The Ralph Moxley Collection

11Annual Report, Birmingham Police Department, 1946-1951
12Annual Report, Birmingham Police Department, 1953-1957
13Annual Report, Birmingham Police Department, 1958-1961
14Annual Report, Birmingham Police Department, 1962-1965
15Annual Report, Birmingham Police Department, 1966-1970
16Annual Report, Birmingham Police Department, 1971-1973
17Annual Report, Birmingham Police Department, 1974
21Correspondence and Report, Oakland County Transit, 1978
22Correspondence and Report, Oakland County Transit, 1979
23Report, General Motors "The Real World of Public Transit", Feb 1979
24Health-Human Resources Committee, Oakland Co. Board of Commissions, Aug 1980
25Merit System Rule Changes, Oakland Co. Board of Commissions, Sep 1980
26Personnel Committee, Oakland Co. Board of Commissions, Oct 1980
27General Government Committee, Oakland Co. Board of Commissions, 1958-1980
28Correspondence and Report, Oakland Co. Waste Management, 1978-1980
29Minutes, Public Services Committee, Sep 1980
210Report, Public Services Committee, Sep 1980
31Correspondence and Budget Report, Republican Committee of Oakland Co. 1978-80
32Correspondence and Report, Oakland Co. Transportation & Transit Study, 1979
33Minutes, Inter-County Highway Commission of Southeastern Michigan, 1979-80
34Correspondence, Oakland Community College Law Enforcement Academy, 1978-80
35Memorandums, Southeastern Mich. Council on Emergency Medical Services, 79-80
36Publications, MAC Law Enforcement Committee NACO, 1977, Nov 1978
37Brochures for Job Placement, Pontiac Public School District, 1978-1979
38Correspondence, Ralph W. Moxley, 1977-1980
39Minutes, E.M.S. OKEMS, 1979-1980
310Quarterly Reports, List of Voting Members, E.M.S. OKEMS, 1979-1980
311Correspondence, Policy, By-Laws, E.M.S. OKEMS, 1980
41Receipts, The Last Temptation of Christ, 1965
42Correspondence, The Last Temptation of Christ, Jun - Nov 1965
43Sermon and Clippings, The Last Temptation of Christ, 1961, 1965
44Clippings, The Last Temptation of Christ, 1957-1965
45Original Folder, The Last Temptation of Christ, n.d.
46Miscellaneous, Oakland County Government, 1978, 1980
47Proposals and Resolutions, Oakland County Government, 1979-1980
48Correspondence, Commissioner Ralph Moxley, 1980-1981
49Correspondence and Report, Oakland Co. Retirement System, 1979 - 1980
410Map, Districts for the Michigan Senate, 1980
411Land and Easement Requests, Planning and Building Committee, 1980
412Correspondence, SEMTA, n.d., 1978
413Correspondence, Solid Waste Planning Committee, Nov - Dec 1980
414Correspondence and Planning Estimates, CETA, 1980-1981
415Correspondence, 52nd District Court and Juvenile Court of Oakland Co. 1978 - 80
416Correspondence, City of Birmingham Ice Sports Arena, 1974 - 1976
417Correspondence, Discouraging the Sale of Obscene Literature, Nov 1965
418Correspondence, Obscenity and Pornography Complaints, Nov - Dec 1965
419Annual Report and Correspondence, Oakland Co. Drain Commission, 1976-77, 1980
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51Minutes, Oakland County Board of Commissioners, Nov 1980
52Memos and Reports, Oakland Co. Board of Commissioners, 1970, Sep 1975, 1980
53Correspondence and Minutes, Finance Committee, May - Aug 1980, Oct 1980
54Candidate Listing and Election Results, Presidential Election, Nov 1980
55Correspondence, Police Chief and Commissioner Ralph Moxley, 1962, 1975, 1980
56Minutes and Correspondence, Public Services Committee, Dec 1978, Jul-Aug 1980
57Minutes and Correspondence, Planning and Building Committee, 1980
58Correspondence and Report, Employment and Training, Oct 1979, n.d.
59Purchase Agreement, City of Farmington and Hazel Park, Jul 1980
510Minutes, Zoning Coordinating Committee, Jul 1980
511Correspondence, South Oakland Co. Chiefs of Police Association, 1978-1980
512Minutes, South Oakland County Chiefs of Police Association, 1978-1980
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61Correspondence, Ralph Moxley, Oct 1972, Apr 1975, Nov 1976, 1977, 1978,
62Correspondence, County Commissioner Ralph Moxley, 1978
63Correspondence, County Commissioner Ralph Moxley, Jan 1979
64Correspondence, County Commissioner Ralph Moxley, Feb - May 1979
65Correspondence, County Commissioner Ralph Moxley, May 1979 - Sep 1980
66Report, Oakland County Police Academy for College Board of Trustees, Apr 1975
67Correspondence and Resolution, Oakland Co. Police Academy, Jul - Jun 1976
68Ephemera and Clippings Oakland County Police Academy, 1967-1968
69History and Abstract, Oakland County Academy - OCC, 1965, 1972
610Minutes and Acts, Oakland County Police Academy, 1965 - 1979
611Report, Merger for Drain and Department of Public Works, Feb 1975. Jan 1977
612Report and Evaluation, Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, Mar 1978
613Summary Report, Department of Public Works Division of County Planning, Sep 1979
614Correspondence, Oakland Co. Board of Commissioners, 1973, 1978, 1980
615Minutes, Oakland County Board of Commissioners Meeting, Jan - Dec 1978