Lillian Drake Avery – Personal Records Collection – World War I

a.k.a. “World War 1 – LDA”

11American Expeditionary Forces, Correspondents, Surname "B", 1917-1918
12American Expeditionary Forces, Correspondents, Surname "C-D", 1917-1918
13American Expeditionary Forces, Correspondents, Surname "E-K", 1918
14Amercian Expeditionary Forces, Correspondents, Surname "M", 1917-1919
15American Expeditionary Forces, Correspondents, Surname "P-M", 1917-1920
16Amercian Expeditionary Forces, Correspondents, Not Identified, 1917-1918
17Manuscript, Patriotic League and War Bond, n.d.
18Manuscript Notes, 1917-1918
19Manuscript Notes, n.d., 1918
110Manuscripts, Liberty Loan Campaigns, 1917
111Manuscripts, Educational Activities, n.d.
112Correspondence, Oct1917- May 1920
113Manuscripts, Marie S. Kier, R.N. War Work, 1917
114Photographs, n.d., 1917, 1918
115Red Cross and Navy League, Knitting Instructions, DAR Supplies, n.d., 1917
116Reports and Accounts 1917-1920
117Ephemera, n.d., 1917, 1918, 1919
118Forms and Instructions, n.d., 1918
119DAR, Family Members in Armed Forces, 1945
120Literary Manuscripts, n.d.
121Manuscript Notes, Aug 1975
21Manuscripts, Agriculture, War Gardens, Food Conservation, 1917-1918
22Newspaper Articles, Agriculture, War Gardens, Food Conservation, 1917-1920
23Manuscripts, Liberty Loan, 1917
24Manuscripts, Draft Board, Registration Board, 1917, n.d.
25Newspaper Articles, Draft Board, Registration Board, 1918
26Manuscripts, Patriotic League, 1917-1918, n.d.
27Manuscripts and Newspaper Articles, Fuel, 1917-1919
28Manuscripts and Newspaper Articles, Red Cross, 1916-1920
29Manuscripts, "Pontiac Public Schools in War Time", 1917-1918
210Manuscripts, Manufactures, Wilson Foundry, GM, Oakland Motors, 1918, 1920
211Manuscripts and Newspaper Articles, War Propaganda, 1917-1918
212Manuscripts, War Propaganda, 1916-1917
213Manuscripts and Articles, War Propaganda, Avon - Oxford Twp., 1917-1918
214Manuscripts and Articles, War Propaganda, Royal-White Lake Twp., 1917-1918
31Manuscripts and Articles, Aliens, False and Malicious Reports, 1917-1919
32Manuscripts and Newspaper Articles, Church Activities, 1917-1919
33List of Deceased Soldiers, 1917-1920
34Manuscripts, National Council of Defence, 1918-1919
35Manuscripts, Public Utilities, 1915-1918
36Manuscripts and Articles, Soldier Individual Experience, 1911, 1917-1919
37Manuscripts and Newspaper Articles, Township War Activities, 1917-1918
38Manuscripts and Articles, War Relief Clubs, 1917-1918
39Newspaper Clippings, n.d., 1915, 1917-1920
310Miscellaneous, Photographs, Ephemera, Manuscript, n.d., 1919-1920
311Miscellaneous, Civil Defence, World War II, n.d.