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Accession NumberTitleCreatorDateCustodial NotesDescriptionExtentGeneral Notes
1999.030History of the Frederick Wieland House
1999.043Pontiac Area Federation of Women's ClubsPontiac Area Federation of Women's Clubs1920-1980The records had been kept by Ms. Faye Donelson in her basement, when she moved in September 1999; she gave them to Ms. Tamara Ellsworth. Ms. Ellsworth contacted the Oakland County Pioneer and Historical Society who recommended that she get approval fromThe records include correspondence, minutes of the board of directors, annual reports, financial statements, flyers, and programs. 4 boxes
1999.053Family Research on the Wilkins Family of West Bloomfield Township.An article on Fred and Bertha Wilkins, who owned a hot dog stand at the intersection of Pontiac Trail and Orchard Lake Road. Related records include seven black and white photographs of the hot dog stand and family members.
1984.060Merrill Walls ScrapbookMerrill Walls1927-1972The collection was donated by his daughter Kathryn J. (Walls) Cheal after his death.The scrapbook is a collection of newspaper clippings, programs, photographs and ephemera primarily relating to theatre in the 1930s.

There were several loose photographs, clippings and programs in the scrapbook.
1988.036Women's Auxiliary of Pontiac General Hospital
1985.020Bert Blakeslee ScrapbookunknownScrapbook album of calling cards and images from greeting cards.
1982.019Blakeslee Scrapbook No. 6From the estate of Martha L. (Durkee) Blakeslee. Donated by her daughter, Betty Quarton Hoard.Scrapbook album containing cut-outs from calling and greeting cards.
964Card Albumunknownca 1880sIt is not known who the creator of the book was. Many of the calling cards are from the Drake and Avery families, and other cards have Farmington addresses.Card Album containing greeting cards, calling cards and advertisement cards, including a series of Queen Ann Soap and Niagara Starch cards.
959Josie North Halsey ScrapbookJosephine "Josie" North1882 - ?The inscription in the front of the book reads "From Uncle Frank to Little Josie Merry Christmas 1882".The scrapbook contains cut-outs of people and animals. There are a large number of pages that contain blank envelopes. It is not known if the envelopes were empty when the scrapbook was donated in the 1940s.
807Clippings 1895ca 1895 - 1918158 pages of clippings which include obituaries and marriage announcements. News articles include local history, war and presidential news. There are also clippings of illustrations, and a large number of poems. Indexed.
1974.025Katharine Lucile Hall ScrapbookKatharine Lucile HallunknownDonated by Mr. and Mrs. Russell Grinnell.Primarily clippings of Pontiac area marriage announcements and wedding ceremonies. Also contains some obituaries.
1982.019Blakeslee Scrapbook No. 10From the estate of Martha L. (Durkee) Blakeslee. Donated by her daughter, Betty Quarton Hoard.Contains various news clippings about local and world events, poems, remedies and "how-to" articles. There are also obituaries and marriage notices, primarily for Birmingham area residents.There are several articles relating to the Phillipines, and Bert Blakeslee's stay there, including "letters home" written by him.
1973.026Julia Keeler Northrup Scrapbook (Street and Electric Railways 1907)Julia (Keeler) NorthrupFrom the estate of Nellie (Northrop) King. Donated by Mrs. Ernestine Williams.Scrapbook contains over 300 pages of news clippings of world news, poetry and local history. The local history clippings include some marriages and obituaries, and is primarily related to the Waterford area. The scrapbook was indexed by Lillian Paull.Page 57 has the wedding announcement of Nellie Northrop and William King, 21 Oct 1896. History of the Grow family and Grow Family Reunion (pages 142-148).
941Clippings 1890-1892Primarily obituaries of Pioneer settlers from all over Oakland County. Also included are clippings regarding the meetings of the Oakland County Pioneer Society.Page 23 contains a hand-written account of Luke Phillips who emigrated from Wayne County,NY to Pontiac in 1826.
1995.019Nina Mae Williams CollectionNina Mae Williamsc. 1905-1980The Nina Mae Williams collection was donated to the Society on September 12, 1995 by Nina Mae's daughter, Glenna Mae Cox. It is now housed in the manuscripts storage area of the Oakland County Pioneer and Historical Society.The Nina Mae Williams Collection are the personal papers of Nina Mae Williams, c. 1905-1980. The collection is representative of her interest in Pontiac history, her family history, and her involvement in Pontiac area churches. 3 boxes
1998.046Pontiac Fire Department RecordsPontiac Fire Departmentca. 1921-1982The collection was donated by Melvin Wright in January of 1998. Melvin was a fire fighter for 25 years and preserved the books from destruction.This collection comprises forty-four volumes of Pontiac Fire Department Records, one volume of Pontiac's Water Distribution System - 1937, and two group photographs of Pontiac Firemen unidentified. The fire records are recorded in bound ledgers.44 Volumes and 1 boxThe location of the two group photographs of unidentified Pontiac Firemen and the single volume of Pontiac's water system circa 1937 are unknown at this time. The photos are believed to exist in the the photo binder of Pontiac Fire Department historical
1998.10Charles Emerson Brown CollectionCharles Emerson Brownc.1892-1996The Charles Emerson Brown collection was donated to the Oakland County Pioneer and Historical Society by Susan Kay Basinger, Charles Emerson Brown's daughter, on February 27, 1998. It is now housed in the manuscripts storage area.The Charles Emerson Brown Collection contains the personal, civic, social, and family papers and photographs of Charles Emerson Brown, c. 1892-1996. The collection consists mostly of photographs of family and personal events, as well as professional.2 boxes
989Women's Research ClubGertrude McVean1904-1954This scrapbook primarily contains annual programs/yearbooks of the clubs, with some news clippings.The programs are glued to pages in the binder. There are also some loose pages inserted into the binder. It is recommended that in the near future all of the pages be removed and placed in an acid-free amanuscript box.
817Lillian Campbell ScrapbookDecember 25, 1898Lillian Campbell
Sylvan Lake, Pontiac, MI
The scrapbook contains 66 pages, and contains articles from the publication "The Greater United States" and "The International".The condition of the book is fair - many of the back pages that were empty were cut out of the book at some point, and the cover of the book is broken. The book was indexed by Lillian Paull in Feb, 1977. it is recommended that this book be deaccessione
1982.019Blakeslee Scrapbook No. 11unknownIt is not known who created the scrapbook, although there are handwritten notes on some of the pages, and this information may be determined at a later date.The scrapbook contains clippings, primarily of events and people of Birmingham, Michigan. The title on the spine of the volume is "The American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac 1896".

Loose papers were found in-between some of the pages.
This book needs to be indexed.
1976.067Elizabeth Wilcox Rich ScrapbookElizabeth Wilcox RichThe scrapbook was donated by Mrs. Ray Ritter of Drayton Plains.The scrapbook contains 39 pages of clippings of north Oakland County residents. There are also three photographs and some pamphlets. The pamphlets relate to the First Baptist Church in Pontiac and the YWCA.The scrapbook was indexed by Lillian Paull.
1982.019Blakeslee Scrapbook No. 5Martha L. BlakesleeDecember 25, 1887From the estate of Martha L. (Durkee) Blakeslee. Donated by her daughter, Betty Quarton Hoard.Scrapbook album containing newsclippings regarding national news, poetry and some local obituaries. The obituaries are indexed and primarily relate to Franklin, Birmingham, Southfield, and Pontiac.The scrapbook album is in fragile condition. The cover is loose and has been taped together. Most of the pages are loose, and the edges are frayed.
1988.036Card AlbumunknownunknownFrom the estate of Elizabeth Dawson Brown.Album contains cards and cut-outs.The front cover ofthe album is loose from the spine.
961Account Book, Washington Township, Macomb County 1827-1857Township OfficersThe book was donated by May Rockwell Howlett. An undated record located in Box 3-25 of the Howlett Boxed Collection written by Theda A. (Cannon) Perkins states the following: "As was customary at that time, the book was handed over to Rev John Cannon whThis account book is a ledger of monies received and paid out , kept by the Township Clerk or Treasurer
830The Alumni Association of the Pontiac High School to Miss Sarah McCarrollJune 1920This is a leather-bound greeting book given to teacher, Miss Sarah McCarroll from the Alumni Association of Pontiac High School. The book contains a testamonial describing Miss McCarroll's qualities and the example she had on her students.
1992.049Phyllis Beardsley Valliencourt CollectionBeardsley, Croop and Sherwood Families1841-1926It appears as though the family papers were preserved and handed down through the generations until Phyllis Valliencourt donated them to the Society in 1992.This collection contains the papers of three families who resided in southern Brandon and northern Independence Townships: the Beardsleys, Croops and Sherwoods. It represents the lives of three generations of farmers in northern Oakland County. Some of this collection was found in two expandable folders in the old manuscript storage area in August 2000. Additional materials, including the Croop diaries, correspondence and the artifacts, were found in a shopping bag in the old oral history room
A-873Soldiers Record Musseys Company B 22nd Mich. Vol. RegimentJanuary 5, 1863The document was donated to the Society by Alice D. Serrell and Sarah Van Hoosen Jones. On January 4, 2001, the document was brought to the Society office by Rex Lamoreaux, who had it in his possession. It is not known how long it had been removed fromThis is a list of the names soldiers and officers of Company B. At the bottom is a section titled "Memoranda" which lists the date of organization and dates of the movement of the regiment for the year 1862.

The document measures 16" wide by 21 1/2".
804Abram Dodge JournalAbram Dodge1834-1838It is not known when this journal was donated to the Society or who donated it, although it was accessioned prior to 1946 when the first numbering system was established.The first page is inscribed: "Abrm Dodge. Book Bought of Franklin Dodge Willson July 6th 1834 Niagara County New York." The third page is inscribed: "L.B. Dodge Commerce Oakland Co. Michigan. April 18th, 1863"
899Ebb Voorheis Diaries1895-1924 (non inclusive)These diaries have no accession record but were most likely donated to the Society by member, Faye Donelson, granddaughter of Arza Brown Donelson and relation to the Voorheis family.The collection comprises thirteen diaries spanning the years 1895-1924. Many of them contain news clippings and personal notes in the cover pockets.
805George Bogie Ledger, "Formulas"ca 1876It is not known when this journal was donated to the Society or who donated it, although it was accessioned prior to 1946 when the first numbering system was established.This small ledger contains remedies and cures for ailments such as diptheria, sunstroke and croup, as well as remedies for curing heaves in horses or mending rubber boots. There also some related news clippings pasted in the book.
1985.033Record of Schools Taught by Homer H. ColvinHomer H. Colvin1871- 1875The ledger was donated to the Society by Arthur MacAdams, son of Ruth (Colvin) MacAdams, the daughter of Homer Colvin. Ruth was an English teacher at Pontiac High School from 1927-1945, a member of the Board of Education and a member of the First CongreThis ledger contains a record of schools taught at Clintonville, Waterford Center, District No. 6 in Farmington Township, Four Towns and Highland Station. Records include names of students, attendance, tardiness, spelling, and lists of students.The book is in stable condition, however some of the hand-stitched binding is beginning to loosen, so the book should be used with caution.
1973.035Oakland County Centennial Scrapbook (1916)Lillian Drake AveryThe scrapbook was donated to the Society in 1973 by Lucille I. Walker.The scrapbook contains 110 pages of clippings and photographs relating to the planning and celebration of the Oakland County Centennial, which was held in August 1916.
946Journal of V.M. CraneV. M. Crane1835-1839The journal begins in Jun 1835 and chronicles the travels of a preacher in the 1830s. The first page of the book is inscribed "V.M. Crane, West. Theol. Sem. Nov 1834, W.R. Marshall".
956Ledger of Thomas J. Drake and E.C. SmithThomas J. Drake/ E.C. Smith1848-1862The book was originally owned by Thomas J. Drake, and then by his nephew, Edward C. Smith. it is not known when it was donated to the Society or by whom.The ledger is a record of monies received of Thomas Drake for various supplies and services rendered. Each entry is signed. This portion of the ledger is 149 pages.

The ledger was then used by E.C. Smith in 1866 to record engineering notes.
1971.043Diary of Margaret Ogden StarkerMargaret O. Starker/William Starker1867 - 1876This diary was donated by Mrs. C. L. Starker to the Oakland County Pioneer & Historical Society.Margaret Ogden Starker wrote in her diary from 27 Aug - 18 Sep 1867. It is primarily a record of her travels to the east coast (New York and New Jersey) to visit relatives.

The second part of the diary was written by Margaret's son, William M. Stark
1974.029Journal of William Lansing

William Lansing1831-1840Due to the changes in handwriting in the journal, it is possible that it was used by more than one family member.

The journal was donated to the Society by Arthur Selden. There is no known connection between Selden and William Lansing at this time.
This journal primarily contains accounts and recipes for ailments. There are also several simple sketches, an essay and some poems at the end of the journal. Very little family information is included.
99West Bloomfield Township Record Book 1834-18571834-1857Unknown.The title page of this book is labeled "Record of Roads, West Bloomfield". This section of the book begins with a road survey made 1 Apr 1834. The book contains records relating to all aspects of road development in West Bloomfield, including road surveys.
965West Avon Farmers Club RecordsWest Avon Farmers Club1890-1911The record books were donated to the Society 18 Apr 1956 by Hazel Dunlap.The collection consists of four record books. The first record book is titled "Treasure [sic] Record Book of West Avon Association No 1673 of Patron of Industry". The book contains twenty six pages of treasurer's records for the club.
2000.063Pontiac Branch of American Association of University WomenThe Pontiac Branch of the AAUW1931-1994The records were donated to the Society by Valette Svenson, President of the Pontiac-Waterford Branch of the American Association of University Women. The society recieved the records on September 12, 2000.This collection is shelved under "P" for Pontiac

The records reflect the activities of the organization. The collection includes correspondence, directories, biographies in history, newletters, programs, flyers, financial records, minutes, and names.
962Account Book of Pickern Willard RockwellPickering Willard Rockwell1866-1873The Wilson Davenny family donated the book to the Society in 1954. Lydia A. (Rockwell) Davenny was the granddaughter of Pickering.This account book spans the years 1866 to 1873, and consists primarily of Pickering's accounts of monies paid for household supplies and services rendered to him. He mentions several names repeatedly, those of his daughter, Lauria, as well as John E. The book is in fair condition, with most of the marbled paper covering missing. It is obvious that at one time, there was water damage to the book. In addition, some of the pages have been cut in half, or cut out of the book. The writing in the book i
1981.035L. M. Manley Journal No. 1, 1880L. M. Manley9 Jan 1868 - 29 Sep 1880This journal was donated to the Society by Rex Lamoreaux. It may have come from the estate of Grace Manley after her death in 1981. Grace was married to Henry Manley. He was a marble contractor in Detroit and died in 1958. The Manleys resided in Birmingham.This is an invoice book . It appears that Manley was the owner of a general store due to the items listed in the book.
There is a letter in the journal, written in New York by L. M. M. to his wife, dated 23 July 1880.
The letter should be removed from the journal and seperately catalogized.
1978.099Diaries of Horatio WrightHoratio Wright1855-1890The diaries were donated to the Society by Robert M. Morton.The collection includes 33 diaries which were written from 1855 to 1890. Diaries are missing for the years 1874, 1876 and 1880. Most of the diaries contain additional records, such as correspondence, receipts and clippings in the pockets of the diaries.It is recommended to remove receipts, newspaper clippings, correspondences, calling cards and the like from the diaries.
1967.048Beardslee Family CollectionOliver Beardslee/ Mills V. Beardslee/ E. T. Beardslee1847-1944The Society received the collection from Robert C. Beattie in 1967.The Beardslee Collection consists of twelve diaries, three account books, and one receipt book, and spans the years 1847-1944.

The diaries, one account book and the receipt book were written by Oliver Beardslee (1906 - 1944).
The account book of 1896-1934 and some of the diaries contain clippings. It is recommended to remove these clippings out of the books.
960Alpheus Clark CollectionAlpheus Whitney Clark1892-1895The account books were donated to the Society, probably as part of the sale of Pine Grove in 1945.The collection includes two account books. The first account book spans the years 1893-1894 and is a record of his financial business including stock information. The second account book spans the years 1892-1895 and includes receipts and checks of theIt is recommended to remove the receipts and checks out of the account book.
955Record Book of the First National Bank of DetroitAlpheus Whitney Clark1899-1904Alpheus Clark was the father of Florence (Clark) Wallace, who sold the Wisner property to the society.This bankbook includes information regarding cashiers' records, code combinations and elections of different offices in the First National Bank of Detroit.
Coddington Account BookCoddington family1873-1914The account book was donated to the Society by Margaret Coddington.The ledger contains accounts including records of the people who bought milk from them. In addition, it includes records expenses, and recipes. One entry is written by Stanley Coddington as a child according to his hand-writing. It is about parts of the
1975.028Jessie M. Brewer CollectionJessie Mary Brewer1896-1971The collection was donated to the Society in June 1975 by Jessie Brewer.These records contain correspondence, publications, invitations, and announcements.
1979.018George W. Dickinson CollectionGeorge W. Dickinson1903-1947The records were donated to the Society by Mrs. Edwin Adler.The Dickinson collection includes an account book, a scrapbook, and correspondence.

The account book lists George W. Dickinson's income and expenses, recorded monthly from September 1905 to January 1916. In addition, it includes a reconciliation with
There are one loose page in the account book and a loose newspaper clipping in the scrapbook.
2000.062Keith McIntire CollectionMcIntire Family1924-1984This collection was preserved by family member Keith McIntire who resided in Birmingham, Michigan, and were appropriated as the result of an estate sale.This collection contains primarily of correspondence between McIntire family members during the years 1924-1984. There are also a significant number of items including land records, legal documetns and ephemera.

The records found herein are an exc
Nine Manuscript Boxes
1973.025Drayton Plains Schoolhouse and Church Record BookGrace R. Barnhart, secretary at Drayton Plains Schoolca.1940'sThe record book was donated to the Society by Ernestine Williams.The record book contains lists of teachers from 1865 to 1937, school board, names of pupils by grade, minutes, history of school and church, and clippings.
Grace Barnhart probably recorded this information in the 1940's as the latest clippings and ent
1974.014May Rockwell Howlett CollectionMay Rockwell HowlettThe collection was donated to the Society in 1974 by Mrs. Howlett's heirs under the terms of her will.The collection consists of 22 manuscript boxes and 8 notebook ledgers, primarily containing materials relating to lineage, genealogical and local history research. Included in this collection is a set of over 11,000 index cards, arranged by surname, tha
1978.001Records of Terry and Bancroft familiesMembers of the Terry and Bancroft families1823-1952Marilyn E. Harrington donated the diary to the Society. It came from the estate of Phyllis J. Fullerton who moved to New Orleans.This collection contains 14 diaries written by Fred M. Terry and Pauline L.(Bancroft) Terry, as well as a collection of documents which are stored in the Small Manuscript drawer in the library.

Fred "Far" M. Terry wrote 8 diaries, which encompass th
A-812Record Book of the First Congregational Society of Oxford and Brandon
First Congregational Society1852-1898UnknownThe journal contains reports of the annual meetings and articles of the First Congregational Society of Oxford and Brandon from 1876 to 1898. It includes election reports, construction plans, accounts, and a report on the destruction of the church by aThe journal contains two loose resolution letters of the First Congregational Society of Oxford and Brandon and an essay about alcohol consumption. It is recommended to remove these items from the journal and catalogue them separately.
957Church Book of First Congregational Church of OakwoodUnknown1848-1903UnknownThe record book includes religious articles, lists of members, reports of annual meetings and other meetings, records of expenditures and elections, rules and regulations for the church, confessions of faith, and newspaper clippings.The record book contains numerous loose letters and notes.
1981.012Notebook of Russell GrinnellRussell Roland Grinnell1965-1970The notebook was donated to theSociety by Miriam Grinnell.The notebook records Russell Grinnell's proceedings at work. He was a civil engineer and responsible for laying pipes.
1981.012Ledger of Willie Allen GrinnellWillie Allen Grinnell (predominantly) and Russell Grinnellca. 1890 and 1970This ledger was probably donated to the Society by Miriam Grinnell, but there is no record.The business ledger is not exactly dated, but appears to be written around 1890. It contains various business transactions, which suggest that it is probably not from Oakland County.

In addition, Russell Grinnell recorded the births, deaths, and mar
1978.062Records of the Bancroft familyDuane D. Bancroft, Phyllis J. FullertonEnd of 18th century - beginning of 20th centuryThe documents were donated to the Society by Phyllis J. Fullerton.The records include the history of the Bancroft family taken from the Biographical Record of Oakland County, Bancroft -Data written by Duane D. Bancroft, and a description of crocks from the Bancroft family written by Phyllis J. Fullerton.

The Biogra
A-901Asylum and Poor Relief Orders Record Book of Highland TownshipHighland County1850-1865UnknownThis record book of Highland Township contains highway tax records, jurors and witnesses accounts (without names), poor orders, records of school and university funds (with list of names), county records, asylum receipts and orders (including names), att
A-801Record Book of WWI Patriotic Pledges in Holly TownshipUnknownProbably since Nov 1917UnknownThis record book lists citizens of Holly Township in alphabetical order. It gives information about how much these people donated to the Patriotic League, Red Cross and the Liberty Loans. The loans include the third, fourth and fifth loan.
1970.012Record Book of Indian Fishing ClubIndian Fishing Club1919 - 1933The record book was donated to the Society by Edward Ladd.The record book of the Indian Fishing club contains minutes of the annual meetings from 1919 to 1931. The minutes primarily list elections and names of members. The ledger contains a few treasurer's reports, and average fishing scores during the month
970Daybooks and ledger of Salmon J. MatthewsSalmon J. Matthews1846-1850The books were donated to the Society by Minnie Prall, the great - granddaughter of Salmon J. Matthews.The first daybook starts Sep 18, 1846 and ends Mar 1, 1850. The second daybook runs from Dec 1, 1849 until Oct 5, 1850. Salmon J. Matthews used these books for keeping record of his expenditures. He lists the date, the item that was purchased, the personThe daybook starting in 1849 has many loose pages and several little note sheets. The ledger also has one loose note.
971Mead and Arms DaybookMead & Arms1836-1837The daybook was donated to the Society by E. E. Lovejoy Oct 12, 1912.The daybook records the financial accounts of the Mead and Arms business. The book kept record of the name of the customer, the items he bought and how much they cost from June 13, 1836 until June 26, 1837. There are two entries on Feb 23, 1836 and June
820Miscellaneous Pontiac Papers1839-1862Dr. Everett W. Lyon was a dentist in Pontiac ca 19 - 1960s, with an office at the corner of Pike and Saginaw. He and his wife, Winifred, first resided in Drayton Plains, and by 1939, their address was 2350 E. Walton. It is not known what building thesThis is a collection of papers that were discovered in the walls of a building being rebuilt by Dr. Everett Lyon in Pontiac. The papers include sixteen orders for the sale of property to pay fines. These orders are all dated 1839 and are signed by JustFolder
1999.044Maggie Donovan ScrapbookMaggie Donovan/Florence Allen1880-ca 1960The book "commenced January 1st 1880" and belonged to Maggie Donovan, probably until her death in 1927 wehn it was handed down to her niece, Florence (Kellogg) Allen.The first part of the scrapbook was created by Maggie Donovan, and contains poetry and news articles of national interest, including the death of Ulysses Grant and the assasination of President Garfield. Additional articles of note include one on Confed
1989.010Pontiac Fire Department RecordsPontiac Fire Departmentca. 1921-1982The collection was donated by Robert Norberg in January 1989. Lieutenant Norberg, assigned to Central Station at that time, was considered to be the historian for the Fire Department, and was from a family of Pontiac Fire Fighters.This collection comprises forty-four volumes of Pontiac Fire Department Records, one volume of Pontiac's Water Distribution System - 1937, and two group photographs of Pontiac Firemen unidentified. The fire records are recorded in bound ledgers and docum44 Volumes and 1 boxThe location of the two group photographs of unidentified Pontiac Firemen and the single volume of Pontiac's water system circa 1937 are unknown at this time. The photos are believed to exist in the the photo binder of Pontiac Fire Department historical
1978.072Travel Diary of Georgia HoytGeorgia Augusta HoytFeb 28, 1929-June 5, 1929The diary was donated to the Society by Bonita Morentitte Berdzens.The diary is an account of a trip to Europe which took place from Feb 28, 1929 to June 5, 1929. While in Europe, Georgia Hoyt made daily notes about her activities and the places she visited. The trip took her to Italy, Greece, France, Monaco, England, aThere is one newspaper clipping related to federal politics in the diary.
972Account Book of Roswell T. MerrillRoswell T. Merrill1830-1832UnknownThis book contains a record of the services Merrill provided from June 19, 1830-July 21, 1832. Each customer is listed, the service provided and the amount he charged for the service. It is apparent that Merrill had a blacksmith shop as the services no
1983.068Paul A. Kern CollectionPaul Albert Kern1927-1956The collection was found in vacant office space located at 71 1/2 N. Saginaw Street in Pontiac. It was then donated to the Society by Rex Lamoreaux, and processed by Virginia Clohset beginning in February 1984.The collection primarily relates to Paul Kern's business ventures. He and his wife owned Pan American
1979.055Diaries of Arza Brown DonelsonArza Brown Donelson1875-1892The diaries were donated to the Society by Faye M. Donelson, the granddaughter of Arza Donelson and the daughter of Mark Donelson.The collection consists of seven diaires and one account book, and span they years 1875 to 1892.

The diaries are from the years 1875, 1883, 1884, 1885, 1888, and 1892. The 1884 diary was a gift from his son Will. The entries are mainly business-rela
According to the accession records, we are supposed to have 8 diaries of Arza B. Donelson. We have six originals, and three transcripts (see Allied Materials).
1965.100Records of the Stone FamilyJames Alonzo Stone1885-1897The records were donated to the Society by Esther and John Carhart from the estate of George and Lena Carhart.The first ledger (Nov 1886 to Nov 1889) was written by James Stone. It primarily contains records of receipts and expenditures, as well as some loose papers including a history of the State of Michigan. There is also a recipe stitched to the last page o
1972.080Michigan State Fair Souvenir and Premium ListMichigan State Agricultural Society1903Donated to the Society by Paul Banta.The booklet was published as a means of advertising the upcoming state fair of 1903 to the public. It contains photographs of the 1902 fair, local advertisements and "premium lisyts" of the livestock , farm implements, produce, art, etc. to be shown at
3000Pocket Almanac of Philinda M. CarleyPhilinda M. Carley1862-1892UnknownThe book does not contain a lot of information, and there are a lot of blank pages. It does contain a note at the beginning identifying the notebook as a gift from Philinda Carley's teacher Susan E. Blanchard. There is also an autograph, and a poem by
3001LedgerUnknown1836-1839UnknownThis ledger records receipts and expenditures of a farmer whose name is unknown. He records date, name, item, and price.
967Milford & Lyon Plank Road Record Book A1851-1863The record book was donated to the Society by the office of James A. Lynch.
3002Car Record Book and Order BookLouis C. Nisbett1904-1930UnknownThe order book, to which Louis C. Nisbett refers to as a day book, starts Aug 18, 1904 and the last entry is made July 1914.From 1904 to 1906 he records his income and his expenditures for each month. Household or nutrition items are listed as well as stThe car record book contains Louis Nisbett's 1929 driver's licensece. The order book has one loose page which is very fragile.
1972.011Cole Family CollectionSylvester Cole1877-1961This record group was handed down through the family. When Sylvester passed away in 1919, the records went to his daughter, Damaris, who donated them to the Society in 1972.This collection relates primarily to the estate of Elijah E. Hundley. Folder I consists of correspondence (1877) from Elijah to his son-in-law, Sylvester Cole. The majority of the collection consists of probate and chancery court records relating to th
852Civil War Letters of Charles RiceCharles Rice/Samuel SherwoodJan - Sep 1863The collection was donated to the Society in Sept 1955 by Isabel N. Snyder.This collection of correspondence primarily contains six letters from Charles Rice written to his daughter. They date from January to September 1863, and speak of his concern for his children as well as his experiences in the war. A black lace wedding veil worn by Roxanna in her marriage to Charles was also donated. As of Feb 2002, the veil has not been located.
A-809Autograph Album of Isabella RiceIsabella Rice1871-1877
1990.051Records of the Oakland County Federation of Women's ClubOakland County Federation of Women's Clubs1901-1959, 1975-1997The records were "being cared for" by Bess L. Tewksbury, mother of the donor. Bess was the president of the Ferndale Womans Club.

The membership books that were added to the collection in 1998 came from Rosamond Haeberle.
The collection includes the history of the federation and its activities from 1901-1959. Records include minutes, correspondence, reports, treasurers records, and publications such as programs and membership booklets.

Of particular note is the first
1932.03819 Man Grand JuryMarch 28, 1932 to January 13, 1933Report of Proceedings of 19 man Grand Jury of Oakland County, Michigan.
1972.022Pontiac From the Air, 1959Homer C. Tinney1959Donated to the society on March 3, 1972 by Mrs. Wendell Green.Photograph album of 40 black and white photographs of Pontiac taken from the air. See container list for a list of individual photographs.
The first page has a note written by Homer Tinney to Mary: "Dear Mary, May you get as much enjoyment from this bo
Historic American Building Survey (including 23 photographs) of Romona Terrace, Waterford, Michigan.Charles K. Hyde, Wayne State UniversityCompleted September, 1993It is not known when this collection came into the possession of the society and there is no accession number for this collection, therefore an object ID number has been assigned. This number corresponds to the unaccessioned photographs (or those with unThis collection consists of a group of (23) 8" x 10" photographs, an index of the photographs, a Historic American Building Survey (including ownership information, historical and architectural information and floorplans) and a newspaper clipping from th
1998.0011896 Tornado, Groveland TownshipPhotographer: W. H. McCormick Photographers, Flint, Michigan1896-1898These photographs were donated to the society in January, 1998 by Ron McDowell.This series of twelve board mounted photographs shows the destruction caused by the tornado that struck Groveland Township and surrounding areas in 1896.It is noted in the accession log that Ron McDowell also donated machine copies of The (Flint) Democrat, The Wolverine Citizen and Oakland County Post which reported this disaster.
1965.112Lounsbury Family CollectionLounsbury FamilyOn Sept 14, 1964, the Society received "all of the same which the undersigned [Society] is entitled to receive pursuant to the provisions of Paragraph Ninth of the last Will and Testament o the said Elizabeth S. Lounsbury."The collection primarily consists of family papers relating to the Lounsbury and Beach families of Pontiac, Michigan. Of particular note is family history material relating to Colonel Samuel Elsmore Beach, and a collection of Civil War correspondence frThere is also a folder (Box 2-2) that contains materials relating to the Munson Farm Syndicate in White Lake Township. There is no known connection to any Lounsbury family members at this time, and it may be that these materials were cataloged with this
1999.049Poole Lumber Company RecordsPoole Lumber Company1928-1956Three boxes of accounting records from Poole Lumber Company, ca. 1920-1950s.
The boxes were found in the barn at 60 Florence, Pontiac, Michigan. This was the former residence of Orpha Williams, an employee and accountant at Poole Lumber. In late March
This collection consists of six boxes containing 5x8 cards. The cards were identified in August 2000 by Fred Poole as being credit records of the Poole Lumber Company. The company kept these on file for current or potential customers regarding their c
1981.043Hazel L. Dunlap CollectionHazel L. Dunlap1844 - 1950The records of the church were maintained by the various clerks of the church. Since many of the charter members were of the Hilton family, it is presumed that the records were handed down to Hazel Dunlap.

The collection was donated to the Society i
The collection consists of two distinct parts - one is the family records and photographs of the Dunlap family. The other part of the collection (Box 2) relates to the Baptist Church of Oakland.

The Dunlap Family records includes correspondence, land
1999.030History of the Frederick Wieland House
A-863Reward of Merit, Eliza FullerJ. Avery1815Donated to the Society 22 Feb 1926 by Mrs. Hattie Fuller.A certificate showing that Eliza Fuller excelled in spelling in school in Orwell, Vermont. It is signed by J. Avery on 13 Mar 1815.
A-900Papers of the Oakland County Agricultural Societyc. 1903 - c. 1907These appear to be records kept by Fred Giddings, Secretary. They were found in the ledger of the Northwestern Pioneer Society of Oakland County in July 2000 and removed to an acid-free folder. In June 2002, they were filed in the Small Manuscripts colThere are two documents reflecting minutes of the meetings of the Directors of the OCAS held at the American Savings Bank. Motions were made and carried primarily relating to funds. There is also a list of officers for 1905, and a slip of paper listing
2001.032Louis L. Bixby Certificate1939The certificate was donated by Phyllis Wright, daughter of Louis Bixby.Certificate No. 13 from the Mechanical Department of the Grand Truck Railway System recognizing the promotion of Louis L. Bixby from Locomotive Fireman to Locomotive Engineer, dated 24 Dec 1913. The certifiacte was not approved unitl 20 Oct 1939. Also
2000.079Pontiac Honor Roll WWIPontiac MomsThe book was in the custody of the Veterans Affairs Office of Oakland County. It was donated to the Society by Michael Zehnder, Director of Public Services.This is a very large ledger for recording information on Pontiac soldiers in World War I. It was created by the Pontiac Moms, a branch of the Moms of America. The book was dedicated in a program held at the Central Methodist Church in Pontiac on SundA list of the Pontiac moms, and a copy of the dediation program were removed from the ledger and placed in Small Manuscripts under "Pontiac Honor Roll."
Oakland County Pioneer Society Collection:
Pioneers of Oakland County
Boxes 1, 2, 3, 4
1886-1938Box 1
Contains correspondence and letters to confirm facts and infromation about the early settlers in Oakland County, including the Pontiac Company, Addison, Auburn, Birmingham, Commerce, Milford, Royal Oak, and West Bloomfield.
The Secretary Members
Research notes used to document pioneers or the genealogical relationship of pioneer families in Oakland County.
Applications for the secretary membership records.
Reminiscences a series a stories written by school children about the experience of earl
1984.051.0008Tregent / Windiate Collection1885 - 1920s
1980.062Includes collected photographs:
Aaron Chapman
Agatha Plagler
Archie Allen
Barbara Hill
Bertha King
Beryle Halloway
Bessie Capenter
Bessie Huntoon
Bessie Stull
Bruce Bromley
Carrie Fosdick
Charles Slater
Chas Whitfield
Della Calvin
2005.037Elizabeth and Donald Adams CollectionIncludes materials from several different accessions:
2001.008Gretchen Adler
2002.014Janet Courtney Collection
1977.43Russell Grinell CollectionAlso contains material from accession numbers:
2001.017Charlotte Mabee Collection
2000.62Keith and Bruce McIntire Collection
2010.014Pontaic State Bank CollectionAlso contains materials from accession numbers:
71.13Adah Shelley CollectionContains diaries 1941-1967
2006.06Carlton Paterson CollectionContains Stanton House Register
2012.004Oakland County Hospital Association CollectionContains ledgers of Oakland County Hospital Association records
2012.005Pontiac Oak Hill Cemetary Records
2012.006Oakland County Girl ScoutsConatins charter and photo quilt
1988.025.0002Elizabeth Adams Collection* insert full scope and content from finding aid binder here*
1967.027Avery Family Collection* insert scope and content from finding aid binder here*
Photographs have been removed and placed in photogragh box number 1
1988.036Elizabeth Dawson Brown Collection* insert folder list from finding aid binder here*
78.1ABancroft Photograph Collection* insert item list from finding aid binder here*
XXXXBusiness and Professional Women's Club of PontiacCollection was processed by Virginia C. Clohset who was the manuscript chairman in October 1988. New documents were added to this colelction in later years. Was accessioned but *

*accession number needs to be located and new entry created before the f
1965.100.0001George Carhart CollectionPhotographs from this collection were pulled placed in the photograph collection in box #8

*insert folder list from finding aid binder here*
*insert bio/hist from finding aid here*
1974.041.0006Covert Family Papers*insert scope and content from finding aid binder*
1982.039Daughters of the American Revolution Membership RostersMembership rosters include lists of officers, lists of committee members, and lists of members and members' addresses. Some also include calendars of events.

Folder 1: Membership rosters, General Richardson Chapter, Pontiac, MI 1938-1952
Folder 2: Me
1971.075Dick Richardson Post G.A.R.*insert scope and content from finding aid binder*
*insert folder list from finding aid binder here*
1978.035Faye Donelson Collection*insert folder list from finding aid binder here*
86.47Dublin School Photograph Collection*insert item list from finding aid binder*
1977.070James K. Flack Collection*insert bio/ hist, and folder list from finding aid binder*
1970.051Glass Photograph CollectionLouise Herryman Webster
Eunince Land
Dayton Glass (child)
Archie Balentine
Linda (no last name) September 30, 1892
Mr Freeman and Mrs. Freeman and children
William Holcomb, Age 73, 1896
Lucy Doveany (?) 1919
A. Havens (?0 April 9, 1909
Perry Gla
2000.069Griff's Grill Photograph Collection*insert item list from finding aid binder*
2001.019Groveland Township Records*insert item list from finding aid binder*
1965.100.0072Hadsell Family Collection*insert folder list from finding aid in binder*
99.24Rosamond Haeberle Collection*insert scope and content from finding aid binder*
1968.033Campbell Harvey Photograph CollectionFolder 1: Misc. Orchard Lake photographs c. late 1800s, 20 total woods, beach, Apple Island, homes around the lake
Folder 2: Misc. Orchard Lake, homes, beach, swimmers, small boats, woods/nature trails
1972.062Sarah Van Hoosen Jones Photograph Collection*insert item list from finding aid binder*
2001.067League of Catholic Women Records*insert folder list from finding aid binder here*
75.24*insert item level inventory from the finding aid binder*
75.24Linabury Collection
65.112Lounsbury Photograph Collection*item list is in the finding aid binder*
XXXXXJames H. Lynch Collection* folder list in finding aid binder*
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99.25Frank J. Malcolm Collection*insert scope and content from finding aid binder*
84.60Master Players Photograph Collection*insert item listing from finding aid binder*
1980.071Ralph Moxley Collection*insert folder list from finding aid*
809Charles A. Neafie*insert folder list from finding aid binder*
some photographs have been removed from the collection and placed in the photograph collection box # 3
XXX*insert folder list from finding aid binder here*
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77.77*insert information from finding aid binder here*
XX1904*insert info from finding aid binder*
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1978.111*insert folder list from finding aid binder*
XXXXXX*insert folder list from finding aid binder*
XXXXXXXPioneers of Oakland County*folder list and scope and content availalbe in finding aid binder*
oversized boxed placed on top the the shelving units. Alphabetized as "Oakland County Pioneers"
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100.100Pontiac High School Photographs*item list in finding aid binder*
80.39Pontiac Central High School Cornerstone Records* folder list in finding aid binder*
XXXXXXXXPontiac National Bank*insert scope and content from finding aid binder*
1984.013Pontiac Township Bicentennial Commission Photograph Collection*insert folder list from finding aid binder*
1982.007Quarton Family Collection*insert folder list from finding aid binder*
97.34Rich Truck Photograph Collection*insert info from finding aid binder*
99.59Marion H. Roush Collection*insert info from finding aid binder*
99.46Sawyer Family Collection*insert information from finding aid binder*
XXXXXXXXXElizabeth (Armon) Steehler Collection*insert info from finding aid binder*
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XXXXXXXXXXElizabeth Stodgill Collectioninsert info from finding aid binder
1969.018Van Wagoner Collection*insert item list from finding aid binder*
1974.044David Wallace Photograph Collectionitem inventory in finding aid binder
936Wisner Family Collection*insert folder list from finding aid binder*
1975.0351961Paper placement, 14"x10"

Paper place mat advertizing Oakland County Centennial events. Reads, from left to right:

Greater Pontiac Centennial Celebration 8 big days June 17 thru June 24
All information: Tickets, Centennial Novelties, Souvenir Dinne
1975.0351916Scrapbook containing photographs and newspaper clippings related to the Oakland County Centennial in the summer of 1916.

Individual images have been scanned and uploaded to PastPerfect. see entires 1975.035.0001-(work in progress) in the photograph c
2012.032 page booklet titled "Headlight Flashes Along the Grand Trunk Railway System-Pontiac, Michigan"

An index of names contained in this booklet can be found either in the file folder or in the my documents folder of the computer by the scanner (headligh