The Nina Mae Williams Collection


The Nina Mae Williams Collection

Also called the “Glenna Mae Cox” collection (she was the original donor), this is, according to our accession records, “Pontiac area newspapers, books and miscellaneous paper products”. It is accompanied by a 3 page list of 91 items. There are three boxes in this collection. 

11Photographs, Nina Mae and Miller Family of Pontiac, n.d.
12Photographs, Miller Family & Oakland County Centennial Parade, n.d., Aug 1916
13Newspaper Clippings, Obituary of Martin and Emma Miller, 1926, 1945
14Ephemera & Photographs, Oakland Motor Car Company, n.d.
15Photographs, President Taft's Visit to Pontiac, n.d.
16Newspaper Clippings, Pontiac High School Graduating Class, n.d., 1905, 1907
17Ephemera, Church Recitals in Pontiac, 1919, 1924, 1926, 1949, 1954
18Ephemera, Banks and Businesses in Pontiac, n.d.
19Ephemera, Masonic Temple Dedication in Pontiac, Nov 1928
110Ephemera & Photographs, Public Buildings & Pontiac Centennial, n.d., 1927, 1961
111Telephone Directory, City of Pontiac, 1930
112Map & Street Index, Greater Pontiac & Surrounding Area, 1967-68
113Newspaper Clippings, History of Pontiac, n.d., 1925, 1970, 1973, 1976, 1978, 1979
114Newspaper Clippings, History of Pontiac, n.d., 1962, 1978, 1979
115Newspaper Clippings, Oakland County and Detroit, n.d., 1956, 1964, 1980
116Postcards & Travel Booklet, Chicago, Niagara Falls & Buffalo, n.d.
117Postcards, World War I and Camp Pike Arkansas, n.d.
118Postcards & Travel Booklet, France, n.d.
119Cook Book, First Presbyterian Church, n.d.
120Album, Postcard Advertisements, n.d.
21Photographs, Waterford High "A", 1965
22Photographs, Waterford High "B", 1965
23Photographs, Waterford High "C", 1965
24Photographs, Waterford High "D", 1965
25Photographs, Waterford High "E", 1965
26Photographs, Waterford High "F", 1965
27Photographs, Waterford High "G", 1965
28Photographs, Waterford High "H", 1965
29Photographs, Waterford High "J", 1965
210Photographs, Waterford High "K", 1965
211Photographs, Waterford High "L", 1965
212Photographs, Waterford High "M", 1965
213Photographs, Waterford High "N-O", 1965
214Photographs, Waterford High "P", 1965
215Photographs, Waterford High "R", 1965
216Photographs, Waterford High "S", 1965
217Photographs, Waterford High "T", 1965
218Photographs, Waterford High "U, V, W, Y, Z", 1965
219Photographs, Waterford High "Faculty", 1965
220Photocards, World War I, n.d.
221Photocards, World War I, n.d.
3Newspaper, Pontiac Press "Oakland County Sesquicentennial 1820-1970", May 1970
3Newspaper, Detroit News "Pontiac to Salute 100 Years of Progress", Mar 1961
3Newspaper, Pontiac Press "Centennial Edition 1861-1961" Jun 1961
3Newspaper, Pontiac Press " Your Schools Then and Now" Sep 1961
3Magazine, Life, Jun 1945
3Newspaper, The Detroit Free Press, Jun 1919
3Newspaper, The Detroit Free Press, May 1919
3Newspaper, The Detroit News, May 1919
3Newspaper, The Detroit Free Press, Nov 1918
3Newspaper, The Detroit News, Nov 1918
3Newspaper, The Detroit News, Nov 1918
3Newspaper, The Evening Bulletin, Jul 1918
3Newspaper, The Pontiac Press Gazette, Feb 1917
3Newspaper, The Pontiac Press Gazette, Aug 1916