 1918;Cabinet CDrawer 1
02876folderBrush Family of Drayton PlainsBrush Family of Drayton Plains: Death Certificate for Clarence Brush 1966Cabinet CDrawer 1
02877folderBullman, Christopher - Oakhill Cemetery LotBullman, Christopher - Oakhill Cemetery Lot Receipt 1864Cabinet CDrawer 1
02878folderBurt Family of Springfield IBurt Family of Springfield I; Land Contracts for Property in Clinton Burt's Big Lake Subdivision in Springfield Twp.;Cabinet CDrawer 1
02879folderBurt Family of Springfield IIBurt Family of Springfield II; More Land Contracts for Property in Clinton Burt's Big Lake Subdivision in Springfield Twp.;Cabinet CDrawer 1
02880folderBurt Family of Springfield IIIBurt Family of Springfield III; Documents Related tor Property in Clinton Burt's Big Lake Subdivision in Springfield Twp.;Cabinet CDrawer 1
02881folderBurt Family of Springfield IVBurt Family of Springfield IV: Abstract of Title to Property in Section 28 of Springfield Twp.Cabinet CDrawer 1
02882folderBurt Family of Springfield VBurt Family of Springfield V: Property Tax Statements for 1928 - 1936; Map of Clinton Burt's Big Lake SubdivisionCabinet CDrawer 1
02883folderBush FamilyBush Family: Letter from 1901Cabinet CDrawer 1
02884folderCamp Fire Girls, Pontiac Council of 1976-77Camp Fire Girls, Pontiac Council of 1976-77: Leaders of Associations from Avondale, Clarkston/Ortonville, Lake Orion, Pontiac, Oxford, Rochester, WaterfordCabinet CDrawer 2
02885folderCampbell Family of Groveland TownshipCampbell Family of Groveland Township: Handwritten Family HistoryCabinet CDrawer 2
02886folderCannon, John ACannon, John A: Record of Persons Baptized 1833-1878; Certificate of John Cannon Authorizing Him to Perform Marriages 1834; 'The Blind Man's Song' Poem by John CannonCabinet CDrawer 2
02887folderCare and Feeding of InfantsCare and Feeding of Infants 1895Cabinet CDrawer 2
02888folderCarnes, Nell Of WaIled.LakeCarnes, Nell Of WaIled.Lake; Handwritten Biography 1954; Memories of Carne's LumberyardCabinet CDrawer 2
02889folderCheal Family of PontiacCheal Family of Pontiac: Wedding Invitation for Cora Smith and Fred Cheal 1901; Genealogy ChartsCabinet CDrawer 2
02890folderChristmas Letters to Santa Claus 1902 - 1912Christmas Letters to Santa Claus: 1902 - 1912Cabinet CDrawer 2
02891folderCivil War 22nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry Albertson PapersCivil War 22nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry Albertson Papers: Leave of Absence to Lieut. Wm. Albertson 1864; Letter to Wm. Albertson requesting filing of application for Invalin Pension for Ira Benson 1865; Volunteer Enlistments of Justin Sage 1862, Joseph Halls 1862, Gorden Burnham 1863; List of Men Killed and Wounded in Battla 20 Sept 1863; Guard Report of the 3rd Section Oct 24, 1863; Letter of Wm. Albertson Explaining Loss of Clothing & Equipment 1863; Order of Court Martial 1865; Adknowledgment by Members of Michigan 22nd Infantry of Having Received Equipment 1864; Two forms listing $2.60 room rent in Pontiac for recruiting officers; Letter of Probae Court appointing Wm. Albertson executor of Bedent Montoe's Estate 1874;Cabinet CDrawer 2
02892folderCivil War 22nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment Company A RosterCivil War 22nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment Company A Roster; Newspaper Article about John Clem, Drummer Boy for 22nd Michigan InfantryCabinet CDrawer 2
02893folderCivil War 22nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment Company D Roster 1862Civil War 22nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment Company D Roster 1862Cabinet CDrawer 2
02894folderCivil War 22nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment FlagCivil War 22nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment Flag: History of Flag 1894; 'A Flag With History'; Caption on Flag Display at Michigan State Museum; Muster Roll and Recruitment Document for Philip DurkeeCabinet CDrawer 2
02895folderCivil War 22nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment "The Marching Regiment"Civil War 22nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment "The Marching Regiment" - by Charles L. Stewart, Lt. Col., U.S. Army, Retired 2004Cabinet CDrawer 2
02896folderCivil War 22nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry ReunionsCivil War 22nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry Reunions: Documents and Momentos from 47th Annual Reunion 1914, 48th 1915, 49th 1916, 52nd 1919; 53rd 1920Cabinet CDrawer 2
02897folderCivil War Burials Andersonville National Cemetery - Georgia, 1897Civil War Burials Andersonville National Cemetery - Georgia, 1897Cabinet CDrawer 2
02898folderCivil War Discharge Papers, Draft List, Bigelow StoryCivil War Discharge Papers: William Horten, Silas B. Coats, James A. Williams, George W. Nicholson, Alonzo Van Jurnigen, Eugene Dugal, William Arnold, Leonard H. Curtin, John Dings, Frederick A. Clipmann, John Welch, Charles Kent; List of those drafted in Pontiac Oct. 27 & 28 1863; Civil War Story by Capt. Allen Bigelow 1923Cabinet CDrawer 2
02899folderCivil War Enlistment Roster Oakland CountyCivil War Enlistment Roster Oakland County: List of Volunteers Furnished by the County of Oakland in the State of Michigan for the Support of the Government and the Suppression of the Rebellion During the Years 1861 and 1862Cabinet CDrawer 2
02900folderCivil War Letters - Fred N. FieldCivil War Letters - Fred N. Field: Transcriptions of letters sent home from the war 1862 - 1865Cabinet CDrawer 2
02901folderCivil War Michigan Cavalry BrigadeCivil War Michigan Cavalry BrigadeCabinet CDrawer 2
02902folderCivil War WomenCivil War Women: A Paper prepared by Margaret Steward in 1921 for presentation to the Marquette, Michigan Daughters of the American Revolution.Cabinet CDrawer 2
02903folderCivilian Conservation Corp (CCC)Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC): Handwritten copy of The C.C.C. PsalmCabinet CDrawer 2
02904folderClarke FamilyClarke Family: Copies of letters translated from Vienna 1771, 1773, 1783; Copy of Order from Colonel Edward Proctor to Captain John Clarke 1781; Copy of letter to John Clarke 1797; Copy of letter from John Clarke to his daughter 1813Cabinet CDrawer 2
02905folderClarke, Thomas Declaration of lntent for Citizenship 1858Clarke, Thomas Declaration of lntent for Citizenship 1858Cabinet CDrawer 2
02906folderClement, MyronClement, Myron: Memories of Myron Clement of Birmingham in 1910 at age 10 and in 1914Cabinet CDrawer 2
02907folderClinton Valley CenterClinton Valley Center: Pontiac State Hospital Facts 1966; PSH Newsletter 1967;E130:E134 CVC Newsletter 1978; CVC Centennial Newsletter 1978Cabinet CDrawer 2
02908folderClyde, Village ofClyde, Village of: History written by Richard W. Baker.Cabinet CDrawer 2
02909folderCole FamilyCole Family: Lease for a piece of land in England dated 1768; Letter to Sylvester Cole from Arthur Seagram 1911Cabinet CDrawer 2
02910folderCollier Family of Pontiac TownshipCollier Family of Pontiac Township; Map of Highwood Subdivision Pontiac 1925; Multiple Title Abstracts for Collier Property in Pontiac TownshipCabinet CDrawer 2
02911folderColvin Family of Four TownsColvin Family of Four Towns: Programme of the Third Semi-Annual Meeting ot the Oakland County Teachers' Association 1870; Letter from Uncle Marion to Nephew Dated May 22, 1864; Letter from Henry Armstrong in camp in Tennessee to Ellen Calvin in Four Towns 1865; Letter from Ella Hiller to her Sister Ellen in Four Towns 1870Cabinet CDrawer 2
02912folderColwell Family of PontiacColwell Family of Pontiac: Receipt for two tickets to the Worlds Columbian Exposition 1892; Graduating Excercises of Manchester Union School 1882; Farewell Poem to the Law Class of 1868 Michigan University; Insurance Premium notice to Angeline Colwell from Second National Bank of Pontiac 1878; Eastern Hemisphere Map Drawn by Albert Colwell; J.B. Colwell Residence Blueprint at Saratoga in Pontiac 1860Cabinet CDrawer 2
02913folderCommerce Huron Lyceum Literary and Debating SocietyCommerce Huron Lyceum Literary and Debating Society: Recollections by Ezra J. KennedyCabinet CDrawer 2
02914folderCommerce TownshipCommerce Township: History of Commerce Village & Vicinity - Handwritten; Reminiscences of Commerce by James H. Lynch; Copies Photos of Residences: Seth A. Paddock, Alfred H. Paddock, Albert BowenCabinet CDrawer 2
02915folderCongregational Church of SouthfieldCongregational Church of Southfield: Record from 1831-1845Cabinet CDrawer 2
02916folderCongressional Record - May 5, 1954Congressional Record - May 5, 1954: Volume 100, Number 82 - Debates in the House in the Committee of the Whole House on the State of the Union for consideration of the bill H.R. 2150 for the St. Lawrence SeawayCabinet CDrawer 2
02917folderCook (Koch) Family of Holly, Pontiac, HighlandCook (Koch) Family of Holly, Pontiac, Highland; Handwritten and transcribed copy of Family History by Vera Cook Husted 1971; Teacher's Third Grade Cerficate for Ida Highfield 1886; Photo of Ida May Highfield Cook; Party Invitations; Eva Cook Report Cards - Holly Public School 1903, 1904; Family Tree of Rudolph Johann (Koch) Cook and Maria Eppler; School Notebook from approx. 1892Cabinet CDrawer 2
02918folderCookbookCookbookCabinet CDrawer 2
02919folderCoonley, William L. of West Bloomfield & FarmingtonCoonley, William L. of West Bloomfield & Farmington: Funeral Card Martha Coonley 1844; Copies of Some Pages from the Diary of William L. Coonley from Jan. 1851 onCabinet CDrawer 2
02920folderCooper, Stephen and Ann Eliza Barkley of Bloomfield Twp. Marriage RecordCooper, Stephen and Ann Eliza Barkley of Bloomfield Twp. Marriage Record: Sept. 29, 1847Cabinet CDrawer 2
02921folderCorrespondence, MiscellaneousCorrespondence, Miscellaneous: From Charles Chapman to Dr. Charles S. Morley about History of the neighborhood of Elizabeth Lake 1924; Two letters from the office of the Pontiac Weekly Gazette 1871; To Richard Kimboll of Pontiac from the Office of the Consulate General in Berlin 1884; From Scofield Michigan 1907;Cabinet CDrawer 2
02922folderCotcher Family of West BloomfieldCotcher Family of West Bloomfield: Reminiscences of Mrs. Cotcher as told to Miss Elizabeth McCall CotcherCabinet CDrawer 2
02923folderCraft FamilyCraft Family: Family notes from 1966Cabinet CDrawer 2
02924folderCrittenton Hospital (Van Hoosen, Dr. Bertha)Crittenton Hospital (Van Hoosen, Dr. Bertha): Parade of Homes for Progress Benefitting the Proposed Bertha Van Hoosen Hospital 1960; Crittenton Hospitals Detroit - Rochester Michigan 1964; Rochester Rotary Club invite and program for luncheon for the Crittenton General Hospital Building Fund 1964; Invitation the Cornerstone Laying 1966; Multiple Newspaper clippingsCabinet CDrawer 2
02925folderCruice and Dow Families of West Bloomfaefd TownshipCruice and Dow Families of West Bloomfaefd Township: Written and read Feb. 13, 1922 at a meeting of the City Federation of Women's Clubs by Mrs. Josephine Cruice McG. LessiterCabinet CDrawer 2
02926folderCummings,WilliamCummings,William: Receipt for Cemetery Plot 1892Cabinet CDrawer 2
02930folderDaniels Family of Bloomfield TownshipDaniels Family of Bloomfield Township: 'A Prodigal Reclaimed in Answer to Prayer' 1820; Greenfield Republican Ticket 1884; Battles for the Union 1861 - 1865 (1887); Certificate to H. Daniel for use of Cattle Poke 1868; Card with songs: 'The Army Mule' and 'The Army Bean No. 1'; Photo of General Sheridan, Postcard for Taft for President 1908; 'The South. The Political Situation' Speech of Senator Morton on Louisiana Affairs; Seveal Newspaper ClippingsCabinet CDrawer 2
02931folderDaniels, Hiram F. Civil War & Grand Army of the Republic (GAR)Daniels, Hiram F. Civil War & Grand Army of the Republic (GAR): History of the United States by H. Tuttle 1864; Verses Composed on the Occasion of the Laying of the Corner Stone of the Michigan Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument 1867; A Tribute to Lincoln; A Poem Dedicated to the Pioneers of Oakland County by W.K. VanSyckle; Tribute to Albert Woolson Civil War Drummer died at 109 in 1956; Orchard Lake - The Last Indians and the First White Settlers 1900; Letter on the Crisis by Hon. Robert McClelland 1860; Misc. Letters; Memoir of Andersonville PrisonCabinet CDrawer 2
02932folderDaughters of the American Revolution (DAR) General Richardson ChapterDaughters of the American Revolution (DAR) General Richardson Chapter: Report of State Chapter 1906; General Richardson Chapter D.A.R. 1901-1902; Report of Registrar 1906; Committee on Revolutionary Soldier Graves 1912;Cabinet CDrawer 2
02933folderDaughters of PontiacDaughters of Pontiac: 1963 Directory Ladies Loyal Orange LodgeCabinet CDrawer 2
02934folderDavenny LettersDavenny Letters: From Congressman Samuel Smith to Wilson I. Davenny 1908; From K.P. Rockwell to Wilson I Davenny 1908; From Probate Judge Ross Stockwell to Lydia A. Davenny 1918; Marriage Announcement for Maude Evelyn Turner to Robert Elmer Williams 1899; Marriage Certificate Amos M. Atwell & Josephine Rockwell 1895Cabinet CDrawer 2
02935folderDickinson, A.W. of Pontiac I Correspondence 1905-1936Dickinson, A.W. and George W. of Pontiac I: Correspondence July 8,1905 - March 23, 1936Cabinet CDrawer 2
02936folderDickinson, George W. of Pontiac II Correspondence, Receipts 1936-1937Dickinson, George W. of Pontiac II: Correspondence, Receipts 1936-1937Cabinet CDrawer 2
02937folderDickinson, A.W. of Pontiac III Stock CertificatesDickinson, A.W. of Pontiac III: Stock Certificates of John, Mary, and Evelyn Keegan; Last Will and Testament of John Keegan and Valeria DickinsonCabinet CDrawer 2
02938folderDondero, Stanton G. Admission to the BarDondero, Stanton G. Admission to the Bar 1941Cabinet CDrawer 2
02939folderDonelson Family of WaterfordDonelson Family of Waterford: Photos of Mark, Ida, Will; Mark, Susan; Warrenty Deeds for purchase of property on Elizabeth Lake RoadCabinet CDrawer 2
02940folderDoty Family IDoty Family I: Various Warrenty Deeds; Frank L. Doty for Prosecuting Attorney; Receipts; Family tree of Silas & Sarah Doty;Cabinet CDrawer 2
02941folderDoty Family IIDoty Family II: Various Warrenty Deeds & Mortages; Account book of Mary E. Keegan 1939-40Cabinet CDrawer 2
02942folderDow Family of West BloomfieldDow Family of West Bloomfield: Family Memories by Corine Smith with small family tree; Dows buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Pontiac; The Dow Family history; The Dow Family of West Bloomfield by Ruth S. Kennedy.Cabinet CDrawer 2
02943folderDrake FamilyDrake Family: Copy of Family History from Family BibleCabinet CDrawer 2
02944folderDrake, Thomas J. IDrake, Thomas J. I: Letters to and from Stephens T. Mason, Lewis Cass, etc.Cabinet CDrawer 2
02945folderDrake, Thomas J. IIDrake, Thomas J. II: Letters from United States Senator Howard February 1865; Letter from U.S. Attorney General April 1866Cabinet CDrawer 2
02946folderDrake, Thomas J. IIIDrake, Thomas J. III: Copy of appointment from A. Lincoln to Supreme Court of the Utah TerritoryCabinet CDrawer 2
02947folderDrayton Plains School and HistoryDrayton Plains School and History: 'Drayton Plains School Days' by Robert H. Lawrence; Handwritten history by Dolly AyresCabinet CDrawer 2
02948folderDunlap Family of Orion TownshipDunlap Family of Orion Township: Handwritten biography of Hazel Leone Hilton Dunlap; Copy of letter from Carol Dunlap Coulter with infor about her mother Hazel and the familyCabinet CDrawer 2
02949folderDurkee Family of Bloomfield TownshipDurkee Family of Bloomfield Township; Copy of family records from Durkee Family Bible; Letter home from WWI; 'Wilkes Durkee's Family' from the Durkee Family Newsletter; WWI Pamphlet - 'To The Homeward-Bound Americans' by B. VanVorst; 'The Rock of the Marne - A Chronological Story of the 38th Regiment, U.S. Infantry, March 1919; Memorial Services - Rock of the Marne Post - VFW, May 1919Cabinet CDrawer 2
02950folderDurkee, Philo - 22nd Michigan Infantry Co. ADurkee, Philo - 22nd Michigan Infantry Co. A: Civil War Veterans Records;Cabinet CDrawer 2
02951folderEarhart, AmeliaEarhart, Amelia: Newspaper clippingsCabinet CDrawer 2
02952folderEarl, Floyd O. of PontiacEarl, Floyd O. of Pontiac: Small family treeCabinet CDrawer 2
02953folderEastern Michigan Asylum - Deaths 1909-1911Eastern Michigan Asylum - Deaths 1909-1911: Register from Asylum; Funeral Director list of grave numbersCabinet CDrawer 2
02954folderElliott Family of Livingston CountyElliott Family of Livingston County: Marriage License and wedding book of Henry O. Elliott & Lillian M. Cecox 1920Cabinet CDrawer 2
02955folderElliott Family of White LakeElliott Family of White Lake: Family tree of Henry J. ElliottCabinet CDrawer 2
02956folderElliott, Gartand W.Elliott, Gartand W.: Promotion to Sergeant 1917; Short biography by his wife.Cabinet CDrawer 2
02957folderEllwood FamilyEllwood Family: Records copied from family bibleCabinet CDrawer 2
02958folderEmbree, Benjamin R. of PontiacEmbree, Benjamin R. of Pontiac: Misc. receipts; Fire Insurance Policy 1934; Hunting License 1932; Memo Book - Carolyn E. Embree 1922Cabinet CDrawer 2
02959folderEnglish Settlers, Early in Oakland CountyEnglish Settlers, Early in Oakland County: Handwritten document of presentation to the Pioneer Society of Oakland CountyCabinet CDrawer 2
02960folderEtiquette 1894Etiquette 1894: The People's Handbook Series: Modern Etiquette For All Occasions, May, 1894Cabinet CDrawer 2
02961folderFairbanks FamilyFairbanks Family: Handwritten family treee copied from Whitney Genealogy; Picture of the Old Homestead of the Fairbanks Family near Dedham, Mass.Cabinet CDrawer 2
02962folderFarmington History & StoriesFarmington History & Stories: 'Farmington Old Stage Lines'; 'A Backward Season' 1924; 'Farmington Centenary' Farmington Enterprise 1924; 'Farmington Village'; 'The Old Mill' Frank Steele 1894; 'Spiritualism in Farmington' Mrs. A.J. Crosby 1917Cabinet CDrawer 2
02963folderFarmington Centennial 1924Farmington Centennial 1924 ProgrammeCabinet CDrawer 2
02964folderFaye, Stanley ObituaryFaye, Stanley Obituary & PhotoCabinet CDrawer 2
02965folderFerndale Public LibraryFerndale Public Library First Anniversary Number 1931Cabinet CDrawer 2
02966folderFirearmsFirearms: Puntng, or marine wild-fowl shootingCabinet CDrawer 2
02967folderFirst Presbyterian Church of PontiacFirst Presbyterian Church of Pontiac: refrigerator magnet; book markers; Brief history from 1986; Journal of a Presbyterian minister June 1835 to Oct. 1838; Program for 175th Anniversary; Early happenings - First Congregational Church by Elizabeth E. Adams 1941; Historical Sketch by Eliz. Adams 1949; Letters from Gov. Milliken and Pres. Nixon 1974 - 150th anniversary; Proposed plan for new church - 1917; Manual of the First Presbyterian Church 1891; Souvenir Programme of new church dedication 1924; Church Bulletin 1939; List of Pastors 1974;Cabinet CDrawer 2
02968folderFirst Presbyterian Society of TroyFirst Presbyterian Society of Troy - Handwritten Notes from meetings 1835-1841Cabinet CDrawer 2
02969folderFisher FamilyFisher Family: 'In Memory of Mrs. Charles Fisher Allahabad, India'Cabinet CDrawer 2
02970folderFlint Family of NoviFlint Family of Novi: Letters re centennial farm homes 1964-65; Family history by Ralph Muncy 1965Cabinet CDrawer 2
02971folderFoley SermonFoley Sermon: notes from lecture Dec. 9 1895 in PontiacCabinet CDrawer 2
02972folderForman FamilyForman Family: Memorial card for Mary Rachel Forman 1985; Family info from bible of David Harmon Jr.Cabinet CDrawer 2
02973folderFoster Family of PontiacFoster Family of Pontiac; Obituary of Roland Foster 1880Cabinet CDrawer 2
02974folderFourth of Ju!y Addresses 1825, 1828, 1918Fourth of Ju!y Addresses Pontiac 1825, 1828, Milford 1918Cabinet CDrawer 2
02975folderFox, Charles J. Jr.Fox, Charles J. Jr.: 4th Infantry Reorganized Co. H 1864 Muster Roll; Appointment by Village of Pontiac Common Council to Star Hose Company; Brief family history by Arabella Kirby Fox 1947Cabinet CDrawer 2
02976folderFrank House - Floor planFrank House - Floor plan 1946Cabinet CDrawer 2
02977folderFrank. Lucius L. of Avon Township, 22nd Michigan Infantry Co. BFrank. Lucius L. of Avon Township, 22nd Michigan Infantry Co. B; Civil War enlistment, muster, etc.; Invalid Claim for pension 1903Cabinet CDrawer 2
02978folderFuller, ElizaFuller, Eliza: Spelling Award 1815Cabinet CDrawer 2
02979folderGanong Family of WaterfordGanong Family of Waterford; Wedding Invitation Eliza D. Ganong & Peter Erb 1879; Reception for Mayor Pingree Candidate for Governor in Pontiac May 9, 1896; Circular for 1875-6 Waterford Graded School; Family tree of decendents of Schooley and Anna Mabee Dennis; Brief biography of Nelson R. Ganong 1833 - 1892;Cabinet CDrawer 2
02980folderGarfield, James PresidentGarfield, James President: Letter dated July 27, 1880; Card from memorial service Feb. 27, 1882Cabinet CDrawer 2
02981folderGeorge, Edwin S. Foundation, Joshua Hill Property in Bloomfield TownshipGeorge, Edwin S. Foundation, Joshua Hill Property in Bloomfield Township: Map of Property 1909; Agreement to purchase property 1909Cabinet CDrawer 2
02982folderGlaspie, Andrew Bird of OxfordGlaspie, Andrew Bird of Oxford Spanish American War 31st Mich. Infantry Co. G: Tribute by Conrad N. Church, managing editor, Pontiac Daily PressCabinet CDrawer 2
02983folderGlass Family of Holly IGlass Family of Holly I; Letter from George W. Brown, Nashville, Tenn 1864; Letters from Eunice Glass in Holly 1865, 1893, 1894; Letters from Alice in Goodrich 1892, 1898, 1899, Letter from Alice in Atlas 1894; Family Records; Receipt to Dayton Glass for $1 for 4 weeks tuition 1886; Savings account for Vorhees Glass 1895; Certificates for Dayton Glass from Oxford Public School 1889; Milk delivery receipt from Goodrich Creamery; Certificate from All Saints Church Pontiac for Percy Glass 1912Cabinet CDrawer 2
02984folderGlass Family of Holly IIGlass Family of Holly II: Photos of Mr. & Mrs. Dayton Glass, Perry Glass, George Glass, Nancy LockwoodCabinet CDrawer 2
02985folderGlass Family of Holly IIIGlass Family of Holly III: Pocket size New Testament & Psalms presented to Perry Glass in 1906 for regular attendanceCabinet CDrawer 2
02986folderGoing Family of PontiacGoing Family of Pontiac: 'The Yesteryear' family memoir by Lulu Becker Going 1948; Frank A. Going Teacher Contract with Troy School District 1866-7; Primary school certificates for Miss Frank Going for Pontiac & Troy 1866-7;Cabinet CDrawer 2
02987folderGovernors from Oakland CountyGovernors from Oakland County: Article in Milford Historian about Governor Bingham farm on Silver Lake Road; Short biographies of Kingsley S. Bingham, Moses Wisner, Aaron T. Bliss, Fred M. Warner, Murray D. VanWagoner, Harry F. Kelly, John B. Swainson, George W. RomneyCabinet CDrawer 2
02988folderGrand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) John Tucker Post 192 OrtonvilleGrand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) John Tucker Post 192 Ortonville: Copy of original list of membersCabinet CDrawer 2
02989folderGrand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) MichiganGrand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Michigan: Roster 1892; Digest of the Pension and Bounty Laws; Roll of the 52nd National Encampment GAR 1918; 39th Annual Encampment of the Dept. of Michigan 1917; 41st Annual Encampment of the Dept. of Michigan 1919; Official Souvenir of the 35th National Encampment 1901Cabinet CDrawer 2
02990folderGrand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) 0akland CountyGrand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) 0akland County: Ritual of the GAR 1900; Transfer cards for Jerome Foot, Charles Mills, William J. Siver, Milon Wilson, Alvin A. Hall, John C. Collins, William H. Shackelford, James K. Brooks, George C. Beebe, Samuel D. Bentley, Charles Hibner, Thomas P. Banks, Charles E. Sherman; Official Program of 48th National Encampment 1914; Battlefield map of Maryland & Virginia from Naitonal Encampment 1892; 47th National Encampment 1913; Deed for lots in Oak Hill Cemetery 1890; Ribbons from reunionsCabinet CDrawer 2
02991folderGreen Apple Club of Pontiac Lodge No. 21 (F&AM)Green Apple Club of Pontiac Lodge No. 21, Free and Accepted Masons (F&AM): Correspondence to and from Roy Annett 1934-1936; Chronological Events of the Green Apple Club;Cabinet CDrawer 2
02992folderGreen Family of West BloomfieldGreen Family of West Bloomfield; Deed for property (Section 22 in West Bloomfield) to William Annet 1824; History of the Hartwell Green Farm by Milton L. Hinkley (grandson of Hartwell Green) 1922Cabinet CDrawer 2
02993folderGuillot, Dr. H.C. of Pontiac I Correspondence 1892 -1899Guillot, Dr. H.C. of Pontiac I Correspondence 1892 -1899 to his fiance AliceCabinet CDrawer 2
02994folderGuillot, Dr. H.C. of Pontiac II Correspondence 1900Guillot, Dr. H.C. of Pontiac II Correspondence 1900 to his fiance AliceCabinet CDrawer 2
02995folderGuillot-Kislingbury FamilyGuillot-Kislingbury Family: Sunday School certificate for James Guillot 1913; Letter to James Guillot by Frederick Kislingbury from the Lady Franklin Bay Polar Expedition 1881; Citizenship papers of Harry Guillot 1894; Newspaper article (Detroit Free Press 1909) about polar expedition; Photo of Lieut. Kislingbury on northern ice pack 1881; Copy of Guillot Family Papers 1870-1951 form Windsor Public LibraryCabinet CDrawer 2
02996folderGuillot, James C.Guillot, James C.: Appointment as Ensign in U.S. Navy 1923Cabinet CDrawer 2
02997folderHadsell, Asa of Bloomfield Township - Hadsell HouseHadsell, Asa of Bloomfield Township - Hadsell House: photo and article from Oakland GazetteCabinet CDrawer 3
02998folderHagerman, Carrie Sarah of Addison Township (Mrs. Wilder)Hagerman, Carrie sarah of Addison Township (Mrs. Wilder): Hagerman-Wilder Wedding 1875; Letters from Frank Crawford at Hiram Walker & Sons Distillers 1875; Brief lineage of Jacob Price; Reminiscence of L.B.Price of Lakeville 1885; Biographical sketch of Carrie Sarah Hagerman; 'Ode to Jack Quick and His Pony' by Carrie Sarah Hagerman 1873; Letter to her aunt 1873;Cabinet CDrawer 3
02999folderHalfpenny House, 233 Parke Street in Pontiac (also known as the Boss-Bowlby House)Halfpenny House, 233 Parke Street in Pontiac (also known as the Boss-Bowlby House): Photos; Platt maps from Illustrated Atlas of Oakland County 1872; Article from Pontiac Press 1968;Cabinet CDrawer 3
03000folderHall, Dorothy J.Hall, Dorothy J.: Marshall Field Young American Designers' Fashion Contest - 6th prize 1934Cabinet CDrawer 3
03001folderHall Family of PontiacHall Family of Pontiac: List of those drafted in Oakland County 1863; WWI and WW II Ration BooksCabinet CDrawer 3
03002folderHart, Philip A.Hart, Philip A.: Legal Advisor, State of Michigan Office of the·Governor 1954 letter to Arthur L. Foster of PontiacCabinet CDrawer 3
03003folderHeald, WarrenHeald, Warren: Civil War Correspondence 1847-1862Cabinet CDrawer 3
03004folderHeath, Nettie Florence (Williamson) of WixomHeath, Nettie Florence (Williamson) of Wixom: Funeral eulogy by son-in-law James F. Crum 1972Cabinet CDrawer 3
03005folderHerrington, Florence and Family of Pontiac Crofoot SchoolHerrington, Florence and Family of Pontiac Crofoot School: Funeral notice for Sally Gay Harrington 1968; Retirement of Florence Herrington, Principal of Crofoot School 1938; Crofoot School Football Yells by Nina Miller; Crofoot Croaker newsletter April 29, 1938Cabinet CDrawer 3
03006folderHess Famity of WaterfordHess Famity of Waterford: Annual report of Monitor Insurance Company of Oakland County 1908; Burial permits in Drayton Plains Cemetery for Maggie Whitfield 1906; Ursula Ganong 1906; Minnie Grow 1907; Jermiah Howland 1909; Carrie May Poole 1909; Wallace W. Bump 1922; Hannah Ganong 1925; Etta A. Beardslee 1925; Receipts from L.W. Canfield Building Supplies 1921Cabinet CDrawer 3
03007folderHeth Family of Southfield TownshipHeth Family of Southfield Township: Letter from Ruth Navin TaylorCabinet CDrawer 3
03008folderHicks Family of Rose Township and Holly IHicks Family of Rose Township and Holly I: 3 Tin Types of Benjamin Hicks; Certificate of Church Membership First Pres. Church of Pontiac 1915; Receipts from Davis Funeral Home 1955; Receipts from Ardmore Hospital 1955; Letter to William Hicks 1894; Lease for Rose School House 1852; Estate of William Hicks 1917; Probate Court records for S. Margaret Hicks 1917; Insurance Claim settlements from U.S. General Accounting Office & Social Security 1955; Newspaper Clippings.Cabinet CDrawer 3
03009folderHicks Family of Rose Township and Holly IIHicks Family of Rose Township and Holly II: Justine Hicks grade school graduation - Crofoot School 1915; Justine Hicks Sunday School Graduation 1912; Justine Hicks Sunday School Cradle Roll 1903; Justine Hicks Pontiac High School Certificate 1920; Herbert Willams Life Member of Masonic Temple Honor Guard 1952; Herbert Williams Life Member of Ferndale Masonic Lodge 1965; Holly Newspaper Article - Detroit News 1966Cabinet CDrawer 3
03010folderHighland Township Spring Mills and Early Business 1846-1878Highland Township Spring Mills and Early Business 1846-1878: Handwritten DocumentCabinet CDrawer 3
03011folderHippocratic OathHippocratic Oath: Handwritten Document 1823Cabinet CDrawer 3
03012folderHodge Family of Commerce TownshipHodge Family of Commerce Township: Letter to John Hodge from Fort Gibson Arkansas 1835Cabinet CDrawer 3
03013folderHodge-Maybee-Beardslee FamilyHodge-Maybee-Beardslee Family DAR ApplicationCabinet CDrawer 3
03014folderHolly HistoryHolly History: 'I Rember Holly' reminisences 1975Cabinet CDrawer 3
03015folderHollywood, Jack of SouthfieldHollywood, Jack of Southfield: FuneraI Eulogy 1987Cabinet CDrawer 3
03016folderHook, Iama of PontiacHook, Iama of Pontiac: Photos; Family HistoryCabinet CDrawer 3
03017folderHoomstra Family of West Bloomfield TownshipHoomstra Family of West Bloomfield Township: Photo from 1921; David Hoomstra Third Grade Certificate Pontiac 1921Cabinet CDrawer 3
03018folderHosmer Family of West Bloomfield - DAR ApplicationHosmer Family of West Bloomfield - DAR Application of Leontine Hollister KleinertCabinet CDrawer 3
03019folderHovey FamilyHovey Family: Deeds from Cook County, Illinois 1857 - 1883; Insurance Policies 1882 - 1886Cabinet CDrawer 3
03020folderHoward, David S. JawboneHoward, David S. Jawbone: Newspaper Articles 1998; Background info from Charlie Martinez; Stories about return of Confederate Soldier's Jawbone returned for burial in Maryland.Cabinet CDrawer 3
03021folderHoward, David S. Civil WarHoward, David S. Civil War: Civil War Letters to and from Howard; Newspaper Clippings; GAR Memorabilia; Pontiac Public Schools Catalog 1865Cabinet CDrawer 3
03022folderHoward, David S. Mayor of PontiacHoward, David S. Mayor of Pontiac: More Civil War and GAR Memorabilia; Letters to and from the mayor; Misc. family letters; City of Pontiac Charter as Amended 1889Cabinet CDrawer 3
03023folderHoward, George W.Howard, George W.: Land Deed from New York 1838; Land Deed from Pennsylvania 1852; Subpoena to Jackson Circuit Court 1851; Handbills for G.W. Howard's Patent Self-Adjusting Oil TankCabinet CDrawer 3
03024folderHowland Family of PontiacHowland Family of Pontiac Family: Photos; Marriage Certificate - White Lake 1858; Letter 1862; Howland Theater Programs 1905; Newspaper clippingsCabinet CDrawer 3
03025folderHoyt, Georgia of Pontiac IHoyt, Georgia of Pontiac I: Misc. Letters; Carrie Hoyt Death Notice 1924;Cabinet CDrawer 3
03026folderHoyt, Georgia of Pontiac IIHoyt, Georgia of Pontiac II; Program - Oakland Theatre 1924; Dance Programs 1936, 1938, 1951; Recital Program; Bloomfield Hills Country Festival Program 1921; Misc. Banking RecordsCabinet CDrawer 3
03027folderHoyt, Georgia of Pontiac IilHoyt, Georgia of Pontiac IIl - Sibley-Hoyt House 146 W. Lawrence: Misc. Photos;Cabinet CDrawer 3
03028folderHubbard, Bela of Troy TownshipHubbard, Bela of Troy Township; Letter from 1849; 1840 Geology Report on counties of Lenawee, Hillsdale, Branch, St. Joseph, Cass, Berrien, Washtenaw, Oakland, LivingstonCabinet CDrawer 3
03029folderHungerford, Samuel of Waterford TownshipHungerford, Samuel of Waterford Township: Albert Jay Hall Diploma from Pontiac High School 1902, 1903; Marriage License; Land Grant for Samuel Hungerford for 80 acres in the District of Detroit 1824Cabinet CDrawer 3
03030folderHunter, John W. of BirminghamHunter, John W. of Birmingham: Photos of John Hunter and his wife; Death Notice;Cabinet CDrawer 3
03031folderHuron-Clinton Metropolitan AuthorityHuron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority: Biennial Report 1971; Expansion Plans 1972Cabinet CDrawer 3
03032folderIndependence Grange No. 275 - Ezekiel DavisIndependence Grange No. 275 - Ezekiel DavisCabinet CDrawer 3
03033folderIndependence Township HistoryIndependence Township History: By P. Voorheis 1919Cabinet CDrawer 3
03034folderIndian Camp, BirminghamIndian Camp, Birmingham: Transcription of article by George in the Pontiac Gazette 1874Cabinet CDrawer 3
03035folderIndian, Meta-KoosegIndian, Meta-Koosega: a Chippewa Warrior pictureCabinet CDrawer 3
03036folderIndian, TecumsehIndian, Tecumseh: pictureCabinet CDrawer 3
03037folderIrvin, John of TroyIrvin, John of Troy: Receipt for horse and buggies 1844; Discharge of Mortgage 1883; License to Operate Hotel 1866; Wayne County Tax Bill 1842; Oakland County Circuit Cort Judgement 1861; Village of Hastings Land Contract 1849; Various Tax Receipts; Various LettersCabinet CDrawer 3
03038folderIsgrigg, I.J. Architect PontiacIsgrigg, I.J. Architect Pontiac: List of Buildings & Homes Built; Photos of Homes; Brief biography
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Cabinet CDrawer 3
03039folderJacksonian - PontiacJacksonian - Pontiac - Tuesday, October 23, 1838 (Copy)Cabinet CDrawer 3
03040folderJacobs Family of PontiacJacobs Family of Pontiac, Pontiac Knitting Company: Hadwritten Christmas RecollectionsCabinet CDrawer 3
03041folderJewell, John of PontiacJewell, John of Pontiac: Tax Receipts 1859, 1868; Mortgage Receipts 1855, 1857; Oak Hill Cemetery Plot Receipt 1890; Appointment as Fire Warden 1864; Marriage Certificate 1840Cabinet CDrawer 3
03042folderJones, Elvin of PontiacJones, Elvin of Pontiac Musician-Drummer: 'Elvin Jones in Detroit: The Formative Years' by John CohasseyCabinet CDrawer 3
03043folderJones, Sarah Van Hoosen lJones, Sarah Van Hoosen l: Newspaper Obituary 1921; History of the Van Hoosen Farm and Sarah Van Hoosen Jones Estate; Letters to Mrs. Jones 1918; Dedication of Service Flag at Stony Creek 1918; Appointment of Joshua Van Hoosen as agent to Agricultural Fair at Plymouth, MI 1891Cabinet CDrawer 3
03044folderJones, Sarah Van-Hoosen IIJones, Sarah Van-Hoosen II: Various Holiday Cards; Peterson's Ladies National Magazine 1867Cabinet CDrawer 3
03045folderJones, Sarah Van Hoosen IIIJones, Sarah Van Hoosen III: Autograph Book 1848 - 1880; Slides of Van Hoosen FarmCabinet CDrawer 3
03046folderJudd, Daniel M. of Waterford - Family CorrespondenceJudd, Daniel M. of Waterford - Family Correspondence: U.S. Land Patent for 150 Acres near Detroit 1827; Bank Notes from Richmond, VA 1861, Adrian, MI 1862, Washtenaw 1854; 'Dan Judd's Way West: Its Why and How' by James Renfrew - OCPHS 1964; Invites to Independence Ball and New Years Ball in Waterford 1841; Series of letters from 1847 - 1848; 'The Early Pioneer: Daniel S. Judd';Cabinet CDrawer 3
03047folderKath Family of PontiacKath Family of Pontiac; Photo of Vernon Kath nd Mother 1920; Article by Vernon Kath 'Reminiscences of Living at Pine Grove'Cabinet CDrawer 3
03048folderKelling, Ralph T. - State SenatorKelling, Ralph T. - State Senator: Campaign PosterCabinet CDrawer 3
03049folderKimball, ClarkeKimball, Clarke: PhotoCabinet CDrawer 3
03050folderKimball, JeromeKimball, Jerome: Letters from 1844-45Cabinet CDrawer 3
03051folderKing Family of Independence TownshipKing Family of Independence Township: Brief autobiography of Roxy Tucker King; Letters from Mary King Phillips 1912 - 20; Death Notices for Henrietta King Voorheis and George W. KingCabinet CDrawer 3
03052folderKnights of Pythias of PontiacKnights of Pythias of Pontiac: Institution of Pontiac K. of P. 1890; Correspondence from Michigan Brigade 1890Cabinet CDrawer 3
03053folderKnoepfler Family of MilfordKnoepfler Family of Milford: 'The Hoosier Schoolmaster' - Handwritten Biography of Edward Eggleston; 'Michigan as a Territory' - Handwritten by Mary Knoepfler; 'Introduction to the Story of My Life' by John KnoepflerCabinet CDrawer 3
03054folderKnox, Walter of Clarkston, Independence, & SpringfieldKnox, Walter of Clarkston, Independence, & Springfield: 'A Civil War Hero' - biography of Walter Knox; Brief biography and bible records of Walter Knox Sr; 'The Knox Family' article in the Clarkston News 1967Cabinet CDrawer 3
03055folderLamoreaux, Maude LeeLamoreaux, Maude Lee: Several Family Photos; Letter from Rex Lemoreax 1943; Card from Fairholme Farm in Hadley, MI; Newspaper articles; Letter to Thomas Lemoreaux in Ortonville 1918; Teaching Certificate for Maude Lee 1911; Teaching reference from Imlay City 1908Cabinet CDrawer 3
03056folderLandon, Nathaniel B. of OxfordLandon, Nathaniel B. of Oxford: Probate Court records and Will 1882Cabinet CDrawer 3
03057folderLeggett FamilyLeggett Family: 'Our Debt to the Pioneer' - Handwritten; 'Freedom' - written just before the Civil War by Samuel M. Lettett; 'Ode to Washington' composed by A.W. Leggett - sung at Pontiac Musical Association 1858; 'Lines on the Admission of Michigan into the Union' by Mrs. Sigourney 1837Cabinet CDrawer 3
03058folderLeggett, William H. FamilyLeggett, William H. Family: 'Eliza Seaman Leggett' - article in Bulletin of Detroit Historical Society 1955; Excerpts from family bibleCabinet CDrawer 3
03059folderLinabury, John E. of PontiacLinabury, John E. of Pontiac: Dunlap Vehicle Company 1906 Catalog; Oakland-Pontiac Reflector 1929; GMC Letters from J.E. Linabury 1923 - 1929; Study of Saginaw Malleable Iron Company by J.E. Linabury 1924; Photos from Flint Buick Plant 1927; 'The Cadillac Craftsman' 1923 - 24; Misc. Financial Records; 'Where the Beauty Lies' 1896Cabinet CDrawer 3
03060folderLinabury, Henry M. of PontiacLinabury, Henry M. of Pontiac: Advertisement for H.M. Linabury, Druggist; Handbill for Citizens' Caucus 1878 - H.M. Linabury Secretary; The Debate in the Orchard 1845; Letterhead - Pontiac Phaeton Company - Henry M. Linabury Pres; Silver Grays Banquets 1893, 1894; Internal Revenue Stamps for Retail Liquor and Tobacco 1879 - 1893Cabinet CDrawer 3
03061folderLincoln Republican Club of Oakland County ILincoln Republican Club of Oakland County I: New Directors for 1922-23; Note from George Dondero 1922; Various Letters 1920 - 22; Bank Deposits 1922; Banquet Tickets 1916, 21, 22; Banquet Receipts 1922Cabinet CDrawer 3
03062folderLincoln Republican Club of Oakland County IILincoln Republican Club of Oakland County II: Banquet Programs 1895, 1898, 1899,1902, 1903, 1904, 1906, 1907, 1909, 1910, 1922, 1924Cabinet CDrawer 3
03063folderLincoln Republican Club of Oakland County IIILincoln Republican Club of Oakland County III: Copy of Emancipation Proclamation from Annual Banquet 2000Cabinet CDrawer 3
03064folderLloyd, Marion Alta Pontiac High School Diploma 1928Lloyd, Marion Alta Pontiac High School Diploma 1928Cabinet CDrawer 3
03065folderLuxon, Margaret C. Fitzgerald of PontiacLuxon, Margaret C. Fitzgerald of Pontiac: Cook and housekeeper for League of Catholic WomenCabinet CDrawer 3
03066folderLyon Township, HistoryLyon Township, History: History of South Lyon by Mrs. E.M. Calkins; Brief Handwritten history by JH. Sayre; Brief typed historyCabinet CDrawer 3
03067folderLyon Township New HudsonLyon Township New Hudson: History handwritten by Belle Covert Adams based on info provided by Dr. Ambrose G. Cowles (with typed copy); Handwritten history (with typed copy) by Mrs. Jay Renwick;Cabinet CDrawer 3
03068folderLyons Everett Pontiac PapersLyons Everett Pontiac Papers: Judgement by Justice of the Peace in 1839 against John Sage, Samuel Ward, N. Hemingway, John Hickey; Benjamin W. Loules, Ethel Benedict, A.J. Boll, Joseph Hunt, George Maxwell, John L. Livemore, Al LaMout, Jacob Seeples, Thomas Heusted, David Heusted, Lester King; Title X fo Corporations - section on Religious SocietiesCabinet CDrawer 3
03069folderMack, Stephen Estate InventoryMack, Stephen Estate Inventory: Letters to Lewis Beeson 1964; Copy of records from Oakland County Probate Court 1827; Excerpts from Book II W.F. Whittemore's 'Historical and Family Record'Cabinet CDrawer 3
03070folderMack - Whittemore - Starkweather Family - 1Mack - Whittemore - Starkweather Family - 1: Handwritten & Printed Family Trees; Reminiscences of Sara Melissa (Starkweather) Whittemore; 'I Remember Grandfather - The Story of Eugene Mack' by Mildred H. Schmidt 1995Cabinet CDrawer 3
03071folderMack - Whittemore - Starkweather Family - 2Mack - Whittemore - Starkweather Family - 2: Photographs of documentsCabinet CDrawer 3
03072folderMalby Family of IndependenceMalby Family of Independence: Handwritten reminiscences of Mrs. James Johnston 1972Cabinet CDrawer 3
03073folderMaps, Pontiac, Oakland County, Michigan, 1841Maps, Pontiac, Oakland County, Michigan, 1841Cabinet CDrawer 3
03074folderMaps, Pontiac, Original PlatMaps, Pontiac, Original PlatCabinet CDrawer 3
03075folderMasons, Pontiac Lodge #21Masons, Pontiac Lodge #21: Membership card 1930; The Pontiac Trestleboard Dedication Progarm Isssue 1928; Lodge Leases 1894Cabinet CDrawer 3
03076folderMasons, Rochester Lodge #5Masons, Rochester Lodge #5: History of lodge by Dr. Morgan J. SmeadCabinet CDrawer 3
03077folderMathews, Almeron S. of TroyMathews, Almeron S. of Troy - 7th Mich. Inf. & 22nd Mich. Inf.:Civil War Photos; Letter to Mathews 1891Cabinet CDrawer 3
03078folderMathews, SalmonMathews, Salmon: Overseer of Highways for Roads - Ledger 1848Cabinet CDrawer 3
03079folderMaybee Family I of Waterford & Independence TownshipMaybee Family I of Waterford & Independence Township: Account Ledger 1850 (?); Russel Maybee Certificates of Promotion from Wateford Public Schools 1903 - 1909Cabinet CDrawer 3
03080folderMaybee Family II of Waterford & Independence TownshipMaybee Family II of Waterford & Independence Township: Christmas Cards; Poetry BooksCabinet CDrawer 3
03086folderMcCarroll Family of Birmingham & Pontiac IMcCarroll Family of Birmingham & Pontiac I: Cards of people attending Pontiac High School Reunion; Wellesley College French Exam 1919; Program for 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' at Presbyterian Church, Pontiac 1897; Program for Arthur Pound Testimonial Dinner, PHS Gymnasium 1934; Brief McCarroll Family History by Clara Lowe; Multiple receipts from Mellen Wright Stephens Building Materials, Lawson - Erb Lumber, Birmingham Construction Company 1917; Graduation Certificate for Sarah McCarroll, Pontiac High School, 1869; Graduation Certificate for William McCarroll PHS 1873Cabinet CDrawer 3
03087folderMcCarroll Family of Birmingham & Pontiac IIMcCarroll Family of Birmingham & Pontiac II: 'Forget Me Not Album' with entries from 1877 - 1885; Memorial Book for Jennie Allen McCarroll 1901Cabinet CDrawer 3
03088folderMemorial DayMemorial Day; Memory Day poems and songs gathered by J.T. Daniels of St. Johns MI, Memorial Day Address 1934Cabinet CDrawer 3
03089folderMengen FamilyMengen Family: Letter with family history 1892; Letters from Rochester 1872Cabinet CDrawer 3
03090folderMichigan Bell Telephone CompanyMichigan Bell Telephone Company; Centennial Celebration pamphlet 1976; Speech given by Chuck Woodhead at Pontiac Town Meeting 1972; History of Michigan Bell by Chuck Woodhead 1976Cabinet CDrawer 3
03091folderMichigan Constitutional Convention 1850Michigan Constitutional Convention 1850: Pamphlet By Frederick W. Stevens of the Detroit BarCabinet CDrawer 3
03092folderMichigan Military Academy IMichigan Military Academy I: Catalog 1899, 1904, 1905Cabinet CDrawer 3
03093folderMichigan Military Academy IIMichigan Military Academy II: Postcards; Program and Invitation for Senior Promenade 1905; Program for Battalion Hop 1904; Regulation Book 1905Cabinet CDrawer 3
03094folderMichigan Military Academy IIIMichigan Military Academy III: Prospectus 1877Cabinet CDrawer 3
03095folderMichigan MilitiaMichigan Militia: Appointment to Fourth Corporal 1832 signed by Capt. Walter SpragueCabinet CDrawer 3
03096folderMichigan SesquicentennialMichigan Sesquicentennial: First-Day-of-lssue Cancelled Stamp 1987Cabinet CDrawer 3
03097folderMichigan State Fair I DetroitMichigan State Fair I Detroit 1937Cabinet CDrawer 3
03098folderMichigan State Fair II Pontiac 1903Michigan State Fair II Pontiac 1903: Souvenir and Premium ListCabinet CDrawer 3
03099folderMichigan State Fair III Detroit 1908Michigan State Fair III Detroit 1908: Official CatalogueCabinet CDrawer 3
03100folderMiles, James of Bloomfield TownshipMiles, James of Bloomfield Township: Receipt for taxes 1867Cabinet CDrawer 3
03101folderMills Family of Springfield TownshipMills Family of Springfield Township: Photo of the Family of William Orlando and Lydia (Kelley) Mills; Copies of Misc. Documents from War Dept. and Bureau of Pensions related to service of Orlando Mills in Civil WarCabinet CDrawer 3
03102folderMinnis, Mrs. Ralph (Alma)Minnis, Mrs. Ralph (Alma): WW II Photo and Savings CardsCabinet CDrawer 3
03103folderMOMS of Amerlca, Inc. - Pontiac BranchMothers Of Men in Service of Amerlca, Inc. - Pontiac Branch: WW II Pontiac Honor Roll 1944; Program from State Convention 1852Cabinet CDrawer 3
03104folderMonteith, Rev. John - Description of Rivers and Lakes in Oakland County 1818Monteith, Rev. John - Description of Rivers and Lakes in Oakland County 1818: Photocopy of pages from diaryCabinet CDrawer 3
03105folderMourning Cards - Thos Bromfield and Rachel Jan KidderMourning Cards - Thos Bromfield and Rachel Jan Kidder 1897Cabinet CDrawer 3
03106folderNational Farms and Garden Association - Pontiac BranchNational Farms and Garden Association - Pontiac Branch: Program for 1940 Junior Flower Show; Home Acres Newsletter Sept. 1940, Sept. 1944, March 1947, Sept. 1947; Year Book 1945, 1946, 1949, 1956-1957, 1971-1972; Thru the Garden Gate May-June 1947; Constitution & Bylaws 1969-70; Spring Council Meeting 1971Cabinet DDrawer 1
03107folderNeafie, Dr. Charles A. Medical Society of the County of Oakland - Pioneer DoctorsNeafie, Dr. Charles A. Medical Society of the County of Oakland - Pioneer Doctors: Village of Pontiac - Journal of Board 1937; Various histories of the organization of the medical profession in the Territory of MichiganCabinet DDrawer 1
03108folderNeafie, Dr. Charles A. Medical Society of the County of Oakland - Physician Death Notices INeafie, Dr. Charles A. Medical Society of the County of Oakland - Physician Death Notices I: Death Notices and other articles of interest concerning early Oakland County physiciansCabinet DDrawer 1
03109folderNeafie, Dr. Charles A. Medical Society of the County of Oakland - Physician Death Notice IINeafie, Dr. Charles A. Medical Society of the County of Oakland - Physician Death Notice II: More Death Notices and other articles of interest concerning early Oakland County physiciansCabinet DDrawer 1
03110folderNeafie, Dr. Charles A. Medical Society of the County of OaklandNeafie, Dr. Charles A. Medical Society of the County of Oakland: Journal of the Michigan State Medical Society 1927 Including article about medical practice in Michigan one hundred years agoCabinet DDrawer 1
03111folderNienstedt Family of PontiacNienstedt Family of Pontiac: Family Photos; Rupert Nienstedt Membership Certificate to Beta Phi Sigma Fraternity 1922; Group Photo of Beta Phi Sigma Fraternity 1925; Photo of Michigan State Union Orchestra 1923-24; Photo of Robert E. Nienstedt on 3rd Floor of Consumers Power building corner of Lawrence & Wayne in Pontiac 1929-30; Photo of Ritz Orchestra in the Ritz Ballroom in Pontiac 1926-28; Photo of Consumer Power Employee German Band 1929-30; Dry Cleaning Standard Price List Book 1926Cabinet DDrawer 1
03112folderNorth, Josie of Pontiac - Invitations to Michigan Military AcademyNorth, Josie of Pontiac - Invitations to Michigan Military Academy: Thanksgiving Hop/Promenade 1888, 1889, 1890, 1892, 1893, 1894, 1895; Farewell Hop/Senior Promenade 1890, 1893, 1894, 1895; Graduation 1890, 1891, 1892; Misc. Handwritten InvitationsCabinet DDrawer 1
03113folderNorth, Josie of Pontiac - Invitations to Social EventsNorth, Josie of Pontiac - Invitations to Social Events: 1887 - 1896Cabinet DDrawer 1
03114folderNorth, Josie of Pontiac - Invitations to WeddingsNorth, Josie of Pontiac - Invitations to Weddings: 1885 - 1895Cabinet DDrawer 1
03115folderNorth, Margaret of PontiacNorth, Margaret of Pontiac: Autograph Book 1879-80Cabinet DDrawer 1
03116folderNoyes, Charles Sr., Board of Commerce in Pontiac INoyes, Charles Sr., Board of Commerce in Pontiac I: Program for Father & Son Banquet - First Congregational Church Pontiac 1920; Pontiac Board of Commerce 1920; Members of the Retail Merchant's Bureau of Pontiac 1920, 1922; Annual Military Ball - Pontiac Knights of Pythias 1922; Map of Pontiac and Environs 1920; Annual Dinner Board of Commerce 1922Cabinet DDrawer 1
03117folderNoyes, Charles Sr., Board of Commerce in Pontiac IINoyes, Charles Sr., Board of Commerce in Pontiac II: Letter from United Community Fund of Pontiac 1920; Board of Commerce Info 1920-1922; Retail Merchants Bureau Letters 1920 - 1921; Letter from Pontiac Lodge No. 19 Knights of Pythias 1920Cabinet DDrawer 1
03118folderNoyes, Charles Sr., Board of Commerce in Pontiac IIINoyes, Charles Sr., Board of Commerce in Pontiac III: Issues of the Periscope, Published Monthly by the Board of Commerce of Pontiac 1919 - 1921; Various cards and lettersCabinet DDrawer 1
03119folderOakland County Agricultural Society 1903, 1907Oakland County Agricultural Society 1903, 1907: Hand written minutesCabinet DDrawer 1
03120folderOakland County BarOakland County Bar: List of Members and rules 1904Cabinet DDrawer 1
03121folderOakland County Bicentennial CommissionOakland County Bicentennial Commission: Friendship Scroll presented to citizens of Bayfield, Ontario by Oakland County board 1976Cabinet DDrawer 1
03122folderOakland County CompaniesOakland County Companies: Agreements, Bonds, & Contracts 1845 - 1913Cabinet DDrawer 1
03123folderOakland County Contagious HospitalOakland County Contagious Hospital (Pontiac General): Dedication Program 1926; Detroit Free Press article 1917; Photo of first President Alida D. SmithCabinet DDrawer 1
03124folderOakland County Courthouse - Dedicated 1905Oakland County Courthouse - Dedicated 1905: Copy of Original Deed for property 1823; Article from Pontiac Daily Press listing contents of cornerstone 1904; Dedication Program 1905; Laying of the Cornerstone 1904Cabinet DDrawer 1
03125folderOakland County Courthouse - Memorial New Building Book - 1906Oakland County Courthouse - Memorial New Building Book - 1906Cabinet DDrawer 1
03126folderOakland County Courthouse - Cornerstone 1960 - 61Oakland County Courthouse - Cornerstone 1960 - 61: Invites to Cornerstone Laying and Dedication; List of Cornerstone Contents; Various lestters and plans for DedicationCabinet DDrawer 1
03127folderOakland County Deeds, Mortgages, Plat MapsOakland County Deeds: Alfred Danchey 1820; Wikoff, Bailey, Drake 1852; Andrew B. Travis 1853; Abel P. Grow 1852; Horace Champlin 1871; Joseph Chapman 1851; John Irwin to William Buckley 1844; Sarah Ann Luce to John Irwin 1850; Thomas Huntoon 1856; Elisha Grow to W.P. Grow 1848; Clark Harris to John Irwin 1845; G.O. Whittemore to Z.B. Knight 1856; Anthony Prongna to Asa Luce 1844; Godfrey to Grow 1859
Mortgages: Trustees First Baptist Church Clarkston 1871; Godfrey & Grow 1857 & 1858; W.P. Grow & Charles Baldwin 1873; James Duncan & Delana Grevez 1852; John Irwin & James Duncan 1853; W.P. Grow & Horace Chapman 1871; Isaac Sorter & Thomas Grow 1844; Marvin J. Scott & W.P. Grow 1863; Henry Irwin & Samuel Streeter 1839; W.P. Grow, Seth A. Paddock, Orrin Cloyes 1889; John Irwin & Augustus Gregory 1872; Joseph Voorheis, Edwin Grow, W.P. Grow 1865; Rupel L. Godfrey & J.W. Bradford 1858; Sheriff's Deed - John D. Hunington, John L. Tiffany, William Elwell, Cyrus Smith 1871; Horrace & W.P. Waterman 1839
Pontiac Plat Maps: Marvin J. Close 1866; Hoyt's Plat 1865
Cabinet DDrawer 1
03128folderOakland County Oepartment of Health, Small Pox Quarantine SignOakland County Oepartment of Health, Small Pox Quarantine SignCabinet DDrawer 1
03129folderOakland County Educational SocietyOakland County Educational Society: Minutes of Orginizational meeting January 29 & 30 1847Cabinet DDrawer 1
03130folderOakland County FlagOakland County Flag: Newspaper clippingsCabinet DDrawer 1
03131folderOakland County Historic Houses Calendars 1984 & 1985Oakland County Historic Houses Calendars 1984 & 1985Cabinet DDrawer 1
03132folderOakland County History 100 Years Ago Major Oliver WilliamsOakland County History 100 Years Ago Major Oliver Williams: Address by Maurice Cole at Pontiac Mall 1968Cabinet DDrawer 1
03133folderOakland County History ChurchesOakland County History Churches: First Congregational Church Royal Oak 1911; Handwritten History of Oakland Baptist Church 1921; Bloomfield Presbyterian Church 1838; History of St. Mary's Catholic Church Milford;Cabinet DDrawer 1
03134folderOakland County History Film NarrativeOakland County History Film Narrative "Oakland County 1820-1970"Cabinet DDrawer 1
03135folderOakland County History Grist MillsOakland County History Grist Mills: Letter about Stony Creek Mill by Maude Watkins Knapp 1926; Notes about Clinton Mills 1926; Notes about Mathew's Mill; Notes about Highland Mill and Hall; Paper read before Avon Historical Society 1939 including info about Dawson's Grist Mill and other millsCabinet DDrawer 1
03136folderOakland County History Highways and RoadsOakland County History Highways and Roads: Federal Writer's Project Michigan Guide Tour 5Cabinet DDrawer 1
03137folderOakland County History Irish in the CountyOakland County History Irish in the CountyCabinet DDrawer 1
03138folderOakland County History Origin for the Names of PlacesOakland County History Origin for the Names of Places: Article by Evelyn MacGregor Age 14 years 11 months1923; Article by unknown authorCabinet DDrawer 1
03139folderOakland County History NewspapersOakland County History Newspapers: Speech presented to Oakland County Pioneer Society date unknownCabinet DDrawer 1
03140folderOakland County History Pioneers IOakland County History Pioneers I: Oakland County Pioneer List from the collection at Pine Grove; Article from Kalamazoo Valley Family News Letter 1976; Minutes from the first meeting of the Pioneer Society of Oakland Couny 2-27-1874;Cabinet DDrawer 1
03141folderOakland County History Pioneers IIOakland County History Pioneers II: 'The Medical Profession' 1877; 'Oakland County and Her Journals'; 'Pioneer Society of Oakland County'; Oakland Chronicle article about Medical Society 1830; Article from Pontiac Courier 1837 about Oakland branck of the University of Michigan; Several Early Articles from the Pontiac JacksonianCabinet DDrawer 1
03142folderOakland County Hospital Association 1989Oakland County Hospital Association 1989Cabinet DDrawer 1
03143folderOakland County HotelsOakland County Hotels: Hodges House - Speech delivered at OCPHS 1938; Drayton Plains HotelCabinet DDrawer 1
03144folderOakland County Infirmary 1926Oakland County Infirmary 1926: History of Infirmary; Dedication Program 1926Cabinet DDrawer 1
03145folderOakland County Jail Specifications of Jailhouse 1846Oakland County Jail Specifications of Jailhouse 1846Cabinet DDrawer 1
03146folderOakland County Lincoln Republican ClubOakland County Lincoln Republican Club: Oakland Press article 1977Cabinet DDrawer 1
03147folderOakland County Normal Alumni AssociationOakland County Normal Alumni Association: 22nd reunion 1948; Brief biography of Carrie Bradford ColbyCabinet DDrawer 1
03148folderOakland County Pioneer & Historical Society - Administrative CoordinatorOakland County Pioneer & Historical Society - Administrative Coordinator: Reminiscences of Connie LektainCabinet DDrawer 1
03149folderOakland County Pioneer & Historical Society - Annual Meeting ProgramsOakland County Pioneer & Historical Society - Annual Meeting Programs: 1930, 1941, 1946, 1948, 1949, 1950, 19512, 1955, 1958, 1962, 1988, 1989Cabinet DDrawer 1
03150folderOakland County Pioneer & Historical Society - Sesquicentennial CertificateOakland County Pioneer & Historical Society - Sesquicentennial CertificateCabinet DDrawer 1
03151folderOakland County Political PartiesOakland County Political Parties: Democratic Ticket 1888; Republican edorsements 1921; Republican Pontiac City Caucus delegates 1921; Oakland County Republican delegates 1921; Window card for Andrew L. Moore - Republican candidate for prosecuting attorney; Union Prohibition ticket 1884; National Greenback ticket 1884; Republican ticket 1884; Democratic ticket 1884; Oakland State and local ticket 1880; Platform of the American Party 1888; Platform and ticket of Prohibition Party of Michigan 1892Cabinet DDrawer 1
03152folderOakland County ProbateOakland County Probate: Will of William Ramsen 1840; Estate of Julia Ann VanLenowen 1867Cabinet DDrawer 1
03153folderOakland County Promissory NotesOakland County Promissory Notes: John Maybee 1866; J.W. Bradford 1858; Seth A. Paddock 1889; Delano Grevey 1852Cabinet DDrawer 1
03154folderOakland County Public Health AssociationOakland County Public Health Association: Bulletin 1931Cabinet DDrawer 1
03155folderOakland County Receipts for TaxesOakland County Receipts for Taxes: Chas. Veslling 1856; Charles Kelly 1856; John Miller of Troy 1876; Internal Revenue License for Hotel - Richard O. Smith 1865Cabinet DDrawer 1
03156folderOakland County Schools Contracts - List of Directors & TeachersOakland County Schools Contracts: Josephine Long - Bloomfield Twp 1929 & 1933, Josephine Slocum - Groveland Twp 1916; List of Directors & Teachers - Oakland County 1930-31Cabinet DDrawer 1
03157folderOakland County, United States Land Grants - Original IOakland County, United States Land Grants - Original I: James H. Benedict - Brandon 1837; Mark T. Boice - Addison 1837; Luman Brownson - Waterford 1833; Michael Cafs - Holly 1852; Jacob Burton - Lyon 1833; William Gilmour - West Bloomfield 1833; Jehial Gardner - Groveland 1840; John David - Waterford 1838; John L. Cooley - White Lake 1837; James Goff - Brandon 1837; Vine Kingsley - Brandon 1837; Christopher Cole - Orion 1837; Elbridge G. Deming - Brandon 1837, Oxford 1837, Oxford 1837; John Anscomb - Troy 1837; Troy 1837; Aaron Brandenburgh - Novi 1834Cabinet DDrawer 1
03158folderOakland County, United States Land Grants - Original IIOakland, United States Land Grants - Original II: Benona Knapp - White Lake 1837; Thomas Langdon - Royal Oak 1837; Peris Hopkins - Milford 1835; John Gardner - Rose 1837; John G. Perry - Brandon 1835, Brandon 1835; Abraham Perry - Oakland 1834, Oakland 1833; Joseph Parshall - Waterford 1837; Craig Parmenter - Oakland 1837; William M. Parker - White Lake 1837; Joseph J. & Silas N Parker - Lyon 1833; Silas Moore - Waterford 1835; Charity Miller - Rose 1837; James Middaugh - MIlford 1833Cabinet DDrawer 1
03159folderOakland County, United States Land Grants - Original IIIOakland County, United States Grants - Original III: Samuel Wolfe - Oxford 1837; Orre, Arthur, Josephine Wood - West Bloomfield 1877; Permelia Middagh - Milford 1833; James McGuire - Orion 1840; Jams McGraw - Orion 1837; George Maxwell - Waterford 1835; Alanson Leonard - Groveland 1837; Erastus Underwood - Highland 1840, Highland 1840; Jesse Tuttle - Commerce - 1839, Commerce 1835; Catharine Swasey 1838; Cornelius Snyder - Addison 1837; John Smith - Springfield 1837; Robert Smalley - Oakland 1838; Abraham Rouse - Royal Oak 1833Cabinet DDrawer 1
03160folderOakland County, United States Land Grants - Original IVOakland County, United States Land Grants - Original IV: Joseph Thorpe 1857; Abraham Rouse - Royal Oak 1832; Isaac Doty 1833, 1835; William Crawford - Highland 1837; Charlotte Doty 1837; John McKay 1837; Joshua Terry - Waterford 1837; John McBigler - Oakland 1833Cabinet DDrawer 1
03161folderOakland TownshipOakland Township - Handwritten and typed history read at the township centennial celebration 1925Cabinet DDrawer 1
03162folderOatman Family of FranklinOatman Family of Franklin:Notes taken at Burton Historical Collection 1972; 'The Olive Oatman Story' in Franklin Historical Society Newslwtter 1998Cabinet DDrawer 1
03163folderOlmsted Family of White Lake TownshipOlmsted Family of White Lake Township: Photo of Harley OlmstedCabinet DDrawer 1
03164folderOral HistoriesOral Histories: Alice Dorothy Serrell 1971; Faye Donelson 1975; Charles Groves 1972; Dr. Aaron Riker; Stuart Austin 1974Cabinet DDrawer 1
03165folderOrchard Lake VillageOrchard Lake Village: Article from Pontiac Press 1940 'Legend of Pontiac's Burial on Apple Island'; Handwritten copy of 'Orchard Lake' read by Caroline E. Campbell at annual meeting of Oakland County Pioneers Association 1917; 'Me-nah-sa-gor-ning' A legend of Orchard Lake by Samuel M. Leggett 1878 & 1909; History of the Countryside Improvement Association of Orchard and Pine Lake 1911 - 1936; Reprint of photo and article from the Inter Lake News 1965 'Orchard Island is Offered to City Residents'Cabinet DDrawer 1
03166folderOrion TownshipOrion Township: Chapter from History of Oakland County; Prints of residences of C.A. Carpenter, Christopher Cole, R.G. Rudd, & John Howarth; 'First Settlements in Oakland Co. and Orion Township' read by Fern Wieland Hovey 1929 at Pioneer Days in Oxford; 'History of Orion Township' by Mrs. Frank Lessiter 1925Cabinet DDrawer 1
03167folderOur CityOur City: Indexed Scrapbook of Pontiac made by Blanche Miller 1915 -1917Cabinet DDrawer 1
03168folderPardee, Alice Slater of Pontiac, ArchitectPardee, Alice Slater of Pontiac, Architect: Copies of U.M. Diploma 1910, State registration as architect 1917, Pontiac High School Diploma 1904; Society Membership Documents; Synoptic Biography by Janice R. Pardee (daughter) 1985 with clippings and photosCabinet DDrawer 2
03169folderPardee Family of Pontiac IPardee Family of Pontiac I: Obituary Lloyd W. Pardee 1964; Various newspaper clippingsCabinet DDrawer 2
03170folderPardee Family of Pontiac IIPardee Family of Pontiac II: 'The Germans and Dutch in America'; Pontiac High School Alumni Association Annual Banquet 1907; Program of the Class-Day Excercises Graduating Class of Pontiac High School 1905; Program of the Junior Exhibition of the Pontiac of the Pontiac High School Class of 1907; Graduation Oration - Advice to Undergraduates - Pontiac High School 1907Cabinet DDrawer 2
03171folderParke, Hervey of PontiacParke, Hervey of Pontiac - Notes about 1851 Letter; Receipt 1865; Parke Davis & Company and the Never-Ending Search for Better MedicinesCabinet DDrawer 2
03172folderParker, Hiram A. of Auburn - DeedsParker, Hiram A. of Auburn - Deeds: Milton & Harriet Hyde 1842; James C. and Lydia Jane Goodsill 1844; Timothy Parker 1850; Ira & Deborah Goodrich 1853Cabinet DDrawer 2
03173folderPatterson, Elsie (Mrs. Calvin E.) of WaterfordPatterson, Elsie (Mrs. Calvin E.) of Waterford: Funeral Service 1999; Family Letter 1999Cabinet DDrawer 2
03174folderPatterson Family of PontiacPatterson Family of Pontiac: Letter 1891; Telegraph 1893; Letter from Law Office of J. Bailey 1893; Extracts from Ledger 1894-5; Letter from John Naylon & Co. 1896; Letter from Richard C. Flannigan 1910; Receipt from Lewis & Crofoot 1895; Insurance Policy 1871; Letter to the Editor of the Tribune (?) from Elmer R. Webster 1886Cabinet DDrawer 2
03175folderPaull, LillianPaull, Lillian - Wisner House Librarian: Collection of Cards, Newspaper Articles, etc.Cabinet DDrawer 2
03176folderPerry, Aaron of PontiacPerry, Aaron of Pontiac: Complimentary Banquet bye the Bar of Oakland County 1914Cabinet DDrawer 2
03177folderPhillips FamilyPhillips Family: Copy of letter written by Mary King Phillips (wife of Theodore Phillips) to Maude King Rockwell (wife of Judge Kleber P. Rockwell 1920Cabinet DDrawer 2
03178folderPickering Family of Southfield Township near FranklinPickering Family of Southfield Township near Franklin: Funeral Service for Helen B. Pickering 1990; Pikering Family Centennial Farm - Article in Oakland Gazette 1985Cabinet DDrawer 2
03179folderPierson, Aaron P. of Pontiac - 9th Regiment of Michigan Cavalry VolunteersPierson, Aaron P. of Pontiac - 9th Regiment of Michigan Cavalry Volunteers: Appointment to 2nd Lieutenant 1863; Appointment to 1st Lieutenant 1864; Lost Horse Claim 1864; Letter from Adjutant General's Office 1885; Certificate of Honorable Service 1862; Commissioned Officer's Certificate of Honorable Discharge 1865; Declaration for an Original Invalid Pension 1890; Several photos of Pontiac; Letter from Washington D.C. re. pension 1895; Receipts 1897-8; Letter from Minerva Butterworth to Ann Eliza 1865; Constitution and By-Laws of the National Association of Ex-Union Prisoners of War 1886; Price Lists of Odd Felows Regalia; Rules and Regulations for the Government of the Woman's Relief Corps Auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic 1886; Flyer for the Grand Opening ot the Red Ribbon Club; Facsimile Play-Bill from Ford's Theater 1890Cabinet DDrawer 2
03180folderPine Lake Cemetery AssociationPine Lake Cemetery Association: Copy of original document 1832Cabinet DDrawer 2
03181folderPolkow, Pansy Perrigo of Rose TownshipPolkow, Pansy Perrigo of Rose Township: 'Memories of Life in Oakland County 1887-1910' 1975Cabinet DDrawer 2
03182folderPontiac Bank - First Federal Savings of OaklandPontiac Bank - First Federal Savings of Oakland: Open House section of Pontiac Press 1964Cabinet DDrawer 2
03183folderPontiac Board of CommercePontiac Board of Commerce: Collection Letters to Roy Annett and others 1934 - 36Cabinet DDrawer 2
03184folderPontiac Board of Commerce PublicationsPontiac Board of Commerce Publications 'Pontiac - An Industrial City in the Land of Play' 1935; 'Pictorial Description of Pontiac, Michigan and Vicinity'Cabinet DDrawer 2
03185folderPontiac - Camp Pontiac 1928Pontiac - Camp Pontiac 1928Cabinet DDrawer 2
03186folderPontiac and Cass Lake Aquatic AssociationPontiac and Cass Lake Aquatic Association: Articles of Association and By-Laws 1884Cabinet DDrawer 2
03187folderPontiac Centennial 1961Pontiac Centennial 1961: Charter Centennial-Belles - Pontiac State Hospital; Souvenir Program; 1960 Annual Report City of PontiacCabinet DDrawer 2
03188folderPontiac, City ofPontiac, City of: Map of Oakland County; City of Pontiac Balance Sheets and Statements 1939; Report on Source of Water Supply 1918Cabinet DDrawer 2
03189folderPontiac, City of - Charter, adopted 1920Pontiac, City of - Charter, adopted 1920Cabinet DDrawer 2
03190folderPontiac, City of - Incorporation 1861Pontiac, City of - Incorporation 1861: City CharterCabinet DDrawer 2
03191folderPontiac, City of - Parking Lot Blue Print 1950Pontiac, City of - Parking Lot Blue Print 1950Cabinet DDrawer 2
03192folderPontiac, City of - Planning Commission Report 1921Pontiac, City of - Planning Commission Report 1921: Include description and blue printsCabinet DDrawer 2
03193folderPontiac Commercial & Savings Bank - Community National BankPontiac Commercial & Savings Bank (Community National Bank): 'From 1864 to 1923 - The Pontiac Commercial & Savings Bank'; History and Record compiled by Charles M. Crofoot 1922
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Cabinet DDrawer 2
03194folderPontiac CompanyPontiac Company: Copy of Mill Priviledges 1822; History addressed to the Oakland County Pioneer Society, 1919Cabinet DDrawer 2
03195folderPontiac DruggistsPontiac Druggists: Brief history of early Pontiac Druggists 1845 - 1885Cabinet DDrawer 2
03196folderPontiac Federatlon of TeachersPontiac Federatlon of Teachers: Constitution 1936Cabinet DDrawer 2
03197folderPontiac General HospitalPontiac General Hospital: Story of Pontiac General Hospital presented by Margaret Hill 1978; Notes from the Pontiac City Hospital Association (Later Oakland County Hospital Association); Several Newspaper articlesCabinet DDrawer 2
03198folderPontiac Headlights Flashes "Along the Grand Truck Railway System" 1892 PublicationPontiac Headlights Flashes "Along the Grand Truck Railway System" 1892 PublicationCabinet DDrawer 2
03199folderPontiac High School Class List 1867-1913Pontiac High School Class List 1867-1913Cabinet DDrawer 2
03200folderPontiac High School New Building 1913 - Remembrance Grove High SchoolPontiac High School New Building 1913 - Remembrance Grove High SchoolCabinet DDrawer 2
03201folderPontiac High School Junior Exhibition 1895, 1910Pontiac High School Junior Exhibition 1895, 1910Cabinet DDrawer 2
03202folderPontiac High School ReunionsPontiac High School Reunions: Class of 1928 (1953); Classews of 1922, 23, 24 (1971); Classes of 1925, 26, 27 (1976); Class of 1948 (1998)Cabinet DDrawer 2
03203folderPontiac Historic District 51 FairgrovePontiac Historic District 51 Fairgrove: Copies of photographsCabinet DDrawer 2
03204folderPontiac Historic District Study Committee 1983Pontiac Historic District Study Committee 1983Cabinet DDrawer 2
03205folderPontiac HistoryPontiac History: 1818-1867 by Lillian Drake Avery 1929; Extracts from 'Some of Those Days' an autobiography by John Wilson Taylor (Pontiac 1893 - 1904)Cabinet DDrawer 2
03206folderPontiac Hlstory of ChurchesPontiac Hlstory of Churches: Historical Sketch of the First Presbyterian Church of Pontiac by Elizabeth S. Adams; A Short History of Pontiac Methodism by Robert Bryce 1941; Reminiscences by Kate G. SolisCabinet DDrawer 2
03207folderPontiac Hlstory of Companies - Newspapers - Organizations 1818-1950Pontiac Hlstory of Companies - Newspapers - Organizations 1818-1950: Prepared in co-operation of Dr. Ole Sand - Wayne UniversityCabinet DDrawer 2
03208folderPontiac History of Early BreweriesPontiac History of Early BreweriesCabinet DDrawer 2
03209folderPontiac Municipal AirportPontiac Municipal Airport: Rating Certificate - Airport fot Landplanes 1930; Official Program - First Michigan Air Tour and Dedication Air Meet of the Pontiac Municipal Airport 1929Cabinet DDrawer 2
03210folderPontiac Oakland Symphony Orchestra, Inc. - Women's AssociationPontiac Oakland Symphony Orchestra, Inc. - Women's Association: Directory 1977-78, 1980-81, 1981-82, 1982-83Cabinet DDrawer 2
03211folderPontiac Oakland TheaterPontiac Oakland Theater: Flyer 1919; Program 1917Cabinet DDrawer 2
03212folderPontiac Oakland Town Hall Year BooksPontiac Oakland Town Hall Year Books 1969-1978Cabinet DDrawer 2
03213folderPontiac Pencil Drawing of 102 N. Saginaw & Wisner Home 1933Pontiac Pencil Drawing of 102 N. Saginaw & Wisner Home 1933Cabinet DDrawer 2
03214folderPontiac Public SchoolsPontiac Public Schools: Courses of Study and Rules and Regulations 1881Cabinet DDrawer 2
03215folderPontiac State HospitalPontiac State Hospital: Occupational TherapyCabinet DDrawer 2
03216folderPontiac Township Certification 1842Pontiac Township Certification 1842Cabinet DDrawer 2
03217folderPontiac Township County Tax Records 1879-1922Pontiac Township County Tax Records 1879-1922: Frank Osburn, Mrs. Allen Church, Fred WhitneyCabinet DDrawer 2
03218folderPoole Family School in Oakland CountyPoole Family School in Oakland County:Cabinet DDrawer 2
03219folderPorter, D.L. Pontiac - PhysicianPorter, D.L. Pontiac - Physician: - Article in The Journal of the Michigan State Medical Society 1927: 'Medical Practice in Michigan One Hundred Years Ago'Cabinet DDrawer 2
03220folderPound, Arthur of PontiacPound, Arthur of Pontiac: 'I Was Born In Paradise' Address to the Oakland County Historical Foundation 1956; Autobiography 'Time Is a Dream' 1934 - 1960 - 19 InstallmentsCabinet DDrawer 2
03221folderPower, Arthur of FarmingtonPower, Arthur of Farmington: Article from Michigan Alumnus 1978; Last Will and Testament 1834; Probate record 1836Cabinet DDrawer 2
03222folderPreece FamilyPreece Family: Letter from the Bradstreet Company 1911Cabinet DDrawer 2
03223folderPriestly FamilyPriestly Family: Brief family treeCabinet DDrawer 2
03224folderPrindle, Horace H.Prindle, Horace H.: Civil War Records - 22nd Regiment Infantry Co. DCabinet DDrawer 2
03225folderClark, Thomas ShuttleworthClark, Thomas Shuttleworth: Register of Baptism 1829 (copy made in 1861)Cabinet DDrawer 2
03226folderRaymond, Marion BeardsleeRaymond, Marion Beardslee: Copies of picturesCabinet DDrawer 2
03227folderRed Cross - Gray Ladies Volunteer GroupRed Cross - Gray Ladies Volunteer GroupCabinet DDrawer 2
03228folderRed Run Golf CtubRed Run Golf Ctub: 'The Red Run Golfer' April 1948Cabinet DDrawer 2
03229folderRenfrew, James 'Dan Judd's Way West: It's Why and How'Renfrew, James 'Dan Judd's Way West: It's Why and How': Ninetieth Annual Dinner Address - OCPHS 1964Cabinet DDrawer 2
03230folderRice Famiily of PontiacRice Famiily of Pontiac: Marriage Certificate - Charles Rice & Roxanne Sherwood; Civil War Letters
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Cabinet DDrawer 2
03231folderRitter, K.D. of PontiacRitter, K.D. of Pontiac: Correspondence from the Russian Zone, Germany 1949Cabinet DDrawer 2
03232folderRobinson, H.B.Robinson, H.B.: Correspondence with the Michigan Military Academy in Orchard Lake 1878 - 1880Cabinet DDrawer 2
03233folderRochester, City Trolley and Bus LinesRochester, City Trolley and Bus Lines: Shopper's Pass 1935Cabinet DDrawer 2
03234folderRochester PublicationsRochester Publications: 'Beautiful Rochester' by W. A. Fox 1897; 'Rochester - A Sketch of One of the Best Towns on the Map' by W. A. Fox 1907; 'Then and Now' 1987Cabinet DDrawer 2
03235folderRockwell Family I CorrespondenceRockwell Family I Correspondence: Kleber P. Rockwell - Probate Court; Letters to Pontiac Press Gazette; Photos of Kleber P. Rockwell; Graduates of Fenton, MI Normal CollegeCabinet DDrawer 2
03236folderRockwell Family II ClippingsRockwell Family II ClippingsCabinet DDrawer 2
03237folderRockwell Family III Kleber P. SpeechesRockwell Family III Kleber P. Speeches: Lincoln Republicans Club; Addresses upon death of Kleber P. Rockwell; Michigan Constitutional Convention 1908Cabinet DDrawer 2
03238folderRockwell Family IV Kleber P. Decisions and AgreementsRockwell Family IV Kleber P. Decisions and AgreementsCabinet DDrawer 2
03239folderRockwell Family V Bulletin and CertificateRockwell Family V Bulletin and CertificateCabinet DDrawer 2
03240folderRockwell Family VIRockwell Family VICabinet DDrawer 2
03241folderRodgers Family of Commerce Twp.Rodgers Family of Commerce Twp.: Contract with Patrick & John Rodgers, Ireland 1801; Quit Clain Deed, Michigan 1853; Quit Claim Deed to James Rodgers, Commerce, MI 1837; Prescription List for shipboard use by James Rodgers Surgeon 1828, 29, 30, 34; Copy of the report from the National Vaccine Institution to the House of Commons 1833; List of articles purchased by James Rodgers for trip to Americ 1837; Memorandum Book of James Rodgers, Surgeon of His Majesty's Ship Isis, Cape of Good Hope 1834; Various Commisions of Asst. Surgeon James Rodgers; Letter of recommendation for John Rodgers 1884; Diary for 1874Cabinet DDrawer 2
03242folderRonatt FamilyRonatt Family: Letter from Gavin Ronatt regarding death of his father Rev. Thomas Ronatt 1832Cabinet DDrawer 2
03243folderRood Family of BloomfieldRood Family of Bloomfield: Family tree (partial) from 1902Cabinet DDrawer 2
03244folderRose TowpshipRose Towpship: Photostat of Land Patent issued to Daniel Webster 1837Cabinet DDrawer 2
03245folderRound Table Club - Year Books IRound Table Club - Year Books I: 1929-30, 1930-31, 1936-37, 1938-39, 1940-41, 1942-43, 1943-44, 1944-45, 1945-46, 1946-47, 1948-49, 1950-51, 1952-53, 1953-54, 1954-55, 1955-56, 1956-57, 1957-58, 1958-59Cabinet DDrawer 2
03246folderRound Table Club - Year Books IIRound Table Club - Year Books II: 1959-60, 1960-61, 1961-62, 1926-63, 1963-64, 1965-66, 1966-67, 1967-68, 1968-69, 1969-70Cabinet DDrawer 2
03247folderRoyal OakRoyal Oak: 'Reminiscences of Royal Oak' by Richard H. Rose; 'Reminiscences of Royal Oak, Michigan' read by R.A. Parker at the session of the Oakland County Pioneer Society 1921Cabinet DDrawer 2
03248folderRoyal Oak Centennial 1822-1922Royal Oak Centennial 1822-1922: Historical Pageant Produce un the auspices of the Royal Oak Woman's Club 1922Cabinet DDrawer 2
03249folderRoyal Oak Charter 1927Royal Oak Charter 1927Cabinet DDrawer 2
03250folderRoyal Oak Shrine of the Little FlowerRoyal Oak Shrine of the Little Flower: Golden Jubilee Coin, Invitation, and Address for Rev. Charles E. Coughlin 1916 - 1966;Cabinet DDrawer 2
03251folderRoyce, S.W.Royce, S.W.: Account book from 1863Cabinet DDrawer 2
03252folderSashabaw Burial AssociationSashabaw Burial Association: Proceedings and Records from 1849 - 1886Cabinet DDrawer 3
03253folderSashabaw United Presbyterian Church - ClarkstonSashabaw United Presbyterian Church - Clarkston: History presented by Ethel Cleveland to the Clarkston Pioneer Meeting 1971; Draft of text for marker to be erected 2-8-1965; Various other documents related to history of churchCabinet DDrawer 3
03254folderSaunders Family of PontiacSaunders Family of Pontiac: Name tag for Mrs. W.S. Saunders, Director, American Forging & Socket Co.; Bank Records of Fannie Saunders 1920 - 23; Telegram 1930;Cabinet DDrawer 3
03255folderSchools, Avon TownshipSchools, Avon Township: Annual Report 1838, 1841-1866, 1885-1886, 1890; Circular of the Rochester Union School 1885 - 86; Circular of the Rochester Public Schools 1890Cabinet DDrawer 3
03256folderSchools, Bloomfleld TownshipSchools, Bloomfleld Township: Minutes from School Meetings 1837-1876Cabinet DDrawer 3
03257folderSchools, Brandon TownshipSchools, Brandon Township: Certification of teacher - Mary Jane Latting 1857Cabinet DDrawer 3
03258folderSchools, Drayton PlainsSchools, Drayton Plains: Census 1913; Teacher's Guide to Drayton Plains School located at Pine Grove, Home of Governor Moses WisnerCabinet DDrawer 3
03259folderSchools, FarmingtonSchools, Farmington: 'A Brief History of Fractional District No. 2, Farmington' 1924Cabinet DDrawer 3
03260folderSchools, Groveland-Springfield Township (Fractional Discrict 10)Schools, Groveland-Springfield Township (Fractional Discrict 10): 'Austin Corners School' by H. Lee Wright; 'Adolph and the Tickle 'em Bender' by H. Lee Wright; 'The Liberty Pole' by H. Lee Wright; 'A Short Sketch in Regard to the History of the Early Education of Groveland Township' by Jennie Perry Payne; 'History of Stone Schoolhouse' by Helen Brannack CoventryCabinet DDrawer 3
03261folderSchools, Hazel ParkSchools, Hazel Park: 'History of Hazel Park School District' by Ruth M. Blackman & Hazel K. Moore 1929Cabinet DDrawer 3
03262folderSchools, Hickory GroveSchools, Hickory Grove: Christmas Program 1924Cabinet DDrawer 3
03263folderSchools, Holly Township Traphagen School District #9Schools, Holly Township Traphagen School District #9Cabinet DDrawer 3
03264folderSchools, Independence Township District #5Schools, Independence Township District #5: Hunter School 1840-1846Cabinet DDrawer 3
03265folderSchools, Kline School District #4 Teachers 1839-1929Schools, Kline School District #4 Teachers 1839-1929Cabinet DDrawer 3
03266folderSchools, MilfordSchools, Milford: 'Education Under Difficulties' read by Mabel Holden at the Milford Pioneer Meeting 1929Cabinet DDrawer 3
03267folderSchools, Oakland CountySchools, Oakland County: Handwritten memoir by Pansy Perrigo Polkow; Notification of Spring Examinations of Teachers 1869Cabinet DDrawer 3
03268folderSchools, Orion TownshipSchools, Orion Township: 'A Brief History of the Shanghai-Webber School' by Edith H. Gingell 1930; 'Block School No 14 Trac' by Mrs. Frank Lessiter 1930; 'History of School District No 12 Orion Township' by Thomas Sutton 1930; 'Carpenter District' by Mrs. John LouersouCabinet DDrawer 3
03269folderSchools, Oxford--Brandon Metamora District #3Schools, Oxford--Brandon Metamora District #3: Reimbursements to teachers 1923-1925; Annual Statistical Report for 1925Cabinet DDrawer 3
03270folderSchools, PontiacSchools, Pontiac: 'Schoolhouse' by Jane Harnon 1923; Letter to Sixth Grade, Baldwin School by Lillian AveryCabinet DDrawer 3
03271folderSchools, Royal OakSchools, Royal Oak: 'History of School District No. 1 Royal Oak' By Mrs. Ralzamond A. Parker 1918; 'History of School District No. 1' Presented by Ella S. Benjamin to Oakland County Pioneer Society 1930; 'Royal Oak Township, District No. 2'; 'Royal Oak Township, District No. 4' by Martin H. Blunt; 'School Dist. #6 Royal Oak Township' by Clara E. Kidder 1930Cabinet DDrawer 3
03272folderSchools, Southfiefd TownshipSchools, Southfiefd Township: Students in District #5 1851-1852Cabinet DDrawer 3
03273folderSchools, Springfield TownshipSchools, Springfield Township (District No. 9): 'The Hope of Our Country' published by the students of Covell School 1-23-1863 and 1-21-1864Cabinet DDrawer 3
03274folderSchools, Troy TownshipSchools, Troy Township (District No. 7): History of Log Cabin School 1833 - 1933Cabinet DDrawer 3
03275folderSchools, Walled Lake DistrictSchools, Walled Lake District: History of the Dublin School by James H. Lynch 1935Cabinet DDrawer 3
03276folderSchools, Waterford TownshipSchools, Waterford Township: Deed for sale of property to school district 1862; 'School Record District Number Seven' 1938; 'A History of the Little Red School House (Clintonville)' 1974; Extracts from speech made by Mrs. Donald E. Adams at the dedication of Jayno Adams School 1952; List of Pupils for school year 1895-96; Report for school year ending July 14, 1913; Children in Waterford & White Lake schools 1871Cabinet DDrawer 3
03277folderSchools, West Bloomfield TownshipSchools, West Bloomfield Township: History of School District No. 10 & 6 known as 'Hartwell Green School' written by Sarah Andrews 1931Cabinet DDrawer 3
03278folderSchools, White Lake TownshipSchools, White Lake Township: paperwork from district 1907 - 1909; Newspaper article about Elizabeth Siddall 1972; Gibson School teachers' contracts 1884 - 1896Cabinet DDrawer 3
03279folderSeaver, BarbaraSeaver, Barbara: Article from Birmingham-Bloomfield Eccentric 1993Cabinet DDrawer 3
03280folderSeldon, Florence Seeley of PontiacSeldon, Florence Seeley of Pontiac: Autobiography 'A Girl Named Florence'Cabinet DDrawer 3
03281folderSeminol Hills Subdivision, PontiacSeminol Hills Subdivision, Pontiac: Early ads 1919 - 1926; Personal Sketch of Floyd Kent in History of Oakland County; 'Intensive Level Historical and Architectural Survey of Norton Avenue and Seminole Hills Subdivision, Pontiac, Michigan' 1987Cabinet DDrawer 3
03282folderSerrell, Alice D. of Avon TownshipSerrell, Alice D. of Avon Township: Photos of classes at Graham School; Photo of Alice 1929; College graduation photo; An Interview with Alice Dorothy Serrell 1971Cabinet DDrawer 3
03283folderSerrell Family of Auburn and PontiacSerrell Family of Auburn and Pontiac: List of pupils at Graham School 1911; Photo of 154 N. Perry St. - Home of Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Serrell; Child's reading book 1847; Valentine letter 1853;Cabinet DDrawer 3
03284folderShelly Family of Avon Township IShelly Family of Avon Township I Preston-Goff Family: Wedding Certificate for Warner E. Heald & Phebe J. Preston 1866; Family Register; Photo of Lydia H. Abel (Sister of Hul Preston); 'The Story of a Wedding Dress' letter written to Phebe Preston Heald 1895; Invitation to dedication of Adah Shelly Branch Library (City of Pontiac) 1955; Confederate $10 billsCabinet DDrawer 3
03285folderShelly Family of Avon Township IIShelly Family of Avon Township II Beta Sigma Phi: Autograph book given to Hester E. Heald 1885; Chapter Manual of Beta Sigma Phi 1935(?); Xi Pi Chapter Directory 1950, 1961, 1962; Founders Day 1939, 1963, 1964; Pontiac Press clippingsCabinet DDrawer 3
03286folderShelly Family of Avon Township IIIShelly Family of Avon Township III Adah Shelly Branch Pontiac Library: Letter to Adah Shelly regarding application as Librarian in Pontiac 1923; Report of 1952 business at the City Library; Brief bio of Adah Shelly upon establishment of branch library 1955; Dedication ceremony of branch library 1955; Nominations for 'Working Woman of the Year'Cabinet DDrawer 3
03287folderSherman, Charles E. of Avon TownshipSherman, Charles E. of Avon Township: Civil War Veteran 10th Regiment of Michigan Cavalry Co. CCabinet DDrawer 3
03288folderShutes Family of Troy TownshipShutes Family of Troy Township: Copies of letters 1864, 1869, 1876; Original Land Deed between Austin Wakeman and Major Curtis for property in Troy Township 1831Cabinet DDrawer 3
03289folderSignaturesSignatures on receipts 1876 - 1884Cabinet DDrawer 3
03290folderSimonson, James of Springfield TownshipSimonson, James of Springfield Township: Warrenty Deed to Albert L. Gregory from 1884Cabinet DDrawer 3
03291folderSmith, Ella LouiseSmith, Ella Louise: Brief biographyCabinet DDrawer 3
03292folderSmith Family of SouthfieldSmith Family of Southfield - In Memory of Anna Smith Harmon read at funeral service 1935; Marriage Certificate for James Harmon and Anna J. Smith 1882; Memorial Cards for William Smith 1890 and Mrs. William Smith 1906Cabinet DDrawer 3
03293folderSmith, O.N. of CommerceSmith (O.N.) of Commerce: Letter with brief family historyCabinet DDrawer 3
03294folderSnook, Jobn S. WriterSnook, Jobn S. Writer: 'Governor Wisner and the Twenty-Second Michigan Volunteer Infantry'; 'Life's Poetic Flight'; Biographical Notes; 'Hills and Rills of Oakland County'; 'Lookout Mountain'; 'Our Own Sweet Thoughts'Cabinet DDrawer 3
03295folderSouthfield Township, History ofSouthfield Township, History of: Handwritten memoir by Jane Harmon 1923; Speech given to Oakland County Pioneers by Mrs. Charles Simmons 1923; 'Southfield - Past and Present' read by Mary Thompson to OCPHS 1923Cabinet DDrawer 3
03296folderS.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. Pontiac ChapterS.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. Pontiac Chapter: Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America 1993 Annual Harmony Show - Waterford, MICabinet DDrawer 3
03297folderSpringer, John of Davisburg in Springfield TownshipSpringer, John of Davisburg in Springfield Township: Copy of Probate File 1866Cabinet DDrawer 3
03298folderSpringfield Township - Davisburg Funeral Records 1890-1908Springfield Township - Davisburg Funeral Records 1890-1908Cabinet DDrawer 3
03299folderStark, GeorgeStark, George: PostcardCabinet DDrawer 3
03300folderStetler, Gloria E.Stetler, Gloria E.: Senior Prom Dance Card 1939; Employment Card 1938; City-Wide Ice Carnival Program, Pontiac 1939Cabinet DDrawer 3
03301folderStewart, Frances (Ryan) Collection - Pine Knob MansionStewart, Frances (Ryan) Collection - Pine Knob Mansion: Division of Henry Ford Hospital - Photo & Booklet; Brief History of Mansion; Duties of Charge Nurse; Biography of Colonel Sidney D. Waldon; Menus from Brooks Coffee Bar, Royal OakCabinet DDrawer 3
03302folderStolgenberg, Peter of MilfordStolgenberg, Peter of Milford: Arrest warrant 1884Cabinet DDrawer 3
03303folderStone Family of PontiacStone Family of Pontiac: Account book 1885 - 1890; Death Notices for Horatio R. Stone, Susan O. Stone, & James A. Stone; Marriage Certificate for James A. Stone & Susan Kimble 1846;Cabinet DDrawer 3
03304folderStone Family of TroyStone Family of Troy: 'Copy of a Brief Record of the Descendents of Thomas Stone and Rachel Marsh Stone' 1873; Excerpts from 'The Thomas Stone Newsletter'; 'A History of the Stone Family of Quantrell's Raid' by Robert Barnes Jr. 1979Cabinet DDrawer 3
03305folderStout Family of PontiacStout Family of Pontiac: Pontiac Union School Exhibition 1854; Pass Tickets from University of Michigan 1848-49; Essay on Orchard Lake by B.G. Stout 1844Cabinet DDrawer 3
03306folderStuart, Edith of Pontiac 1882-1904Stuart, Edith of Pontiac 1882-1904: Copy of Birth Certificate 1882; Composition Book of Fifth Grade Grammer 1895-96; Fourth Grade Report Card Pontiac Central School 1895; School Records 1903-04; High School Papers; Pontiac Public Schools Certificates of of Promotion 1893-98Cabinet DDrawer 3
03307folderStuart, Edith of Pontiac 1928-1945Stuart, Edith of Pontiac 1928-1945: Car Payment Books 1938, 1945, 1946; Senior Banquet 1928; Money Orders 1940; Home Loan 1945; Insurance Papers 1934Cabinet DDrawer 3
03308folderStuart, Edith of Pontiac IStuart, Edith of Pontiac I: Happy New Year from First Bapist Church of Pontiac 1906; George E. Gullen for Congress; Postcards - Woodward Avenue 1911, Palmer Park 1915; WWII Ration StampsCabinet DDrawer 3
03309folderStuart, Edith of Pontiac IIStuart, Edith of Pontiac II: Lenore Stuart Recipe Book; Composition & Recipe BookCabinet DDrawer 3
03310folderStuart, Edith of Pontiac IIIStuart, Edith of Pontiac III: RecipesCabinet DDrawer 3
03311folderStuart, Edith of Pontiac Hollway Brothers Meat MarketStuart, Edith of Pontiac Hollway Brothers Meat Market: Income Tax Returns 1922 - 1935; Opening of new location 1922; Several photos of marketCabinet DDrawer 3
03312folderStuart, Edith of Pontiac Lanes Auto SalesStuart, Edith of Pontiac Lanes Auto Sales: Income Tax Returns 1944, 1945; Social Security Card 1937; Photos of Auto StoreCabinet DDrawer 3
03313folderTaft, Levi BenjaminTaft, Levi Benjamin: Diploma from Dartmouth College; Apppointment 6th Judicial District 1873Cabinet DDrawer 3
03314folderTerritorial Road Survey From Pontiac to Howell 1843Territorial Road Survey From Pontiac to Howell 1843: Plot and minutes (original and copies); Photos of Rowe House and Historic MarkerCabinet DDrawer 3
03315folderThorpe FamilyThorpe Family: Marriage Certificate of Joseph Thorpe and Matilda Shaffer 1873Cabinet DDrawer 3
03316folderTodd FamilyTodd Family: 'The Last of the Pioneers' Obituary of Deacon Orisson Allen of Pontiac; 'Concerning the Pioneer Papers' story of Jacob N. Voorheis and familyCabinet DDrawer 3
03317folderTodd, William F. of PontiacTodd, William F. of Pontiac: U.S. Patent for Lock Nuts for Eyeglasses 1904; U.S. Patent for Improvement in Eyeglasses 1899Cabinet DDrawer 3
03318folderTrade CardsTrade Cards: Small tray for Rockford High-Grade Watches; Macauley Bros. Fine Stationary; Burdick Blood Bitters; C.R. Mabley; John Pound Dry Goods; Pontiac Spring Works; Hunter's Invisible Medicated Face Powder; Mustang Liniment; M.F. Hanchett Fancy Goods & Notions; Merritt & Harris; Willimantic Six Cord Thread; W.R. Owens; Singer; Merritt & Harris Boots & Shoes; Mrs. Bradt's MillineryCabinet DDrawer 3
03319folderTransportationTransportation: 'All Aboard in 1839' article from Detroit News 1939Cabinet DDrawer 3
03320folderTregent Family ITregent Family I: Handwritten chart of Bristish Monarchs from William I to George ICabinet DDrawer 3
03321folderTregent Family IITregent Family II: Various pictures of sights in Britain. Map of Pontiac from late 1800's; Brief history of PontiacCabinet DDrawer 3
03322folderTregent Family IIITregent Family III: Copies of WWII war rations; Passes to chambers of U.S. Senate & House of Representatives 1922; WWII War Ration BooksCabinet DDrawer 3
03323folderTurk BrothersTurk Brothers: Groceries & CrockeryCabinet DDrawer 3
03324folderUniversity of Michigan Pontiac BranchUniversity of Michigan Pontiac Branch: 'A Memorial Discourse on the Life and Services of Rev. George Palmer Williams' 1882Cabinet DDrawer 3
03325folderUSO United Service Organization PontiacUSO United Service Organization Pontiac; Treasurer's Report 1962, 1962, 1963; Awards Program 1959; Instructions for the Junior Hostess; Various Letters; Photo from Detroit 1957Cabinet DDrawer 3
03326folderUpdegraff FamilyUpdegraff Family: Wedding Reception Invitation for marriage of Rosa A. Conrad and George L. Updegraff 1901; Handwritten family historyCabinet DDrawer 3
03327folderUrch, WiIliam 10th Michigan CavalryUrch, WiIliam 10th Michigan Cavalry: Various documents and letters related to his service in Civil WarCabinet DDrawer 3
03328folderUtter FamilyUtter FamilyCabinet DDrawer 3
03329folderVan Every, Amy DearVan Every, Amy Dear: Brief bio; Dedication of Commerative Marker at Franklin Cemetery 2001Cabinet DDrawer 3
03330folderVan Gordon, Maurice J.Van Gordon, Maurice J. Deeds in White Lake: Estate of William Youngs to Ephraim Howland 1879; James P. Ackert to Michael J. Craig 1886; Jessie & Frances Newton to John Shotwell 1852; Sybrant & Marcah Ackent to James P. Ackent 1853; Osley & Olive Hitchcock to John R. Howland 1857; John & Sarah Shotwell to Ann Hosmer 1861; Herman & Mary Wyckoff to John A. Davis 1866; John A. & Alice Davis to Harriet F. Howland 1876; Estate of Alanson J. Webster to Ephraim Webster, 1874; Daniel Hibnes to Michael J. Craig 1877; Orley Hitchcock to Elizabeth Valentine 1854; John Shotwell to Marian Newton 1860; Ann Hosmer to Catherine Stockwell 1862; William Youngs to George Bunons 1871; William & Martha Youngs to A.J. Webster 1874; James J. & Nancy G.Ackert to Daniel HIbner 1877Cabinet DDrawer 3
03331folderVan Hoosen, Dr. BerthaVan Hoosen, Dr. Bertha: Newspaper clippings related to establishment of Crittendon HospitalCabinet DDrawer 3
03332folderVan Wagoner, J.L.Van Wagoner, J.L.: Letters to and from Congressman William S. Broomfield 1959Cabinet DDrawer 3
03333folderVincent FamilyVincent Family: Brief family historyCabinet DDrawer 3
03334folderVliet, ClarenceVliet, Clarence: Third Grade Teaching Certificate 1894; Second Grade Teaching Certificate 1895; First Grade Teaching Certificate 1894; Essay on Supervisors & Supervision; Essay on Character Education; Essay on Objectives in General Science; Essay on the Sphere of Woman; Course of Study of the Clarkston Union School 1898 - 1899Cabinet DDrawer 3
03335folderWager, Mrs. E. Grace ClarkWager, Mrs. E. Grace Clark: Brief biographyCabinet DDrawer 3
03336folderWaldon, Col. Sidney D. Pine Knob Estate IWaldon, Col. Sidney D. Pine Knob Estate I: Copies of photos of Pine Knob Estate; Copy of brochure for sale of estate ~1946Cabinet DDrawer 3
03337folderWaldon, Col. Sidney D. Pine Knob Estate IIWaldon, Col. Sidney D. Pine Knob Estate II: 'Pine Knob - the Halcyon Days' by Marianne Elizabeth Hildebrand Morrison 1998Cabinet DDrawer 3
03338folderWallace, David C. World War I - 1Wallace, David C. I: 'American Thanksgiving Military Mass at Bourges Cathedral' 1918; 'Britain's Achievement: A Record of Three Years' Effors' - WWI; WWI Newspaper clippingsCabinet DDrawer 3
03339folderWallace, David C. World War I - 2Wallace, David C. II: 'The President's Flag Day Address' 1917; 'Marshalling the Forces of Patriotism' 1918; Boy Scout flier 1817; 'The Second Liberty Loan' 1917; 'United States Government Bonds of the Third Liberty Loan' 1918; 'The World Court' - 3 parts circa 1925; 'Woodrow Wilson Fifty Years Ago' by Draper Allen, 1963; Third Liberty Loan Application Blank 1918Cabinet DDrawer 3
03340folderWallace, David C. World War I - 3Wallace, David C. III: Rand McNally War Map of the Entire Western Battle Front 1914; Rand McNally War Map of the Italian Front 1914; Rand McNally Map of the French Front 1914; The Literay Digest War Maps 1914; Military Map of Europe 1914; Map of the Western Theatre of War 1914; The Bar-Red-Arrow 1918; Rhine Panorama for the Men of the American Army of Occupation 1919; Aero View of Europe 1914Cabinet DDrawer 3
03341folderWallace FamilyWallace Family: 'Mary Austin Wallace: Her Diary, 1862'Cabinet DDrawer 3
03342folderWalled Lake IWalled Lake I: 'The History of Story of Walled Lake' by Ruth B. Foster 1959Cabinet DDrawer 3
03343folderWalled Lake IIWalled Lake II: Paper on the Centennial of Walled Lake Village for Homecoming 1925 by Sadie E. Bicking; 'Walled Lake Fifty Years Ago' by Mary S. Green 1915; Other memoriesCabinet DDrawer 3
03344folderWalls, Merril F. IWalls, Merril F. I: Photo of Fred Walls, Harriett Lyons Walls, Merrill F. Walls 1911; Photo of Fred & Merrill Walls 1910; Photo of Merrill Walls 1909; Newspaper Clippings for Pontiac Master Players; Cartoon Biography; Retirement Party Program 1972; Playbills featuing Merril WallsCabinet DDrawer 3
03345folderWalls, Merril F. IIWalls, Merril F. IICabinet DDrawer 3
03346folderWalter FamilyWalter Family: Breakfast Memories by Mrs. Forrest Jones; Photos of Houses; Biography of Mark Walter 1895Cabinet DDrawer 3
03347folderWarnock, A.C.Warnock, A.C.: Receipts etc.Cabinet DDrawer 3
03348folderWard, DavidWard, David: Article from Detroit News 1935 including info about lumber baron David WardCabinet DDrawer 3
03349folderWard FamilyWard Family: Photographs of house owned by Henry Clay Ward at 295 W. Huron, PontiacCabinet DDrawer 3
03350folderWaterford Township Drayton PlainsWaterford Township Drayton Plains: Information on Dunlap House provided by Dolly AyresCabinet DDrawer 3
03351folderWaterford Township ElectorsWaterford Township ElectorsCabinet DDrawer 3
03352folderWatt, Robert F. I Plats, Maps New Subdivisions in Oakland County 1965Watt, Robert F. I Plats, Maps New Subdivisions in Oakland County 1965: Franklin Village Farms; Colony Park in Lathrup Village; Chelmsleigh Sub; Cruice Point in Orchard LakeCabinet DDrawer 3
03353folderWatt, Robert F. II Plats, Maps New Subdivisions in Oakland County 1966Watt, Robert F. II Plats, Maps New Subdivisions in Oakland County 1966: J.B.'s Bloomfield Village; Cornington Junior High School Site; Adams Castle in Bloomfield Township; BriarbankCabinet DDrawer 3
03354folderWatt, Robert F. III Plats, Maps New Subdivisions in Oakland County 1967Watt, Robert F. III Plats, Maps New Subdivisions in Oakland County 1967: Pine Lake Estates; Maple Industrial Subdivision; Nottingham Forest No.2Cabinet DDrawer 3
03355folderWatt, Robert F. IV Plats, Maps New Subdivisions in Oakland County 1968Watt, Robert F. IV Plats, Maps New Subdivisions in Oakland County 1968: Hickory Heights Woods; Hillwood Estates; Lone Pine Road Estates; Mortensen Property Lake Angelus; Lone Pine View No. 2; Franklin Village Farms; Lakewood Heights, Bloomfield HillsCabinet DDrawer 3
03356folderWatt, Robert F. V Plats, Maps New Subdivisions in Oakland CountyWatt, Robert F. V Plats, Maps New Subdivisions in Oakland County: West Shores, Orchard Lake; Wood Lake Hills, Bloomfield Twp.; Valley Woods, Beverly Hills; Windover Hill, Beverly Hills; Woodcrest Farms, Bloomfield Twp.; Wood Creek Farms No. 1, Farmington; Willoway Estates, Bloomfield Twp.Cabinet DDrawer 3
03357folderWatt, Robert F. VI Plats, Maps New Subdivisions in Oakland CountyWatt, Robert F. VI Plats, Maps New Subdivisions in Oakland County: Still Meadow, Bloomfield Twp.Cabinet DDrawer 3
03358folderWatt, Robert F. VII Correspondence 1961-1969Watt, Robert F. VII Correspondence 1961-1969Cabinet DDrawer 3
03359folderWatt, Robert F. VIII DeedsWatt, Robert F. VIII DeedsCabinet DDrawer 3
03360folderWatt, Robert F. IX PublicationsWatt, Robert F. IX Publications: Directory of Chelmsleigh Subdivision 1963; Real Estate Salesman Qualifications, Compensation, Advancement 1962Cabinet DDrawer 3
03361folderWest Bloomfield CemeteriesWest Bloomfield Cemeteries: Minutes from meeting in 1834 to establish a 'Baring ground'Cabinet DDrawer 3
03362folderWestern Pioneer Society of Oakland CountyWestern Pioneer Society of Oakland County: Letter and minutes from meeting in Milford 1891Cabinet DDrawer 3
03363folderWhite Lake Township - Annual Coon HuntWhite Lake Township - Annual Coon Hunt: Held at the Waldo-Page Cabin: 2nd Annual 1934 - list of participants; 3rd Annual 1935 - Invitation; 4th Annual 1936 - letters, list of participants; 5th Annual 1937 - Invitation, letters; 6th Annual 1938 - Invitation, list of participants, letters; 7th Annual 1940 - Invitation, list of participants, letters; 8th Annual 1941 - Invitation, list of participants, letters; 9th Annual 1942 - Invitation, List of participantsCabinet DDrawer 3
03364folderWhitmer, Dr. DanaWhitmer, Dr. Dana: Obituary in Oakland Press 2002Cabinet DDrawer 3
03365folderWieland FamilyWieland Family: Copies of deeds; Photo of home; Brief history of Frederick Wieland and his home at 45 Lapeer Street in Lake OrionCabinet DDrawer 3
03366folderWiggins, Mrs. Att PrallWiggins, Mrs. Att Prall: Memorial Discourse delivered March 24, 1872Cabinet DDrawer 3
03367folderWilcox FamilyWilcox Family: Copies of genology info from the family bible of Wilcox, Bennet, and Parks familiesCabinet DDrawer 3
03368folderWilders, James F. of OrtonvilleWilders, James F. of Ortonville: Letter sent to the Ortonville G.A.R. post in 1885Cabinet DDrawer 3
03369folderWillett, FlorenceWillett, Florence: Obituary from Detroit News 2002Cabinet DDrawer 3
03370folderWilliams, Norman J.Williams, Norman J.: Letter from 1982 with reminiscences from Pontiac High SchoolCabinet DDrawer 3
03371folderWilliams, WillamWilliams, Willam: Bounty Land Certificate for 160 Acres based on service in War of 1812; Copy of Land Registration issued 1832 for property in Avon TownshipCabinet DDrawer 3
03372folderWilson Family of Orion Township - Bradley Family of Royal OakWilson Family of Orion Township - Bradley Family of Royal Oak: Probate Court records for Wakeman Bradley; Probate Court records for Theodor F. Bradley 1889; Estate of Anna WilsonCabinet DDrawer 3
03373folderWilson, Lula (Mrs. Charles B.)Wilson, Lula (Mrs. Charles B.): Account of the reading of the willCabinet DDrawer 3
03374folderWingert, MichaelWingert, Michael: Paperwork related to his service in the Civil War - 1st Regiment Michigan Cavalry Co. D and Co. GCabinet DDrawer 3
03375folderWixom ChurchWixom Church: History read at the 100th anniversary 1938Cabinet DDrawer 3
03376folderWixom, Clara SteeleWixom, Clara Steele: Biography written in 1970 when she was 90Cabinet DDrawer 3
03377folderWomen's Literary Club of PontiacWomen's Literary Club of Pontiac: History written for anniversary celebration; Story of Pioneer Quilting Bee in 1840;Cabinet DDrawer 3
03378folderWomen's Literary Club of Pontiac - YearbooksWomen's Literary Club of Pontiac - Yearbooks 1907-8; 1910-11; 1911-12 1930-1Cabinet DDrawer 3
03379folderWood Family (Hannah and Alice) of CommerceWood Family (Hannah and Alice) of Commerce: Postcards with annual statements of Monitor Insurance Company of Oakland County 1880 - 1902Cabinet DDrawer 3
03380folderWood, Wilda of HollyWood, Wilda of Holly: 'Only a Few of My Happy Memories of Holly'Cabinet DDrawer 3
03381folderWoodward, Nellie (Mrs. Lemon)Woodward, Nellie (Mrs. Lemon): 'A Country Store'Cabinet DDrawer 3
03382folderWorld War I Patriotic Worker's AwardWorld War I Patriotic Worker's Award: Includes the MedalCabinet DDrawer 3
03383folderWorld War I World War II Gold Star MothersWorld War I World War II Gold Star MothersCabinet DDrawer 3
03384folderWorld War II V MailWorld War II V-Mail: From Arthur Rick to his mother 1943Cabinet DDrawer 3
03385folderWorld War II War Ration BooksWorld War II War Ration BooksCabinet DDrawer 3
03386folderYouden, James of Orion TwpYouden, James of Orion Twp: Biographica letter written by Miss Marsh Youden 1848Cabinet DDrawer 3
03387folderYWCA - Pontiac IYWCA - Pontiac I: 25th Reunion 1970; History 1970; History 1952, History 1964; Histroy 1982; Staff Report 1972Cabinet DDrawer 3
03388folderYWCA - Pontiac IIYWCA - Pontiac II: Annual Reports 1957, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1969, 1975, 1977, 1979, 1981,Cabinet DDrawer 3
03389folderZion Church in Pontiac, MichiganZion Church in Pontiac, Michigan: Sunday School Monthly April 1886Cabinet DDrawer 3
03436folderProperty Research: 256 Ottawa Drive, Pontiac MIResearch report on address 256 Ottawa Drive, Pontiac. Writer: Dave Decker. 10 pages, March 2021.
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Cabinet DDrawer 2
03437folderPontiac Schools, Former Sarah McCarroll Elementary and Washington Jr. High SchoolHistorical research report, McCarroll and Washington Jr. High properties, Mark Thomas, March, 2021Cabinet DDrawer 2
03439folderGulf Oil Co. Michigan Info-Map - ca 1936Gulf Oil Co. Michigan Info-Map - ca 1936, form 561-J - Gulf Tourgide Bureau, Gulf Building, Pittsburgh PA. Orange and blue cover, in plastic sleeve with cardboard back.Cabinet CDrawer 2
03460folderBuick Pontiac Chevrolet 1940 Delivered Price ListBuick Pontiac Chevrolet 1940 Delivered Price List, L.C. Anderson, 27 East Flint Street, Lake Orion, Mich.Cabinet CDrawer 1
03461folderPerfection in Case HardeningCatalogue: Pettino's Carbonizing Compound, titled "Perfection in Case Hardening", Pettino's Brothers, Bethlehem PA ca. 1900Cabinet DDrawer 2
03462folderWhen the College Boy Came HomeWhen the College Boy Came Home: Cadillac Advertisement Book, by Hal Reid, Dickinson Bros. Eng. and PTG, Grand Rapids, MICabinet DDrawer 3
03495folderResearch Notes - the Life of General I.B. Richardson, Folder 1Research notes on the life of Gen. I.B. Richardson as collected by individuals, containing the following: Copy of "Generals In Blue" pages referencing IBR; copies of "The Richardson Collection p. 698 - 702; two manila envelopes containing Widows Pension and application for records from the National Archives; research collected and provided to OCPHS by Ray Henry, March 2010; copy of research "Shea, John Gilmore: The American Nation Illustrated in the Lives of Her Brave and Living Heroes, Farrell & Son, 1862 (from the Burton Collection) collected by Charlie Martinez, 1994; copy of article from Vermont Historical Magazine re: Fairfax - Burton Historical Collection) collected by Charlie Martinez; copy of article provided by Jack Mason re: biography of IBR collected by Charlie Martinez March, 1995; all items appear to be referenced to Virginia Block.Cabinet DDrawer 2
03496folderResearch Notes - the Life of General I.B. Richardson, Folder 2Research notes on the life of Gen. I.B. Richardson as collected by individuals, containing the following: Article from "On Point" Winter, 2011 titled "Major General Israel B. Richardson" by Lieutenant Jack C Mason, USAR; 4 pages; copy of article "Wayne's Famous Commander" by Glenn G. Stille, curator, Fort Wayne Military Museum, from Detroit Historical Society, one page; manuscript titled "Israel B. Richardson...One of our Best Fighting Generals", 40 pages with sources, author unknown; copy of Military Room Biographies", apparently part of an exhibit, with several articles and treatises on Richardson's service and career.Cabinet DDrawer 2
03556folderPontiac State HospitalPontiac State Hospital ephemera including account books from 1925 - 1927Cabinet DDrawer 2
050317-ProbascoFileCivil War Pension File - Probasco, JosephCopy of a Civil War Pension File, Joseph Probasco, Rose Township/Holly, donated by Gwen Fuller, Arlington VA May 3, 2017. Filed in Small Manuscripts under "P"Cabinet DDrawer 2
2006048.004Survey, LandHandwritten Description, land survey, SE 1/4 section 19, Bloomfield TownshipHandwritten (pencil) description of parcel 2 from object ID 2006.048.01. Describes a parcel in SE 1/4 of section 19 in Bloomfield Township belonging to William Forman.Cabinet DDrawer 2