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Volume & No.Date of issueArticle titleAuthorpage
Vol. III, No.1Mar 1970Our Heritage: The Society's HistoryN/A2&3
Vol. III, No. 2Sep 1970Moses Wisner's Daughter JessieN/A1
Vol. III, No. 3Dec 1970Kate Sawyer Recalls Turn of the Century HolidaysN/A4
Vol. IV, No. 1Apr 1971Chief Kish Kor Co Michigan Pioneer Collections, Vol. 2 1877-1878Williams, B.O.4
Vol. IV, No. 2Sep 1971"and the 22nd Infantry" - The Story of the 22ndPiskorski, Sylvia4
Vol. VI, No. 1Apr 1973Historical Figure in County MedicineMartinez, Charles H.4
Vol. VII No. 1Mar 1974Gracious Living was the Rule in Pontiac A Survey of Representative 19th Century Homes, Pontiac, MichiganAdler, Gretchen3&4
Vol. VII, No. 2Jul 1974The Moses Wisner Family 1815-1974 Part 1Priestley, Ruth2-4
Vol. VII, No. 3Nov 1974The Moses Wisner Family 1815-1974 Part 2Priestley, Ruth3-6
Vol. VIII, No. 1Jul 1975The Moses Wisner Family 1815-1975 Part 3Priestley, Ruth3-6
Vol. VII, No. 2Nov 1975The Moses Wisner Family 1815-1975 Part 4Priestley, Ruth5-8
Vol. IX, No. 1Apr 1976School days, School daysJackson, Margaret Ann Beattie2
Vol. IX, No. 2Jul 1976The Revitalization of Central City PontiacOwens, Reginald Development Executive3
Vol. X, No. 1Feb 1977A Backward GlanceAdams, Elizabeth2
Vol. X No. 2Apr 1977Bits of History Hannah & Joshua SimmonsLektzian, Connie3
Vol. X, No. 3Jul 1977Oakland County's Pioneer Women Excerpts from Pioneer Clippings
OCPHS Vol. 1 & 2
Pictures from Photo Files
Vol. X, No. 3Jul 1977The Moses Wisner Family 1815-1975 Part 5Priestley, Ruth5-8
Vol. XIII, No. 2Jul 1980Key to Society Early History Found in Attic (Ezra Jewell)Clohset, Virginia C.4
Vol. XIV, No. 1Apr 1981The Reservations of Seginsiwin and Tonquish on the Upper Rouge in Oakland CountyMartinez, Charles H.3-5
Vol. XIV, No. 2Jul 1981Story of Pine Grove: Governor Wisner HomesteadThe Editor1&4
Vol. XIV. No. 2Nov 1981The Wooton DeskPriestley, Ruth4&6
Vol. XV, No. 1Feb 1982The Energy Efficient Old HouseLabine, Clem1,3&4
Vol.. XV, No. 2Apr 1982Dating Old Furniture...Lamereaux, Rex4
Vol.. XV, No. 3Jul 1982Aaron Riker - Third Generation DoctorLektzian, Connie1&3
Vol. XV, No. 4Nov 1982Sesquicentennial A Tale of Two TownsPriestley, Allen E.6
Vol. XVI, No. 1Feb 1983Street Cars and Interurbans in Pontiac ... as I remember them.Gibson, Fred1,3&4
Vol. XVI, No. 2Apr 1983Preservation of Old BuildingsAdler, Gretchen1,5&6
Vol. XVI, No. 2Apr 1983Justice Returns to CourthouseN/A2
Vol. XVI, No. 2 3Jul 1983The Old Inns and Hotels of Oakland CountyPriestley, Allen E.1&6-8
Vol. XVI, No. 4Nov 1983Lincoln and His Possible Visits to PontiacHuthwaite, W. Ernest C. 4
Vol. XVII No. 2Apr 1984Early American Farm Life and
Tools of the Trade
Reynnells, Robert2
Vol. XVII No. 2Apr 1984An Oakland County - Adams ChronicleAdams, Donald E.3&4
Vol.XVII, No. 4Nov 1984Life in Rural Oakland County in the 1800's and Early 1900'sDonelson, Faye M.3&4
Vol. XVIII No. 1Feb 1985Trees at Pine GroveMoore, Jack1&2
Vol. XVIII No. 3Jul 1985Lanterns of the Victorian AgeReynnells, Robert3
Vol. XVIII No. 4Nov 1985The Pickering Family Centennial FarmPickering, Helen Brodie3&4
Vol. XIX No. 1Mar 1986Starr Cowbells An Early Oakland County Industry - Orson StarrN/A1&2
Vol. XIX No. 2May 1986The Instant It Happened Major Israel Bush RichardsonDetroit Free Press, Sunday, November 9,19754
Vol. XIX No. 3Jul 1986The Southfield Reformed Presbyterian Church - The Covenanter ChurchN/A3&4
Vol. XXII No 2Summer 1989Pontiac's Dawson Family: A MemorialRoush, Marion H.1&4
Vol. XXIII No 1Winter Spring 1990The "Jumper" goes to the FireNorberg, Robert1&2
Vol. XXIII No. 2Summer 1990John Riley NewspapermanLektzian-Scafe, Connie1&2
Vol. XXIII No. 3Fall Winter 1990Before the Day of General MotorsLektzian-Scafe, Connie1&2
Vol. XXV No. 1Winter Spring 1992Tombstone Trackers
Vol. XXV No. 2Summer 1992Planks For The MemoriesMartinez, Charles H.1
Vol. XXV No. 2Summer 1992A Larger RealityGagnon, Paul3
Vol. XXV No. 2Summer 1992From the Archives at Wisner House ... Part I (Early Beginnings of our Society)Clohsett, Virginia3
Vol. XXV No. 3Fall Winter 1992From the Archives at Wisner House ... Part II (Early Beginnings of our Society)Clohsett, Virginia1
Vol. XXV No. 3Fall Winter 1992The First Printed Map of Oakland CountyBarnett, LeRoy1-4
Vol. XXVI No. 1Winter Spring 1993Local Memorial Day Parade Marches into HistoryMartinez, Charles H.1
Vol. XXVI No. 1Winter Spring 1993Year of No SummerLance, Lois4
Vol. XXVI No. 1Winter Spring 1993Lincoln Slept Here?!Martinez, Charles H.1-4
Vol. XXVI No. 2Summer 1993Logo EvolutionMartinez, Charles H.1&3
Vol. XXVI No. 3Fall Winter 1993Medical Artifact Display - Pioneer Museum Dr. Aaron RikerHarrison, Pauline1
Vol. XXVI No. 3Fall Winter 1993Great Ships of the Great Lakes Part 1Martinez, Charles H.5&6
Vol. XXVII No. 1Winter Spring 1994Great Ships of the Great Lakes Part 2Martinez, Charles H.9&10
Vol. XXVII No. 2Summer 1994Those Invisible HeroesMartinez, Charles H.4
Vol. XXVII No. 2Summer 1994Joseph Leo Marcero An Early Pontiac EntrepreneurO'Brien, Donald C.1-6
Vol. XXVII No. 3Fall Winter 1994J.R. Jones General Store @ Greenfoels Village This article was based upon papers provided by Marion Roush.Harrison, Pauline1
Vol. XXVII No. 3Fall Winter 1994Furry Beasts Put Bite On Pine Grove (groundhogs)Martinez, Charles H.5&6
Vol. 28, No. 1Spring 1995Editorial (Organization Name Changes)Editorial Staff1
Vol. 28, No. 1Spring 1995Captured in MarbleO'Brien, Donald C.3&4
Vol. 28, No. 1Spring 1995Up to SnuffMartinez, Charles H.5&6
Vol. 28, No. 2Summer 1995The Oakland County Pioneer and Historical Society Seeks a New Home ~ Jayno AdamsAdams, Elizabeth S.5&6
Vol. 28, No. 3Fall Winter 1995The Wildcat that sat down one day and ate KensingtonMartinez, Charles H.1&2
Vol. 28, No. 3Fall Winter 1995Donald Daggy - In MemoriamN/A2&4
Vol. 28, No. 3Fall Winter 1995From Fire to FoundryDennie, Michael6&7
Vol. 29, No. 1Spring 1996In Communion with NatureMartinez, Charles H.5&6
Vol. 29, No. 2Summer Fall 1996To Appreciate Art Visit Your Local CemeteryMartinez, Charles H.5
Vol. 29, No. 2Summer Fall 1996Who was Don Carlos Buckland?Adams, Elizabeth S.6
Vol. 30, No. 1Spring 1997Lillian Paull - In MemoriamN/A2
Vol. 30, No. 1Spring 1997The Callow FamilyIrwin, David3&4
Vol. 30, No. 1Spring 1997On the Cutting edgeMartinez, Charles H.5-8
Vol. 30, No. 2Autumn 1997Great Ships of the Great Lakes Part 3Martinez, Charles H.3
Vol. 30, No. 2Autumn 1997On the Cutting edgeMartinez, Charles H.5-8
Vol. 31, No. 1Spring 1998Research Library to ExpandDaggy, Kathryn1
Vol. 31, No. 1Spring 1998Jack Moore - In MemoriamN/A2
Vol. 31, No. 1Spring 1998John Farmer, The Emigrant's North StarMartinez, Charles H.5-8
Vol. 31, No. 2Fall 1998Rusty Relic Bushwacks MowerShafe, Gale3
Vol. 31, No. 2Fall 1998Sarah Emma Edmonds - Mistress of DeceptionMartinez, Charles H.S.1-S.4
Vol. 32, No. 1Fall 1999Expansion of the Carriage HouseN/A1
Vol. 32, No. 1Fall 1999Holding a True Course: Brief Biography of Hervey ParkeKoziol, Andy4-6
Vol. 33, No. 1Spring 2000Patterson, Elsie Grace - In Memoriam N/A2
Vol. 33, No. 1Spring 2000Buehre, Arthur - In MemoriamN/A2
Vol. 33, No. 1Spring 2000Carmichael, Dan - In MemoriamN/A2
Vol. 33, No. 1Spring 2000Former Glory: the Hinman EstateEdwards, Leslie S.3-5&7
Vol. 33, No. 1Spring 2000James P. Tregent(from our collections)6&7
Vol. 33, No. 2Summer 2000Pioneer Profile: Polly and Wardwell Green of FarmingtonEdwards, Leslie S.1
Vol. 33, No. 2Summer 2000The West Novi Debating Club LEdwards, Leslie S.3&4
Vol. 33, No. 2Summer 2000Oakland Motor Car Company(from our collections)6&7
Vol. 33, No. 3Fall 2000Pioneer Profile: Dr. James G. Rodgers of CommerceEdwards, Leslie S.1
Vol. 33, No. 3Fall 2000Neath the Fostering Care': the Eastern Michigan Asylum--Part 1Annett, Bruce J. , Jr.4-7
Vol. 33, No. 3Fall 2000Rizal Day and the Filipino Elm Club (Dr. Jose Rizal y Mercado -Cecil Dumbrigue)Edwards, Leslie S.8
Vol. 34, No. 1Winter 2001Neath the Fostering Care' Part 2Annett, Bruce J. , Jr.4-6&9
Vol. 34, No. 1Winter 2001Hadsell Collection (Asa and Albert)Edwards, Leslie S.7
Vol. 34, No. 2Spring 2001Pioneer Profile: Horatio and David Wright Of Groveland TownshipEdwards, Leslie S.1&6
Vol. 34, No. 2Spring 2001Reminiscences of Living at Pine GroveKath, Vernon W. 4&5
Vol. 34, No. 3Summer 2001Pioneer Profile: Lorena "Grandma" Beebe of Oakland TownshipEdwards, Leslie S.1
Vol. 34, No. 3Summer 2001Serendipity or "What Happens When You Catalog Artifacts at OCPHS"Edwards, Leslie S.2&9
Vol. 34, No. 3Summer 2001From Our Collections Continued from page 3 ~ Post Script from Columbus, OhioRush, Cynthia3&9
Vol. 34, No. 3Summer 2001The Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R), Part OneEdwards, Leslie S.4-6
Vol. 34, No. 4Fall 2001From Our Collections: "A Flag With A History"Edwards, Leslie S.1&3
Vol. 34, No. 4Fall 2001Officer of the DayBohnett, Brian J.4&5
Vol. 34, No. 4Fall 2001From Our Collections - Christmas in the Past in Pontiac7
Vol. 35, No. 1Winter 2002The Morris & Deuell Livery StableEdwards, Leslie S.1&6
Vol. 35, No. 1Winter 2002Historic Frame SurveyEhinger, Teresa 5
Vol. 35, No.3Fall 2002The Cole Wedding TrunkEdwards, Leslie S.1&6
Vol. 35, No.3Fall 2002Hoyt House Becomes Sibley-Hoyt House Part 1of 3Gay, Ron4&5
Vol. 36, No.1Winter 2003Hoyt House Becomes Sibley-Hoyt House Part 2 of 3Gay, Ron4-6
Vol. 36, No.1Winter 2003We're Coming OverMartinez, Charles H.8
Vol. 36, No.2Spring 2003OCPHS Menber shares information about J. L. Marcero and Company of PontiacO'Brien, Mary2
Vol. 36, No.3Autumn 2003OCPHS Book Receives Top State Award - "Asylum: Pontiac's Grand Monument from the Gilded Age,"Annett, Bruce J. , Jr.1
Vol. 36, No.3Autumn 2003Society Wins Two GrantsN/A1&7
Vol. 36, No.3Autumn 2003Gone But Not Forgotten: The Society Says Goodbye to a Long Time Member Faye M. Donelson (1905-2003) - In MemoriamN/A3
Vol. 36, No.3Autumn 2003U.S. 30th Infantry Division: Workhorse of the Western FrontMartinez, Charles H. (recorded by)4&5
Vol. 36, No.3Autumn 2003U.S. 30th Infantry Division: Workhorse of the Western FrontEllis, Bob (oral history)4&5
Vol. 36, No.3Autumn 2003Any Last Words? Researching Your Dead RelativesPate, Jo6&7
Vol. 37, No.2Autumn 2004Gallardo, Joseph W. In MemoriamN/A2
Vol. 37, No.2Autumn 2004The 130th Anniversary Celebration was a Grand Success (In Memoriam)N/A3-6
Vol. 38, No.1Winter 2005In Memoriam - Gosik, Pam - Kath, June - Kimball, Clarke - Gallardo, Joe - Hoard, Elizabeth "Betty" Quarton - Murphy, Dan - Riley, John - Wall, Ruth - Wolf, Dorcas D. N/A1&6
Vol. 38, No.1Winter 2005Muralist Captures 19th Century Life In Historic Groveland ResidenceMartinez, Charles H.4
Vol. 38, No.1Winter 2005Faking It: Stone Projectile Point ReplicationsDybowski, Dan5&7
Vol. 38, No.2Summer 2005Rodgers, Virginia Stecker DeBenham - In MemoriamN/A2
Vol. 38, No.2Summer 2005Landscapr Restoration Plan PresentationSlezinski, Jim3&4
Vol. 38, No.2Summer 2005The Country Kitchen 1850Mrs. Cornelius in "The Young Housekeeper's Friend" 18506
Vol. 38, No.3Sept 2005Special Edition - Habitat for HumanityN/A1
Vol. 38, No.3October 2005Te first Victorian Open House at Pine Grove was held in December 1968 …reprint from 19693
Vol. 38, No.3October 2005"Gini" Rogers Memorial ServiceMartinez, Charles H.4
Vol. 38, No.3October 2005From the PONTIAC GAZETTE, October 13, 1893:N/A7
Vol. 39, No.1Winter 2006Hackett, David - In MemoriamN/A2
Vol. 39, No.1Winter 2006And Crown Thy Good With Brotherhood From Sea To Shining Sea!Martinez, Charles H.3-6
Vol. 39, No. 2Spring 2006Haeberle, Rosamond - In MemoriamN/A2
Vol. 39, No. 2Spring 2006Metzdorf, Thomas E. - In MemoriamN/A2
Vol. 39, No. 2Spring 2006Poole, Frederick James - In MemoriamN/A2
Vol. 39, No.2Spring 2006From the Newspapers: Pontiac Gazette Oct. 23, 1891:N/A5
Vol. 39, No.4Late Autumn 2006Milton, Jean McGregor - In MemoriamN/A2
Vol. 39, No.4Late Autumn 2006National Historic SiteN/A2
Vol. 40, No.1Winter 2007Forgotten Harvest: Oakland County's Winter GoldEdwards, Leslie S.5-8
Vol. 40, No.2Spring 2007Lamoreaux, Rex - BiographyN/A2
Vol. 40, No.2Spring 2007Bruce J. Annett, Jr. - BiographyN/A3
Vol. 40, No.2Spring 2007Fran Wilson - BiographyN/A3
Vol. 40, No.3Spring 2008Adams, Judge Donald E. - In MemoriamCharles H. Martinez6
Vol. 40, No.2Spring 2007The Collectors CornerMartinez, Charles H.9&10
Vol. 40, No.3Summer 2007Willis, Mike - BiographyN/A4
Vol. 40, No.3Summer 2007Forman, Gaylor - BiographyN/A4&5
Vol. 40, No.3Summer 2007Foxman, Miriam - BiographyN/A5
Vol. 40, No.4Autumn 2007Adams, Elizabeth Sparks - In MemoriamN/A2
Vol. 40, No.4Autumn 2007Lamoreaux, Rex - In MemoriamN/A2
Vol. 40, No.4Autumn 2007Daggy, Kathryn M. - BiographyN/A4
Vol. 40, No.4Autumn 2007Randall, Rev. C. Corydon - BiographyN/A4
Vol. 40, No.5Autumn 2008Annett, Amy - BiographyN/A5
Vol. 40, No.4Autumn 2007Michael Crofoot: Pontiac's Kindly SentinelMartinez, Charles H.9&10
Vol. 41, No.1Winter 2008Haven, Gilbert George - In MemoriamN/A2
Vol. 41, No.1Winter 2008Zeller, Rodger - BiographyN/A4
Vol. 41, No.1Winter 2008Memories of Place: Donelson SchoolAnnett, Bruce J. , Jr.5-7
Vol. 41, No.2Srring 2008Oxford company helped Lindbergh fly [The Oxford (MI) Leader; Wed., January 30, 2008; page 3]Carnacchio, C. J.5
Vol. 41, No.3Sept 2008Wessels, Mary - In MemoriamN/A4
Vol. 41, No.3Sept 2008The Central School BellN/A4&5
Vol. 41, No.3Sept 2008Oakland County Items in 1819 Philadelphia NewspaperAnnett, Bruce J. , Jr.6&7
Vol. 42, No.1March 2009Harrison, Pauline Schwartz - In MemoriamN/A2
Vol. 42, No.1March 2009Edwards, Frank - In MemoriamN/A2
Vol. 42, No.1March 2009Final Exams -1895N/A3
Vol. 42, No.1March 2009The mystery of the Colonel's Tea BoxesHurley, Emilie4&5
Vol. 42, No.4Nov. 2009Early Membership recordsN/A5-8
Vol. 43, No.1March 2010Interview with Mrs. Carrie Kathtaped interview4&5
Vol. 43, No.1March 2010Early Membership recordsN/A6&7
Vol. 43, No.2June 2010Coulter, Carolyn L. - In MemoriamN/A2
Vol. 43, No.2June 2010Kimball, Marion Grace Goeliner - In MemoriamN/A2
Vol. 43, No.2June 2010The stories of the Pontiac elementary schools as written by the 3rd graders in 1960. (continued)N/A4-7
Vol. 43, No.3Sept 2010Shafe, Gale E. - In MemoriamN/A2
Vol. 43, No.3Sept 2010Wilson, Tom - In MemoriamN/A2
Vol. 44, No. 1February 2011At the Chasm's BrinkMartinez, Charles H.4-6
Vol. 44, No. 1February 2011Victorian Christmas Open House 2010: Thoughts and Memories from Anne Liimatta, Victorian Christmas Chairwoman Liimatta, Anne7-10
Vol. 44, No. 2April 2011Charles Piquette : Detroit SilversmithHenry, Ray3&4
Vol. 44, No. 2April 2011Tinderbox Flashpoint at CharlestownMartinez, Charles H.7-9
Vol. 44, No. 3July 2011Remembering the Enlisted ManHenry, Ray4&5
Vol. 44, No. 4Nov. 2011"Rally Round the Flag" Thank YouConnell, Mary2
Vol. 44, No. 4Nov. 2011Eliza V. Sawyer: Daughter, Mother, WifeHenry, Ray5-7
Vol. 45, No. 1February 2012Cooking at the Homestead HearthLiimatta, Anne2
Vol. 45, No. 1February 2012Reminising: Wisner Home and SchoolWoods-Newmarch, Ruth D.4&5
Vol. 45, No. 1February 2012Smith, Bruce - in MemoriamN/A7
Vol. 45, No. 1February 2012Stockwell, Frederick - in MemoriamN/A7
Vol. 45, No. 2Sept 2012Smith, Karhryn M. - in MemoriamMartinez, Charles H.2
Vol. 45, No. 2Sept 2012A Call to ArmsMartinez, Charles H.4&5
Vol. 46, No. 1Feb/Mar 2013Image alledged to depict Moses Wisner in Cival War UniformMartinez, Charles H.2&3
Vol. 46, No. 1Feb/Mar 2013You think you got iy bad?Martinez, Charles H.3
Vol. 46, No. 1Feb/Mar 2013"This seems like a sure thing" - Tom Tucker enters the warAnnett, Kate4
Vol. 46, No. 1Feb/Mar 2013Milestone for MartinezBrieger, Geoff10
Vol. 46, No. 1Feb/Mar 2013DeLisle, LaVon - in MemoriamN/A11
Vol. 46, No. 1Feb/Mar 2013Lang, Margaret Anna Kutscher - in MemoriamN/A11
Vol. 46, No. 1Feb/Mar 2013McMillan, Irma - in MemoriamN/A11
Vol. 46, No. 1Feb/Mar 2013Pate,Laurence "Larry" - in MemoriamN/A11
Vol. 46, No. 1Feb/Mar 2013Walker, Diane J. - in MemoriamN/A11
Vol. 46, No. 2July 2013Image alledged to depict Moses Wisner in Cival War Uniform - Part 2 (co-authored)Martinez, Charles H.4-6
Vol. 46, No. 2July 2013Image alledged to depict Moses Wisner in Cival War Uniform - Part 2 (co-authored)Walls, Dave4-7
Vol. 46, No. 2July 2013"Some Exciting Times" - Tom Tucker in the SouthAnnett, Kate7&8
Vol. 46, No. 2July 2013Adams,Sylvia - in MemoriamN/A11
Vol. 46, No. 2July 2013Priestley, Ruth - in MemoriamN/A11
Vol. 46, No. 3Nov 2013Funeral for Gov. Wisner, 150 years laterN/A2
Vol. 46, No. 3Nov 2013Remembering Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Pain and HopeMartinez, Charles H.4-7
Vol. 46, No. 3Nov 2013Remembering Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Pain and HopeWalls, Dave (Research Assstant)4-7
Vol. 46, No. 3Nov 2013Remembering Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Pain and HopeKaltwasser, Pat (Research Assstant)4-7
Vol. 46, No. 3Nov 2013The search for the Wisner Ice HouseBacak-Egbo, Carol8&9
Vol. 46, No. 3Nov 2013Wisner House tenant returns for a visit. (Jean Drury)Martinez, Charles H.9
Vol. 46, No. 3Nov 2013Anderson, Frances "Fran" - in MemoriamN/A11
Vol. 47, No. 1March 2014Earliest Wisner Image donated to OCPHSMartinez, Charles H.4&5
Vol. 47, No. 1March 2014Coulter, Ralph G. - in MemoriamN/A7
Vol. 47, No. 1March 2014Golden, Robert H. - in MemoriamN/A7
Vol. 47, No. 1March 2014Poole, Ann Glover - in MemoriamN/A7
Vol. 47, No. 2July 2014A Walk to RememberLiimatta, Anne2
Vol. 47, No. 2July 2014Nelson, Bob - in MemoriamN/A7
Vol. 47, No. 3Sept 20141901 Carriage Returns HomeWest, Mike5
Vol. 47, No. 3Sept 2014Willis, Mike - in MemoriamN/A6
Vol. 47, No. 3Sept 2014Foxman, Miriam - in MemoriamN/A6
Vol. 47, No. 3Sept 2014Harris, John P. - in MemoriamN/A6
Vol. 47, No. 4Dec 2014A Grande Night to RememberLiimatta, Anne
Vol. 47, No. 4Dec 2014Gaines, Dorris Evelyn - in MemoriamN/A3
Vol. 47, No. 4Dec 2014OCPHS' 2014 Victorian Open HouseFrye, Barbara5
Vol. 48, No. 1March 2015Tyndell, Dorothy L. - in Memoriam3
Vol. 48, No. 1March 2015Behind the scenes - VOH 2014Davis, Kathy4&5
Vol. 48, No. 2June 2015I Love a ParadeLiimatta, Anne2
Vol. 48, No. 2June 2015Kennedy, Annalee - in MemoriamN/A3
Vol. 48, No. 2June 2015LeDuff, Leonna - in MemoriamN/A3
Vol. 48, No. 3Sept 2015Our 2015 Summer Ice Cream SocialZeller, Rodger2
Vol. 48, No. 3Sept 2015"my recollections about this house." Florence Wallace, gave the ... talk at the Annual Meeting of the Oakland County Historical Foundation, held at the Wisner home on September 14,1955.Wallace, Florence4
Vol. 48, No. 4Dec 2015Troff, Fredric “Fritz” Saunders - in Memoriam N/A5
Vol. 48, No. 4Dec 2015Clark, Opal - in Memoriam N/A5
Vol. 48, No. 4Dec 2015 Mountford, Joan - in MemoriamN/A5
Vol. 48, No. 4Dec 2015 LeDuff, Evelyn - in MemoriamN/A5
Vol. 49, No. 1March 2015Property Donations restore land to Pine Grove EstateWest, Mike2
Vol. 49, No. 1March 2015The Story of Sylvan LakeScholl, John4
Vol. 49, No. 1March 20151901 Standard Vehicle Carriage Project - UpdateWest, Mike5
Vol. 49, No. 2June 2016Hardiman, Melvin - in Memoriam N/A4
Vol. 49, No. 2June 2016“Skip the sales and pancakes this Memorial Day and honor the sacred dead instead." May 26, 2016Warren, Michael - OC Circuit Court Judge5
Vol. 49, No. 3Sept 2016 Wilmot, Margaret - in MemoriamN/A3
Vol. 49, No. 3Sept 2016Clark, Bart - in MemoriamN/A3
Vol. 49, No. 3Sept 2016Old Building Structure Found at Pine GroveLucas, Ray5
Vol. 49, No. 4Dec 2016Legacy of Fritzi StoddardFrye, Barbara4
Vol. 50, No. 1March 2017Lincoln and His Possible Visits to PontiacW. Ernest C. Huthwaite5&6
Vol. 50, No. 2June 2017Charles A. Nesbitt and the Civil WarWalls, David & Brieger, Gottfried4&5
Vol. 50, No. 3September 2017Wisner Mansion Gets Facelift for Summer SocialDavis, Kathy3
Vol. 50, No. 3September 2017The Nisbett Civil War FlagWalls, David & Brieger, Gottfried4&5
Vol. 50, No. 4December 20174th Annual Dinner Auction a "Grande" SuccessPorter, Linda2
Vol. 50, No. 4December 2017The Haunted Mansion at Pine GroveFrye, Barbara3
Vol. 50, No. 4December 2017A Wisner Mansion MysteryDecker, David4
Vol. 50, No. 4December 2017Victorian Open House 2017Davis, Kathy5
Vol. 51, No. 1March 2018Technology UpdateDecker, David3
Vol. 51, No. 1March 2018Appreciation Reception 2018Clink, Bill4
Vol. 51, No. 2June 2018Pontiac Photographers 1843-1945, Part 1Walls, David - Brieger, Gottfried - Frye, Barbara4,5,6
Vol. 51, No. 3September 2018Pontiac Photographers 1843-1945, Part 2Walls, David - Brieger, Gottfried - Frye, Barbara4,5
Vol 51, No. 3September 2018The Farmington Barn: What the Heck, OCPHS?Decker, David6
Vol. 51, No. 4December 2018Lawyers, Guns and No Money: The Wisner PistolDecker, David5
Vol. 52, No. 1March 2019Carriage Team Activities Rolling AlongWest, Mike3
Vol. 52, No. 1March 2019Victorian Open House 2018Davis, Kathy4
Vol. 52, No. 1March 2019History Coalition of Oakland County FoundedDecker, David6
Vol. 52, No. 2June 2019Out of Town Visitor: Jim ParkeFrye, Barbara2&3
Vol. 52, No. 2June 2019Thomas Turk, Pioneer Pontiac MerchantBrieger, Geoff4&5
Vol. 52, No. 2June 2019Curiosities From Our Collections: The Hicks BibleFrye, Barbara5
Vol. 52, No. 3September 2019Executive Director Hired: Mike McGuinnessMcGuinness, Mike2&3
Vol. 52, No. 3September 2019Reflections on the Summer SocialFrye, Barbara3